Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : The Melancholy, Surprise, and Disappearance of Nagito Komaeda

Episode 4

“Komaeda Nagito no Yūutsu to Kyōgaku to Shōshitsu” (狛枝凪斗の憂鬱と驚愕と消失)


 1. success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.
Nagito Komaeda. Ultimate Lucky Student.
Shall we leave it to him to show you the true power of Luck?

I probably shouldn’t start with the end but I’m going to anyway. By the end of the episode Kizakura says something important when thinking about Nagito. “That kind of Luck is scary.”

I think this is extremely true when talking about Nagito.

This episode showed us a bit more about the school. They have to do a random practical exam once a year to prove their worth basically, showcasing their skills to everyone as the media is there to cover the exam process. Not only that it opened it up a little too. Whilst so far it can feel like there is one class at a time we got to see the senior students who just so happened to be Seiko Kimura the Ultimate Pharmacist, Ruruka Andou the Ultimate Confectionery and Sounosuke Izayoi the Ultimate Blacksmith. Even with the Reserve Course it was easy to forget that they must not be the only Ultimate’s at one time so it was interesting seeing the main building in a little more detail.

The practical exams are the cause of Nagito’s madness in this episode.

Without spoiling anything too much I can honestly say that Nagito’s point of view in this episode IS his point of view. He has a very weird look on life and his admiration of Hope which I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying he showed in this episode. In the game there is one moment exactly like this in randomness but also effectiveness that really hit home how scary his luck is.

In trying to make sure that he gets to see his classmates face off and explode in a shower of Hope he ruined three other people’s lives. His bad luck of getting the wrong drug from Seiko and accidentally swapping bags with her at the exam meant that whilst it all went wrong for him the outcome he was looking for came through anyway. Not only did his Luck mean the exams were postponed till his friends were in perfect condition for them, it also meant he wasn’t in the room at the time so a indefinite suspension instead of expulsion like the three seniors got was his punishment but that luck also rubbed off on Yukizome who gets sent to the Reserve Course where she can investigate further even if it was sad for her to leave the class she’d grown attached too.

Why does this make Luck scary?

Nagito put into a plan to threaten the judges to stop the practical exam until such a time that his classmates were up for it. He knew they would pass but he wanted to see their Hope shine through.

Nagito doesn’t worry about fighting for this Hope with violence.

The bad luck that also plagues Nagito meant he took the wrong drug from Seiko. He took the performance enhancing drug whilst Ruruka took the laxative. This meant that Ruruka’s exam was destroyed with tainted sweets. This had the domino effect of Ruruka falling out with Seiko. Seiko, who had bumped into Nagito earlier in the day and exchanged bags by accident tried to make things better and opened the bag showing the trigger for the bomb. Izayoki and Ruruka turned on Seiko. Whilst they were all arguing and Seiko didn’t have a chance, or didn’t even attempt to as far as I could tell, explain about Nagito and the mix ups, Nagito was outside and accidentally spilt one of the drinks he’d prepared with what he thought was the laxatives for the judges. A missing dog then drank some and turned into a monster and attacked the judges which knocked both Ruruka and Seiko over and detonated the bomb. Ruruka, Seiko and Izayoki all took the blame for the bomb and the laxatives as they were the students present whilst Nagito not only had the luck of Yokizume trying to defend him but the fact the headmaster knowing that his talent is something they couldn’t just leave alone only got suspended.

The Bad Luck = People’s lives destroyed, someone probably got injured in the bomb blast, friendships broken, people’s jobs being taken from them etc etc etc….

The Good Luck = The exams were postponed just as Nagito wanted.

It shows just how long reaching his talent is. Not that being lucky or unlucky is a talent of course. It effects everyone around him though. We saw that when the bad luck hit Soda and Nagito got his cans in the first episode. For every bit of bad luck he’ll get some good luck too.

What makes it worse is that he doesn’t think much of himself or his talent. He doesn’t care what he does as long as it makes his classmates shine. Which means that he’ll go to the lengths of planting a bomb and ruining lives to make sure the world see just how full of Hope his classmates are.

Nagito is fucking scary.

Quickly though before I wrap up talking about this episode I want to talk about Ruruka, Seiko and Izayoi. Obviously their story ended for the Despair Arc but its carried on to the Future Arc, I doubt anyone is watching one with the other so I feel safe talking about the Future Arc here as well.

I’ve always felt a bit off about Ruruka and Izayoi in the Future Arc but this episode went a long way to explain them. Ruruka has a bad attitude and Izayoi seems to think violence will solve everything but I don’t think it makes them inheritally bad or untrustworthy. Ruruka’s personality is over bearing and she’s one of those people who I believe honestly thinks that being friends with someone gives them the option to act the way she does. I don’t think the way she treated Seiko was good but I don’t think she realises that the way she treats her was bad either. I honestly think she thought that Seiko was her friend and I really do think that Seiko saw her kind of as a friend too. Seiko knew full well she was being used but I think she just got used to it. A feeling I understand and probably why it broke my heart to see what happened to her, I was also kinda the outsider of the group of people I spent time with at school, when I finally put my foot down with them when they were picking on someone once I got the whole “but we are your friend” speech to which I replied “when?” I understand how hard it can be being lonely so having someone like Ruruka calling you her friend even if she’s overbearing and a bit of a bitch can be nice.

It seems that Ruruka can’t deal with what she see’s as betrayal though. If you betray her she’ll hold a grudge and therefore Izayoi will hold it for her too.

The thing is she didn’t wait to hear an explanation from Seiko. Ruruka is so head strong that she just got upset and started saying cruel things whilst Seiko struggled to explain herself. So not only did Seiko lose a friend for something she didn’t do, in front of a crowd of people she was called all sorts of things.

When they therefore come face to face in the Future Arc it makes sense. Of course Ruruka is going to be suspicious of Seiko because she never waited for a explanation of why she got the laxative and not the performance enhancing drug she wanted, when people start dying because of poison of course she’ll blame Seiko for it. As far as Ruruka is concerned Seiko IS a traitor who WOULD do something like that. As for Seiko’s reaction, how many people who have been bullied would love a chance to just destroy their bully? Maybe not physically but mentally or just verbally? No one wants to be so weak they can’t even defend themselves. As I say over and over in the Future Arc reviews you can’t BLAME these guys for turning to violence. They are still kids or at least went through such terrible things when they were young. This horrible thing that happened has been drummed into our heads that it was so terrible and horrible that you need 100 negative words to describe it all at once, THEY LIVED THROUGH IT. They must all be so bloody damaged beyond repair of course when a past event like this brings up bad memories they are going to explode.

Whilst I don’t like Ruruka much as her personality personally upsets me and I love Seiko because I relate to what happened to her in some way I still kinda of want to see this turn out for the better. After all, in their own strange way they were friends. You saw in this episode that Ruruka was actually heartbroken, again in her own way, at the thought that Seiko would ruin something for her. She honestly thought of Seiko as her friend even if she treats her friends badly. Seiko didn’t do anything wrong but it also must have hurt her deeply not only to lose Ruruka as a friend but to be accused of things she didn’t do. In a world full of horrible things (in the anime and in real life I guess) I kinda want them to come to terms with each other and understand each other. It’ll be sad if they don’t really.

In fact this episode was just real sad.


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