Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : Who is a Liar

Episode 4

Danganronpa. The show that you can’t miss a single episode because each one is its own action packed gut punch to it audience. Especially, out of all three series and all the games, Danganronpa 3 the Future Arc.

When you think shit can’t get worse…..

It gets even worse then that.

OK so I’m gonna point something out. I actually wrote the review for the Despair Arc episode 4 before this one, I saw this episode before I saw the other one but never wrote the review so had to rewatch it. Therefore even though this one will be out before the other one (I’ve scheduled it for after to try and keep it the right way) I’m gonna end up writing about Episode 4 of that one in this blog too.

SOOOOOOO if you managed to be more behind then I am, especially as episode 5 of this series is out today, then I apologise.

Before I get into that, it’ll be the last part of the blog, lets talk about the Munakata.

I won’t bore you with detail like the last one but the man is a genius. To be honest after playing the games and watching the first series its easy to think, as the characters did, that the game was going to be played out the way it always is. The rules are simple and it’ll come to the natural conclusion. This time though there is a big difference, one that isn’t overlooked so much as not explored. That is the killer.

In the other series and the two games you always have talk of a traitor. In the first series it was Sakura but even that turned out to be different from what you’d expect. In the game it is completely opposite of what you’d expect. Or in other words there is never a out right “this is a killer” moment like there is here.

The Future Arc has one killer. That person kills when everyone else is asleep.

Munakata points out what if that killer kills a certain amount of people, a certain group of people then just… Stops?

What is the logical conclusion when you wake up after, he uses himself so we’ll use him too, Munakata has been killed? That the killer was Munakata and the survivors are all innocent. The killer isn’t programmed to kill unless their hidden objective is to kill. Without knowing everyone’s forbidden action you’ll never know whether or not the killer can or can’t decide to kill.

So what stops them from setting it up, like it is now, to have Munakata or Tengan or anyone else be killed before the timer goes off then just not kill anymore? After no one dies they win the game and go back out to the world as the new shining beacons of hope along with Makoto. No one would question them again, like how no one really other then these miserable lot, wanted to question what Makoto was doing with the Remnants of Despair. You survive the killing game and become Hope itself.

So whilst Munakata is going about EVERYTHING wrong he’s the only one truly using his brain.

Unfortunately he isn’t thinking straight either. The group have to Β decide who is going to go and negotiate with him for Makoto and Tengan takes the job sending Kirigiri to investigate with Mitarai and taking Hina and Gekkougahara with him. This leads up to a extremely cool fight between Tengan and Munakata and hopefully Munakata getting his head straight.

The episode managed to be heaped with plot and action in such a flawless way though. Munakata has Makoto, Sakakura attacks everyone but ends up being beaten most of the time and Ruruka, Seiko and Izayoi are still running around arguing. We lead to a big fight with Munakata and Tengan and a show down between Sakakura and Gekkougahara where again they aren’t just fighting but we learn so much about them and where they are.

Sakakura is just a muscle head and I can’t help but love him. He’s like Yukizome in that he’ll follow Munakata blindly, he attacks Makoto’s group because he’s sure that they are working with the remnants. I’d love to know more about him. He also uncovers at least one secret in the group, even though he personally doesn’t figure anything out he just knocks Gekkougahara out of the chair giving the audience a introduction to Monaka Towa and showing us that Gekkougahara is a robot.

Tengan is a complete bad ass. He knows that Munakata is doing what he believes in but he also knows that he’s naive and looking at the world too simplistically. He proves this to Munakata by bringing up Yukizome’s death. If any death from here on out including Makoto’s and Munakata’s then surely Yukizome’s death was a sacrifice that was needed. Of course being in love with her he wasn’t going to see it that way but during the fight Tengan proved that he hadn’t gone soft, he didn’t hold back even using his hand to stop Munakata’s sword at one point before throwing both himself and Munakata off the balcony and ultimately leading to him being impaled and on the brink of death. This seems to have at least given Munakata a seconds pause and enough time hopefully to hear Tengan out and maybe attack this game in a different way.

Kirigiri has gone to investigate the dead body of Yukizome, she finds Kizakura waiting for her there. Kizakura is one character I can now not get my head around. For a start I guess one big thing about him is he’s probably the guy that scouted all the people in this killing game so him picking Gekkougahara as being suspicious means one of two things. One that he just knows his students better then people think and noticed that Gekkougahara wasn’t who she said she was or two that he’s the mastermind and knowing pointing the finger of blame at Gekkougahara was not going to be believed in the first place and also made him seem like a bit of a moron. He’s become extremely suspicious but ultra interesting to me in the last few episodes.

With all this going on its easy to forget that Ruruka, Izayoi and Seiko are playing a strange game of chase around the building. This is where my foreknowledge of the Despair Arc comes to play.

I said in that blog that I kinda just want them to come to terms with each other and re-watching it after seeing that episode made it even clearer. Ruruka, again in her own way, really does feel betrayed by Seiko for a accident that wasn’t Seiko’s fault. When Seiko was calm enough to explain (in the Despair Arc) Ruruka was too angry, now Ruruka is calmer and probably willing to listen, Seiko is manic and can’t see past her hatred. The thing is there was a small moment where I thought it was all going to come together but then egos, pain and hurt just burst through.

To be honest I’m more interested in them then anything at the moment because I just find their story so sad. Not that the other stories aren’t interesting but I just want a happy outcome, I know we won’t get one but it will just be sad whatever way this ends. I can see Ruruka making a stand though, she looked like she was close to making one when Seiko called her out for running away. She obviously loves Izayoi and she’s hurt by what she thinks Seiko did. All three of them blame the other for being expelled yet all three were victims to Nagito.

Not sure I can emotionally take what happens to them three.

In the end though Despair has won.

Whilst in the first series it took Monokuma really sending the students over the edge to get them to kill you have four different fights that could have ended with death, one that is about to end in death all taking place for one reason.


For those that weren’t in the school killing game the world is a horrible place and taking action before talking is their way of life.. You saw that right from the off when Izayoi attacked Makoto whilst arresting him.

Add that to being put into this killing game and the leader of the group being emotionally destroyed by the death of the woman he loved right from the get go and no one is talking.

This person needs to die for this reason, that person should die for this reason, we’re all angry, scared and fighting for our lives and the lives of everyone else. Fight, fight, fight…

Munakata made a good point. Tengan made a brilliant point. Makoto might have empty words but he’s also right. Ruruka, Izayoi and Seiko are fighting over a misunderstanding that if they calmed down and talked they would get through it. Everyone is suspicious of everyone else. Sakakura is attacking people because its all he seems to know.

You have a building full of over emotional hot heads that are doing the work of the Despairs for Β them.

For most of the people in this building they’ve given up on Hope. If anyone else could see this then they’d see the Hope of the world turning on each other and killing each other. There is no Hope in what they are doing because none of them are TALKING to each other. That is the biggest difference between the school killing game and this killing game. In the school killing game they were forced to talk, they were forced to kill even they were just forced to play the game. This time out they haven’t even attempted to talk to each other.

Lets hope that Tengan talks some sense into Munakata.



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