CPW Featuring PJ Black @ Bodmin

The first time I’ve ever been to a mid-week show. I stopped myself watching male cheerleaders, playing Despair inflicting video games and trying to understand Twin Peaks long enough to get a train down to Bodmin for a night of wrestling with mother, Karla and Rich.

I lead a hectic life as you can see…

Winner : TBA

So I really loved the opening of the show. It isn’t often in the local shows that you’ll have something like this. As Terry was introducing Miss Cornwall Galaxy Celena Wolfe and her achievements to the crowd, the one man who was probably most jealous of her tiara came down to tell us all how much we love him and how no one liked her.

If you’ve never seen Jason King before then you are missing out because the man is nothing short of a comic genius. The fact is the crowd do love him, that love does translate to a hail of boos but its love nonetheless. The second he opens his gob you’ll see why people love him.

After threatening  Wolfe, as one does when they feel envious of someone else, the Firm came out to teach him some manners. To be fair it was three on one so I don’t blame King for scuttling out of the ring by the count of three, his over dramatic taking off of his jacket before storming out was great, but he was promised to be taught a lesson later in the night when he would be in a six man tag match against two members of the Firm and Maximo Jr.

For someone who was at their first CPW show it was a great opener. It wasn’t too long, Terry is such a great MC that him and Wolfe talking was just fun. Jason King coming down got the crowd started for the evening and then the Firm made their presence felt. Honestly I brought the tickets to go see this event AFTER seeing the Firm in Plymouth at LEP and as much as I like PJ Black/Justin Gabriel it was the Firm (and kinda Jason King) I came to Bodmin to see and right off the bat it was worth it.

Winner : Vincent “Mad Dog” Andrews

After putting Jason King in his place Andrews had his own match to worry about against TC Harris. If you read my LEP review you’d know that I really liked TC Harris even though I didn’t get to see him wrestle. The guy has a great tantrum mode. This time we got to see him wrestle and he was pretty damn impressive against Andrews.

It seems that Harris underestimated his opponent again and whilst he didn’t lose within seconds like he did at LEP it did look like it would be his down fall again. It was a great match, Harris employs the it doesn’t have to look good just be effective style whilst Mad Dog just beats the crap out of people. Harris took early control of the match and actually did seem to have a answer to everything Andrews threw at him. There were some great moves in there, loved when Harris was lying over the corner and Harris sent some big knees into him.

The ending of the match was amazing, Andrews set up for a RKO which Harris was able to counter before a spectacular RKO out of absolute nowhere which left Rich a little speechless and won Andrews the match and the opportunity to face the CPW Trophy holder at CPW’s December show.

Match was extremely well paced and fun. First time I saw Harris actually wrestle and if I was impressed by his mic skills last time then this time he impressed me even more with his in ring ability. The guy has a big future and there is so much potential with him. Andrews is just amazing, The Firm were so impressive at the LEP show and as a singles guy Andrews really shone. Two really talented young guys and they set the standard for the night brilliantly. The Firm are officially my favourite thing in wrestling right now (other then Chad Gable, that goes without saying) and I can’t wait to see what Harris does next.

Winner : ‘Mean’ Marc Mason

Honestly I was extremely impressed by the match. Again it was a bit different to the other recent street fights/ No DQ matches I’ve seen but it actually was so much better for its simplicity. Mason is great and there was the whole kind of Dean Ambrose vibe to him not just in his mannerisms but because even when he was in complete control of the match he looked about a second away from losing and the building rioting.

I like Ivanov though, he’s funny. He didn’t get any love from Rich this time out but he was the perfect opponent for Mason. A lot of the time it was like Mason was just running at a brick wall… A brick wall that runs around waving a Russian flag but a brick wall nonetheless. There were quite a few moments when it looked like Ivanov had won, Mason was really the one bringing all the weapons to the match but never really got too many good hits on Ivanov.

Some of the shots looked real nasty and sounded even worse. The match was pretty crazy.

When the table came out you knew it was over, Mason actually didn’t have too much trouble putting the table together which was surprising because usually no one can ever get them to stand up and any actual putting people through tables tends to be through a half falling over table. Just when you thought that Ivanov was going to take the match there was a very uncomfortable and repeated low below before Mason finally got him through the table for the three count.

Winner : ‘Dancing Daddy’ Bainsley

After being given a birthday card to celebrate his upcoming 16th birthday the only thought that went through my head was for Bainsley not to kill him before he got to 16. Facing Bainsley possibly wasn’t the best birthday present he could have had and unfortunately for Pearn it was also quite a horrible present from Bainsley himself.

