Berserk : Night of Miracles

Episode 3

Kiseki no Yoru (奇跡の夜)

After escaping the Holy Iron Chain Knights with his captive, Guts moves forward meeting even bigger enemies to keep him busy…

The hounds and the master of the hounds were awesome.

If the anime was just Guts going around killing grotesque Apostle’s then it would be fine. Guts permanent scowl leads all the emotion you need when he’s in the middle of a battle. Farnese and her animation once again ruined small bits of the episode but not to the extent of the last. The Master of the Hounds gave us some really chilling moments but the lack of emotion on Farnese’s face when he licked her actually made me want to laugh, when she was about to be either raped or eaten by the possessed horse and again after Guts beheads the horse and could have beheaded her too there is absolutely nothing.

The animation didn’t annoy me so much in this episode, maybe because the Apostle’s actually look like they’ve had some thought put into them, and even though it looks still a little too much like action followed by a still plucked right out of the manga, followed by disappointing ending to action scene, it worked in this episode. Maybe because the lack of humans in it.

The Hounds were a beautiful thing of nightmares, as was the horse after it was possessed and I actually smacked my fist down on my chair in happiness at just how bizarre and fucked up that horse was. Watching Guts carve his way through the Hounds, the Hound Master and the Horse was a real treat. The story of the Hound Master and the lady of the house brought a tear to my eye as well as made my stomach turn.

Puck was really on form though, bringing things to Guts attention as well as lightening up certain moments. They’ve got the chemistry between Puck and Guts down perfect.

Someone that I love though for no actual reason is Serpico. I don’t know what it is about him but he’s very obviously not what he says he is. Whilst we learnt that someone with rigid world views like Farnese can’t see Elves, Serpico obviously can. He tells the Bridge Knight that he doesn’t like blood yet he is just as talented a swordsman as Guts is as far as we can see. He kills plenty of Hounds in the episode and even outsmarts Guts enough to draw blood. His face being passive isn’t much of a drawback either because he just comes across as knowing more then you probably think he knows. I really like his character and the way he just kind of wanders around in a bubble of his own.

Then you have the possession of Farnese which actually saw some detail put onto her face for a little bit before going back to having her look like two eyes drawn on a bit of blank paper.

So the anime continues to be hit and miss.

Maybe its a stylistic choice to make the Knights look so bland and emotionless even when screaming in anger or fright? Everything else, whilst maybe not perfect and lacking the final impact of drama that it needs, is perfectly fine. The soundtrack continues to add to the feel of any given scene, sending shivers down your spine in the fights and so on and the voice acting is amazing.

What I guess makes me sad is after Guts is finished with in this episode we go and see something that IS spectacular. Leaving the main story line we got and see the other side of the story.

The King of Midland dies, there is a vision of Griffiths returning and the Kushan army appears.

Personally all of that story was perfect. I really enjoyed it and found myself hoping we never returned to the story of Guts and the rest. Its just all been really disappointing.



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