Plymouth Wrestling Association : Heat Wave

Possibly the worst attempt at writing something I’m ever going to do but I’ll do it anyway. Unfortunately for reasons beyond my control my memory is a bit on the fuzzy side.

PWA’s Fall Out show wasn’t the best but we’d never give up on them so we were out once again to watch some wrestling this Sunday evening.

Winners : The Bristol Boys & John Harding

I did like the group of Baine and the Renegades, they were good together. I don’t know why but it was nice to see them stalk out of the ring and around the back when their opponents were being announced.

It was a good opening match. The two teams worked well together and it was nice to see the Bristol Boys get to do their thing. Baine and the Renegades look the part and were as vicious as they looked. They did a good thing of cutting off any escape roads for their opponents to get back to their corner.

Really think the Bristol Boys are doing such a good job as the only real regular tag team PWA have this year, even in a six man tag match their work together stood out. Would love to see them get a shot at the titles. They are just so entertaining to watch its always great to see them.

After the match before the winners got a chance to actually celebrate they were attacked by the losers. The only way to end a opening match.

Winner : Jason King

I had been waiting for this match and it didn’t disappoint. The return of Krieger was well worth the wait. Jason King is just amazing and the match was super funny. It isn’t like Krieger is big, sure he’s tall but he’s kinda scrawny compared to King who might be small(ish, anyone is small against Krieger) but looks strong. I was surprised that Krieger playing the big monster overpowering King worked but it really did work.

It was a great match not that anything was really settled. It was nice seeing Krieger man handle King who had the best reaction to everything that happened to him. Krieger looked much better then last time he was in the ring and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here with his fight against the pesky little guys.

Grayson Reeves wasn’t there at all but King found a new friend to help him take down the giant in Adam Flint from LEP. They do match each other perfectly.

One thing is for sure they 100% NEED to give Jason King the mic every time he’s in the building because he’s the best.

Winners : Josh Knott & The UK Dominator

Chuck Cyrus is the greatest thing I’ve seen since the first time I saw either of the Magnums. His Mr Massive stuff had me in tears of laughter the whole damn time.

As funny as the match was it was also just a really good one though I seem to remember the UK Dominator being on the ring apron a lot of the time. He was back to his usual grumpy self which was nice to see. The more you see of Josh Knott the more you realise he’s a underappreciated comic genius. His failed attempt to beat Cyrus with 15 push ups was just perfect.

It was a good match though. Josh Knott and the UK Dominator make a great team, what with both of them being pretty grumpy all the time, and Cyrus working with Alexander brought the best out in him.

The ending worked and didn’t work. The greatest slow fall of all time from Ed Dyer, but leading up to him accidentally getting hit in the corner was just too slow and played out. I can’t remember why I thought that at the time but its the feeling that comes back to me over and over. It would have worked if it was a little faster. Dyer getting knocked out meant that he wasn’t able to count the three for Cyrus and Alexander giving the UK Dominator a chance to swing the match in their favour and getting them the win.

I love Chuck Cyrus though, he was just brilliant.

Winner : Dick Riley

It was brilliant seeing JD Knight again and even more brilliant to see him up against Dick Riley. The match worked so much better then Riley’s match at Fall Out but I was sad to see Knight lose even if his reaction to losing was priceless.

Riley can hit a moonsault out of pretty much anywhere, which annoyed me as I was being distracted during the match (as I was in all of them) so for the first time since I’ve seen him missed getting a really cool yet really blurry photo of one.

It was the second best match of the night and a great way to open the second half of the night.  The whole crowd were behind Riley but it is easy to see why, he is always so exciting to watch as you never know what he’s going to do when you watch him. Still would like to see the Magnums take on the Bristol Boys though, now that would be fun.

Winner : Kelly Sixx

You know what, I honestly was gobsmacked when someone told me they didn’t have a clue who Kelly Sixx was. I don’t think I do anything but tell you how great he is and I’m not changing that now. Guy is such a great signing for any company and can face just about anyone. When they announced he’d be up against Chris Andrews I knew we’d be in for a treat and we really were.

