One Piece : The Nation of Souls

Chapter 835

Everything is falling in place and it isn’t looking good for the Straw Hats. Whether or not they can beat Big Mom, specially not at full force, well that is to be seen.

As it is it looks like they’ll have to come up with a special plan to get Sanji out of this wedding!

Well before Luffy and his team do anything they need to escape the woods and that doesn’t quite happen this time out. Instead they are extremely lucky to find out more about Big Mom then they’d probably have found out if they had gone looking for information.

Turns out giant head dude is one of Big Moms ex-husbands, he’s been left there and forgotten about. He tells all about Big Moms devil fruit power and the strange land they are in before being disposed of. He also hints that he might be the father of someone we already met.

So Big Mom?

Her power is over souls so she can take parts of people’s souls which also kinda means apart of their life. To live in her country the people there every six months have to give up a month of their lives which means they lose 2 months every year. Those souls are then just sprinkled around the island and that is how the trees and animals come to life. It also makes sense how she killed her son by taking his life from him and possibly gives us more understanding into just what Jinbe might have to “give up” if he wants to leave the family.

Its kinda funny that they are called Homies though.

There was a lot of information given to us in this chapter including how Nami escaped, but that was really all there was too it.

The mystery surrounding Whole Cake Island and all the crazy things we’ve seen so far suddenly make sense and Big Mom becomes even more terrifying. I wonder how her power works. Did she do anything special to kill her son? If not then she can just look at someone and kill them surely? It also makes me wonder whether she’d effect Brook after all by the sound of it in the One Piece Universe your soul and how much of it you have relates to how long you have to live, so instead of being a part of you in the way you usually think about it they are using it more like a eternal clock.

Brooks eternal clock has stopped and even though its obvious he has something that he classifies as a soul and life itself, if she’s taken away from your life then he doesn’t have any natural life left. Does the life his Devil Fruit give him have its own biological clock?

The thing is HER power is terrifying all on its own. Even just as it is it is scary as hell.

If that is HER power and she’s on par with Shanks and we still have to believe Shanks hasn’t eaten a Devil Fruit but just has strong Haki then how freakin’ strong IS Shanks?!

I always find a way to bring it back to him but the more you find out about the other Yonko’s the more I just become intrigued with him. You see Kaido falling off of floating island to try and die and survive, you have seen for yourself how evil and cold Blackbeard is and now you learn that Big Mom can take people’s souls and kill them outright at a blink of a eye and you have to wonder how a drunken one armed and extremely happy seeming pirate like Shanks could be seen on the same page as them. I really REALLY want to see more of him because I feel there is so much more interesting stuff about him that we just might never find out.

Still, funny as hell that Luffy is stupid enough to think that they are turning themselves into multiples for fun. Silly Luffy.



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