Cheer Danshi!! : The Seventh Squirrelurai

Episode 3

Shichi Ninme no Risu Jirou (七人目のリスジロー)

They have 6 members, they just need one more to be able to enter the school festival. Will their winning spirit give them the extra member in time?

The seventh member is a little more hard to convince then the others.

Shou Tokugawa is introduced to the group through Gen and Ichiro but he doesn’t seem impressed with the group. He knows a lot about cheerleading and doesn’t like that the guys are practising the way they are so there seems to be history there.

They decide to show him their determination by practising their tumbling. In a week they manage to get the whole group doing backflips and all sorts. I don’t think their tumbling itself impressed Shou as much as their determination and attitude impressed him. He decides to join the group on the condition that he doesn’t do any stunts.

The episode didn’t feel too crowded and it let each persons personality shine through. Gen is about the only one that just seems to be there for the sake of it at the moment. He explained away Ichiro’s attitude but whilst he shares a lot of the traits of Ichiro, them being friends for a long time, he also is a blank canvass himself.

Wataru is a crazy man. His determination to get everything right is uplifting but he brings all the comic relief on his own. From his random quotes at the most randomness of times, to his emotional attachment to having friends for the first time to the moment where he hides behind Ton because Ichiro is being mean to him… Everything about him is perfect. I love that he seems to be the spirit behind the group really, he’s the one other then Kazu who REALLY wanted to do this and he keeps the teams spirits up.

Two groups emerged. Kazu, Gen and Ichiro are already pretty nimble and able to do most of what they have to do. Gen explains that Ichiro finds learning things easy and just has the attitude of not understanding how others feel when they can’t do things. He can come across a bit harsh at times but his heart is in the right place. Ichiro also seemed to take offence to Haru being shy and was a bit mean to him a few times, even though Gen said he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. These three have taken a teaching role to the other three, something that’ll be taken off them by Shou no doubt.

The other three are the ones where all this doesn’t come naturally. Watching them work late into the night on the last night to get it all right was so sweet. I especially love how Ton doesn’t get left behind. He was the last to get it right but he got it right. The fact that someone like Haru who is only a bit slower at working it all out then the others, and some of that is just down to being shy around Ichiro, sticks with them and carries on going is lovely.

Again even though they’ve split into the two groups its such a positive feel. They have a group chat where the other three message all the time at work saying that they are practising and it spurs the others on.

You have to believe they haven’t been a group very long but they’ve bonded so well.

Kazu is a great character because he just opens up to everyone the second he meets them they automatically feel at home with the group. Shou’s attitude was a bit all over the place but I like him and feel like Kazu’s personality makes it easier to understand the swings in mood that Shou has.

Though what is with the squirrel? That was just weird. The fact that he’s so obsessed with the squirrel is funny and Wataru and his Squirrel King stuff had me crying.

They have all the members they need now to do the festival. Now its coming up with routines that they need to focus on!


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