It was a impressive match up, Kelly Sixx has a ability to find his way out of anything but in raw power he obviously doesn’t just come up short to Andrews he’s nowhere near. It was another great match up for Sixx who seems to be in a real battle every time I see him. I mean the first match I ever saw him in was against Eddie Ryan, he always excels though.

Always nice to see Chris Andrews, what can you say about him? He’s just amazing to watch..

In a twist it was Josh Knott coming to the aid of Sixx that secured their victory. After fighting alongside the UK Dominator and now helping out Kelly Sixx you have to wonder what Knott is actually up to. A great win for Sixx though as there, apparently, were a lot of people who didn’t know who he was and the match introduced him perfectly. Trust me, you wanna go see him.

Winner : Tyler Hawke

The main event we were promised for Fall Out was, as you can possibly guess, well worth the wait.

What a opponent for Hawke in his first title defence? One of the very best and a former champion. Eddie Ryan keeps saying that this is his year and he’s proving it, he fell short against Hawke who did everything he could to win the title, maybe not the prettiest way to win but it didn’t need to be, it was very effective. Hawke just couldn’t match up to Ryan’s strength but there was nothing that Ryan could do to defeat the determination Hawke had to keep the belt. That ruthless streak might have kept the belt with the champion this time but he won’t be able to fool the Lion twice and next time Eddie will have a answer to everything Tyler has to throw at him.

These two worked so well together though, the match was twice as good as the next best match on the card. Eddie Ryan is having a fantastic run all over the place at the moment and has had some ridiculously amazing matches this year whilst I feel Tyler Hawke is very underappreciated at the moment. I said when he won the belt he was going to be a fantastic champion and I’m always a little surprised when his name doesn’t really pop up in conversations about who people are looking forward to see on the night. The guy has everything going for him and he doesn’t have to win his matches by out wrestling his opponents, outsmarting them and doing anything to keep the belt makes him even more exciting to watch because you never know what is going to happen.

I have always loved watching Eddie wrestle but the guy impresses me every time I see him and he’s always got some new trick up his sleeve. The counters against Hawke in this match… The guy is unreal.

Would love to see a re-match sometime soon, we had a bit of a preview of it the week before at LEP, but for now it’ll be interesting to see what challenge waits for Hawke next.


So one of my biggest problems with Fall Out was that it was a mix-match of matches that made no sense, didn’t really go anywhere and all ended kinda of meh. I hoped that it was a one off and happily was proved right.

When PWA are good they are GOOD. The addition of some new faces, another returning face and finally getting the match we REALLY wanted to see last time meant that the card was fantastic from beginning to end. I was absolutely ecstatic to see Kelly Sixx on the card, the guy is so ultra impressive and a great addition to whatever show he’s on. I’d never seen Cyrus before but he’s just absolutely amazing. You can never go wrong with Chris Andrews either so all in all it was a great line up.

It was nice to see the story of Jason King and Krieger not only come to blows but evolve, Adam Flint joining the fray just makes it much more fun. Seeing Flint in LEP I think he’s the perfect partner for King and Reeves if King and Reeves are still a double act causing trouble, I know Reeves was banned from ringside for this match which would probably explain his absence from the whole night. Jason King is one of the most entertaining people I’ve ever seen, guy makes me laugh constantly but he’s also so talented its hard not to secretly root for him.

Was over the bloody moon to see JD Knight back, it seems like forever since I saw him and man was he as brilliant as always.

Some strange choices for tag teams. I’m guessing, as they have a name, The Renegades are a team yet them and the Bristol Boys were in a six man tag match whilst two thrown together teams were in a tag match together, not that either match was bad but I like seeing the Bristol Boys as a tag team and adding a third person to their team always ruins it a little. As Harding and the Bristol Boys got attacked after winning the match I’m guessing there is a chance that if Renegade do come back it’ll be to face the Bristol Boys, the big question being when are Special Edition going to come back and defend their belts?

