One Piece : My Dream

Chapter 834

We’ve finally met the Patriarch of the Vinsmoke family and man is he a complete asshole.

When you think of him and Big Mom joining forces… Well… Its getting a little worrying for Luffy & co.

The tiny bit of Sanji we saw was the reaction we knew we were going to see. His hands are the most precious thing for him and he told them that and they are using that against him. A cold and dirty trick to force Sanji to do as they please. I can’t see the Vinsmoke’s or the Charlotte family giving over that key easily so either Pudding is going to be the good guy and is going to get it, Sanji is going to be forced to marry her and then be released or someone is going to have to take down the WHOLE family to get their hands on the keys.

Or we’ll have a handless Sanji.

Though it won’t just be his hands that he loses. I’m pretty sure he’ll just either be dead or lose his whole arm.

Shame they didn’t bring Law with them.

What happened to Jinbe then?

We don’t get to see him or what has happened to him but we do get to hear a lot of rumours of him changing his mind after finding out the price he had to pay to leave the crew. These rumours were being overheard by Brook and Pedro who are sneaking about the place at the moment.

In fact Brook and Pedro also shine a light on why Pudding wasn’t there to meet Luffy, she’s being waylaid by wedding planners, currently being bombarded with wedding dresses whilst trying politely to leave. I still have my suspicions on her but they are wearing thin and I’m going to have to come to terms with her being as nice as she’s been acting. Which is a bummer.

You want to know what happened to Pekoms? We also learn that.

He’s back with Bege who is also married to one of Mom’s daughters and already has a kid with her. He’s married to the 22nd daughter Chiffon which means if Sanji does marry Pudding then he’ll be brothers-in-law with Bege! I’m guessing that is something that makes him happy.

Pekoms is shot and left falling into the sea full of sharks. Whether that is the end of him or not we’ll have to wait and see but to be fair I think it was a pretty cool ending for him. If they bring back Pekoms, as much as I love him, it won’t make Bege look quite as badass as he did right then. I mean he just killed someone in front of his wife and kid. I’ve always liked the gangster thing with Bege, he’s a cool character.

Even more news in this chapter is not only what is happening to Caesar but why he was making giant babies. Did we already know why? Because if we did I’d forgotten but now we know.

Big Mom being a giant of sorts wants to have her family turned into giants so she can enjoy a meal with her family at eye level. That is “her dream” and that is what Caesar was working on. He’s been given 2 weeks.

We ended the chapter knowing full well that Big Mom knows that Luffy is on the island but absolutely sure he won’t get out of the forest, we also know that Luffy is collecting duplicates of his crew thinking they are multiply as some kind of game.

Luffy… Really?!

What I’ve really loved about this arc so much so far is meeting the Charlotte family. Obviously there are a lot of them and whilst Bege’s wife wasn’t anything interesting her eldest son Β Perospero the Minister of Candy who ate the Lick Lick Fruit is one of those characters that made me jump out of my seat when I first saw him. I don’t know if Oda was inspired by the Child Catcher but the first thing I noticed was how much he looked and even seemed to speak like the Child Catcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The great thing about the Child Catcher was that he was the thing of nightmares for children. So very very scary and I think its a perfect fit for Mom’s eldest that he would be the thing of nightmares.

There was a lot going on in the chapter but it kind of put everything in place. We know where most people stand, most mysteries have been solved and we have seen that Mom thinks she’s won already. You can see why, specially as Luffy has managed to get himself confused and thinks what is going on in the woods is a game.

It’ll be interesting to see how Brook and Pedro move on from here as everyone is looking for them. They are the last “unknowns” as far as Big Mom is concerned as everyone else is caught in her trap. I wonder if Luffy will be able to escape the wood because at this point it would just be as easy to let the Charlotte family capture them and take them to the wedding seeing that she knows they are there so the element of surprise has died.

Interesting chapter.


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