The size difference was very obvious and I think Pearn did a wonderful job of using it against Bainsley. It was hard for him though as the size difference was massive and just using his speed to put Bainsley off was never going to be enough, he nearly got a win a few times with fast roll ups but Bainsley was always able to kick out. He had a lot of guts and never backed down.

Bainsley was a complete ass though, it was absolutely brilliant, after accidentally knocking out the ref he had Pearn down for the three count but instead of getting the ref back up and squishing Pearn some more he went out to get a chair and finish Pearn off with that instead. It was a sad end to a good match and not the kindest birthday present in the world. Not only that after the match Bainsley ripped up the poor kids card! What a monster! It was funny.

Bodmin are a mean lot too singing happy birthday to JP as he was being helped from the ring by Mad Dog. A nice touch but slightly evil too. Gotta give him credit though he’s a tough kid and already so very talented. He’s got a bright future.

Winners : Jason King & Adam Flint & Fergy Fresh

This match… Seriously.

Karla will tell you the horrors we had to endure with Adam Flint and Jason King standing in front of us. White trunks are not a good idea. I don’t think we appreciated it much, what I REALLY didn’t appreciate is nearly getting hit on the head by Jason Kings belt (more then once) as he waved it around. Its why I usually sit as far away from him as I can, he’s a bloody danger that man.

All three of them are ridiculously entertaining though to the point that I had no idea what was happening in the ring because I was too busy watching and listening to these three. They were hilarious.

Adam Flint trying to go one on one with the Enforcer made me feel sorry for Flint who was constantly just chucked right back into his corner. Poor little guy had no chance. He accidentally tagged in Fergy who was getting all the love in the world from Rich. To be fair on them though they did dominate the match getting the Wrecking Machine tied up in their corner by cutting out his legs. The big guy unfortunately unable to compete against all three members of Kings team.

In the end though, even though there were a equal amount of people at ringside, it felt like the numbers were on Kings side. To be fair its just because they did whatever it took to win and that pretty much meant the Firm and Maximo were always on the back foot. When it looked like they had won the match it turned out the wrong person was in the ring, they tried to cut off Jason King but the rest of his team mates had his back. Two guys were always busy fending off someone but at the same time there always felt like there were two guys in the ring as well.

In the end it was a distraction on the outside that gave King the victory when he pinned Maximo Jr.

After the match King once more took offence at Celena Wolfe until he thought he was getting a kiss. It didn’t quite turn out the way he hoped but I can’t say he didn’t deserve it. The more I watch it the more I love Adam and Fergys reaction, they kind of just look completely confused. After that Mad Dog came out as well to clear the ring and Maximo got a 619 on King. The Firm might have been standing tall after the match but you have to give it to King and his munchkins, they stole the show AND got the win.

I haven’t had many reasons to smile recently but that had me in tears of laughter. PLUS it was one of the best matches I’ve had the pleasure of watching for a while.

Winner : PJ Black

LOVED seeing Danny up against PJ Black.

When I saw Black at Heroes and Legends 3 I was impressed, I’d never really been a fan of his not that I disliked him but he’s really something special to see live. That match was a Fatal Fourway match so even though I was impressed with how much time each individual got in the ring it was nothing to seeing him one-on-one against Danny.

Now Danny, who deserves to be in WWE (not that he told me to say that or anything,) is honesty such a great wrestler. I say it a lot and I mean it, he’s one of my favourites to watch live and after not seeing him wrestle for so long it is just nice to see him again. Plus enjoying himself as well. Him and PJ had a great back and forth in the ring, I loved the high fives and them trying to one up each other. It was a lot faster then you usually see Danny go, or at least I’ve seen him wrestle, but he kept up with Black and gave as good as he got.

It was the perfect main event to the point it even had Jason King come down and cost Danny the championship. I was actually kinda shocked with the outcome, not so much when Black announced he wanted to go again without someone getting involved but we were kinda left gawping at each other when Black won.

Winner : Danny Walsh

The match didn’t last long, Danny got a roll up to win his belt back and whilst the crowd chanted for best 2 outta 3 Danny got out of the ring and left. Not before giving Black the middle finger.

It was pretty much the perfect ending though. Tough fight for Danny but he proved he was every bit as tough as PJ Black.

Seriously go see PJ Black if you can because the man is amazing.


