Cheer Danshi!! : Your First Cheerleader Smile`

Episode 2

Hajimari no Cheer Smile (始まりのチアスマイル)

I haven’t had the time to keep up to date with the show but here I am about to catch up with it. The anime did one thing really well and that was make me fall in love with the characters. With a whole host of interesting looking characters still to meet (as far as the opening credits will have you believe) you can only imagine how excited I am to meet them all.

What I love about this anime is how positive it is.

The boys get a new recruit and he just so happens to be a bigger chap called Koujo Tono. There wasn’t even a second of cheap joke about his weight in there the group were just happy to have another member and showed so much support to him joining. He wants to better himself and seeing him working hard makes the others work hard.

That positive energy wins over two new members who are half there because they were impressed with the group and half to pick up girls.

By the end of the episode they have 6 members and each one has a great personality all of their own.

Other then the cheering aspect of the show it leans a lot into Haru and his story. In this episode we see that his sister isn’t quite so supportive of him leaving the Judo club, it isn’t even that she’s unsupportive of what he’s now doing, but he’s finding it hard to find the confidence to even admit what he’s doing so he can’t tell his sister what he’s doing instead. I don’t think she’ll disagree with him doing it when she realises it makes him happy but there is that wall right now that he has to pass in being comfortable enough to tell her that Judo isn’t for him but cheering is. She seems like a supportive sister but the journey is going to be him finding his own place in the world before being able to admit it.

That is one big thing that I think this episode manages to do.

Haru was able to overcome a bit of the embarrassment of doing something that is known for girls by seeing just how hard others are working. When Wataru gets Ton up on his shoulders it gives him a new leash on life, and seeing how passionate they are gets Gen and Ichirou involved too. Ton doesn’t have any qualms about doing it he just has to overcome his own obstacles but he doesn’t give up which gives the others more reason to pour their heart and soul into it.

And the great thing is they are enjoying it. They are making new friends and you can see they are enjoying it.

It really is a feel good show and you can’t help but feel like smiling the whole episode long. I was sat on the edge of my chair clapping along I was enjoying it so much.

I’ve not felt this emotionally involved with a bunch of characters since Free! This might be the best anime I’ve ever seen.


2 thoughts on “Cheer Danshi!! : Your First Cheerleader Smile`”

  1. I really do enjoy the positive feel of this show. I kind of need it with some of the other shows I’m watching at the moment. It would be nice for them to have some actual tension occasionally but it is great just seeing them progress as a team.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope you enjoy the next couple of eps.

    1. I get what you mean! Like I’m watching Danganronpa and Berserk which is all blood and Despair and death so its nice just seeing people happy and positive and working to be happy. I’m also very happy that they are just being positive about Cheerleading and male cheerleaders because it is much more difficult then it looks and they work a lot harder then people think and its nice that it isn’t just a joke its serious. I wasn’t expecting how much effort they’d put into showing how serious it all was. Hoping there is a bit more of a dramatic bump nearer the end of the series but kinda happy that its based more on developing the characters and their relationships at the moment!

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