Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : Cruel Violence and Hollow Words

Episode 3

The timer fell for the second time (first since the game has been explained) and we were left with the chilling image of Hina dead. How will this all play out?

To start off with, Hina being alive!

This is possibly the only time this has worked for me in anything. The killer covered her in fake blood and put a fake knife on her but really had killed Gozu. The shock leaving episode 2 that Hina of all people had gone was only matched by the tears shed seeing her up and alive once more in this episode. It made this series stand out so much because it became more about the psychological side of it then the violence and gore.

Also unlike the two games and the first season this season is shaping up to be a battle of philosophy on Hope more then between Hope and Despair and its hard to see the other side (that side being Munakata) being anything BUT Despair.

The anime makes quick work of them worrying about the dead. With no trial to go to they don’t really react to Gozu dying other then to acknowledge it. Again a very big difference from anything before it. Makoto decides he needs to talk to everyone so goes out to find the intercom system to speak to them all whilst Hina and Gekkougahara distract the others.

Makoto’s speech is about coming together to bring Hope to the world, and whilst Munakata can appreciate how good the speech was he acts like Makoto just doesn’t see the real Despair in the world. He acts like having forgotten the Biggest most Tragic event in human history and only having his memories come back later, and even then being trapped in the school, stopped him from being effected by Despair. For me I think he’s very wrong, the Despair that the School Killing Game brought for me would be much more personal. The Despair that took over and destroyed the world, whilst being big and horrible and obviously leaving people like Munakata hellbent on destroying it wasn’t as personal, even with death of friends, as I think the School Killing Game would have been. Makoto not only found out he’d forgotten his whole life at Hopes Peak including all his friends but before he realised that he had had to watch them all killing each other off in the most horrible of ways. Not only that he had someone KILL THEMSELVES to save them.

I feel like Munakata is one of those people who have become blinded by Despair. He’s one of those people who feels his hurt is always going to be bigger then someone else’s. He’s been on the front line the whole time and acts like Makoto had a easy way out. The thing is Makoto believes in Hope, Munakata doesn’t. He can say what he does is for Hope but it isn’t. Everything he does is to destroy Despair and all he and his little lap dog are doing is spreading Despair. Instead of listening and working together to get out, which would bring Hope to all who have to watch this, he’s working against others to make sure HIS version of Hope, which is all about killing people and being morbid and grumpy, is the only version of Hope that survives.

Its a good way of showing how war changes you.

I mean from the Despair Arc I haven’t seen much of Munakata that would make me believe he ever really believed in Hope anyway but Β giving them all the benefit of the doubt I have to say that their version of Hope is very much a battle hardened version. Don’t forget for them Despair isn’t just a feeling anymore, its a group of people destroying the world. The Ultimate Despair’s the Remnants of Despair. Of course the majority of the Future Foundation don’t care about rehabing the Remnants, what they did is unforgivable because when you’ve lived through it, and after playing the second game some of the things they did were horrible I just couldn’t believe they’d actually go as in detail to what they’d do, of course you are just going to want them destroyed.

For example, its easy for us to look on the outside of a court case and say “you know what that person did something wrong and they are being punished” whilst the family scream for more punishment. It didn’t happen to us therefore the pain isn’t as real.

Again though Makoto and his groups ordeal taught them that Despair, not a group called the Despair, but the actual feeling of Despair can be beaten. They had to watch their friends kill each other and then basically vote to execute another of their friends. None of the reasons their friends killed each other was unreasonable in the game setting and each of them probably understood deep down why it happened. What made it so scary for Makoto was always that even though he knew he couldn’t ever kill someone he didn’t know what would actually make him want to do it. So whilst they battled ACTUAL Despair the others have been battling fucking crazy lunatics killing everyone in their wake.

Of course Munakata wants them all dead and of course Makoto wants to see if he can help them.

Makoto is standing on the outside of a war, which Munakata does say to him, and he’s trying to be reasonable and use Hope to win that war.

Munakata was there, remembers it all and has lost friends on the front lines. To him Hope is just winning. If they beat the Despair then they win. Hope, as in the same feeling, the same emotion and the same idea as Makoto no longer exists. It is truly two sides. Sides of Despair and Hope fighting.

The rest of the episode just geared up for a lot of fighting in the next episode.

Izayoi and Andou, who are a weird coupling anyway, upset Kimura who uses one of her concoctions to turn into a stupid monster thing. They are all going to fight each other.

I now forget if Sakakura is attacking Hina or Kirigiri but he’s decided to go kill Makoto’s friends.

Hiro is being attacked outside the building, that man still manages to make me giggle, whilst my new fav Kizakura gets all mysterious and says that its nearly time to meet someone.

Of course the big battle in the next episode is that off Makoto and Munakata.

Its exploded in episode 3 so I am thrilled to find out what happens next!


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