So like PWA and LEP in some corners of the internet CPW can be treated a bit like a joke for having young guys and not hitting the same standard as other companies. Thing is this, like LEP, was just a brilliant night out. I spent £60 on tickets (£10 per ticket and £5 for the meet and greet) plus £34 for the train from Plymouth to Bodmin and back AND £12 for a taxi from Bodmin Parkway to Robartes Academy so that was £100 basically to go down and see them and it was worth every penny.

The young guys are a credit to CPW. These guys are the future, some of them are already so good right now and with LEP and CPW giving them the chance to shine in front of audiences the future for wrestling down here looks so strong. The Firm, Harris, Perkins, Fergy and Flint made the night. They should be damn right proud of themselves and CPW should be proud of them.

Everyone was seriously friendly the whole time, they didn’t even seem to mind us hanging about for forever after the show waiting for our taxi. I did hold the door open to help them move stuff into the van so I feel like I was helpful enough. Everyone was extremely approachable and just happy to be there doing what they were doing.

I really enjoyed the night and can’t wait to go again. PJ Black was brilliant but if he hadn’t been there it would have still been great and worth the money spent. They really have a great group of guys down there. After much deliberation I am once again going to the CPW/LEP Super Show on October 30th to see Cody Rhodes but to be honest I’m mainly going because I want to see The Firm and Jason King…

The Six Man tag match was by far the best of the night, even though rules say I can’t pick a six man match as the best I can’t help it. Jason King and his little band of munchkins really stole the show plus they managed to be three of the nicest people you’ll ever meet after the show as well.

To be honest I’ve probably said the same thing all year round, I’ve kinda been a fan of Jason Kings since I first saw him at a PWA show and say the same kinda thing every time but that man is the complete package. He steals the limelight the second he walks out to the ring, no matter who else is around at the time, he’s so fun to watch in the ring as well and one of the best down here. The guy steals every show he’s on and I honestly think give him a year and he’ll be the dominant force in the West Country. The man is a must see and with him appearing on PWA, LEP and CPW shows there is little reason for anyone down this way not to see him at least once.

I said it up there but I’ll say it again, the Firm are probably my favourite thing in wrestling at the moment. They do honestly look like they own the show which makes them so much more fun to watch really. Unlike other groups who just happen to have a lot of people in their group and say they own the show the Firm are ever present. From coming to the aid of someone on the wrong side of Princess, to mingling with the crowd at the interval and even just being some of the friendliest guys at the Meet and Greet. Their matches, which made up the majority of the night to be fair, were amazing and all of their members are supremely talented. In the LEP review I said I think I have new favourites and I honestly do, I ain’t kidding when I said I spent this money to go down and see them because I did. It was worth it too even if it was all the spare money I had this month!

It might not been a show in front of 600+ people but it was so professionally run. Even if there were only 100 people there it felt like a event and the crowd were just as loud as any I’ve been apart of. The whole card was amazing from the opening match to the main event. So many stories going on and characters engaging with the crowd that it made all four of us determined to come as often as possible because it feels like you’ll miss something if you don’t go. A feeling I don’t really have with any other company and most of them I’ve been going to all year round. It also had that feeling that you didn’t know how any of the matches were going to go, it might just be that it was different faces and I’d never been to a CPW event before but trying to predict the way the night was going became impossible and I don’t think I predicted a correct result all night.

Was a good night out and I can’t praise them high enough really.

Anyone thinking of going to see them I’d say you should. If you can travel to see them its well worth the money. Robartes only held 100 people but it was one of the most interactive crowds as well as one of the friendliest.

Their next event is the Supershow with LEP at Plymouth Oceana with Cody Rhodes, Joey Ryan, Martin Kirby and El Ligero. Check out the event page :


You can follow them…

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Cornishprowrestling/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/CPWUK

As well as LEP…

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LepPromotionsWrestling

I am going to Penzance for Pride on Sunday but I’m also working Monday-Friday next week so the review will be up in the air.

Thank you to everyone at CPW who were just lovely. Also Danny Walsh isn’t allowed to go anywhere because we’d all miss him too much if he did. It was a first for me with LEP when they came to Plymouth and now for CPW as well and they are absolutely nothing like I’d heard they are. Lovely group of people and two very good shows. I plan on going to a load of LEP shows and as I said will be going to the Cody Rhodes show.

I didn’t take as many photos but below as always is a selection of the best and can’t wait for October 3oth.


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