The night was great. It had a much louder crowd too which I really do think makes such a difference. Not that a quiet crowd is bad but the atmosphere was much more enjoyable then the polite quietness from Fall Out.

I apologise that the blog is pretty sparse, if you know me personally you know that I’ve had a bad cough for about three weeks which has drained me and my depression then flared up really badly on Sunday which has been killing me since, if you don’t suffer from depression you’ll never understand how horrible it is when it gets real bad. I do have photos but I haven’t got the patience to sort through them if anyone wants to see them let me know and I’ll post some on Facebook at the end of the week.

Sadly this is also going to be my last PWA show (and therefore blog) as I’ve decided to cut back on going to wrestling shows. It has nothing to do with them as a company though as they have always been brilliant.

If you are in Plymouth or can get to Plymouth it is well worth your time coming to see them. They have a lot of work still to do but having such good shows will only help them in the long run. Their regular guys are always a joy to watch, sometimes it doesn’t come together but they always bounce back. I feel they need to believe in themselves much more. They need to focus on being themselves and making a name for themselves instead of trying to compete against others. They aren’t going to be able to compete against bigger companies but whilst my one trip to LEP showed that they embraced what they are I feel PWA are still trying to find that with their big change this year. It hasn’t quite come together yet and they possibly do need to have better communication with fans especially on Facebook but they could do it. They have the talent to do it. Every single wrestler at this event was top quality and even though I didn’t actually do the meet and greet all I’ve heard about it was how wonderful everyone is.

Not that I know anything about anything but the one thing I think that will help them loads is Luke. He ain’t the best in the world at what he does but he loves it. You can see he loves it and he loves PWA and he really cares about the fans and how they see the show. The whole team on the day always ALWAYS gives it their all. He’s endearing though. Again its about finding what works for PWA. Darren does what he does in Pride so well because Pride have their identity and he is a big part of that… Obviously, I didn’t mean that to sound so obvious. The LEP show was so good because Terry Speller knew exactly what atmosphere to bring to it. Luke just needs to focus, find the perfect identity for PWA and run with it. He’s extremely emotional though, which is why I felt so bad laughing at his speech. Dare I say it he talks a little too much and a little too quietly in tone. He’s needs to project more confidence in his voice and be more fluent in what he says.

I say this, and this is where I go off topic completely and make up a story (which happens a lot when I’m depressed but has never effected a wrestling blog so just try and keep up) because my favourite topic in school was always history and I studied classical civilisations as a A-Level and one of my most favourite people to learn about was Cicero. Cicero was a Orator and I’ve always felt that this is what those guys have to go for. Whilst Darren keeps it friendly and manages to both be your best friend AND totally professional in only the way he can, and Terry was more like one of the crowd and making sure everything was fun and smooth, Luke mumbles a lot and he tries to be everyone’s friend but he doesn’t have the professional side and a little too shy to be a outgoing type like Darren, and he tries to get people interacting but most of the time we’ve lost what he’s trying to say. I like the guy a lot though and I honestly think if he finds his confidence and pushes his vision into the evening that it’ll click a lot better. I always sound so negative about him he’s probably very happy I won’t be writing anything about him again, but I think these guys have a really important job to do. They set the mood, they get the crowd going and keep the crowds mind directly on the show. Luke can do it but he is the only one that can really make the crowd believe in the feeling of the night and if he gets it right PWA will be awesome.

I really do like him though, guy is going to smash it one of these days and really bring a turning point for them.

I have loved going to PWA since last year so all you guys should go check them out.

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Again I said it in the LEP review and I’ll say it again.

Don’t let anyone else, including me, make your mind up on whether you should go to a show or not. For me JD Knight, Eddie Ryan, Josh Knott and Tyler Hawke are worth every penny I spend on my ticket no matter how expensive. The only problem I have with PWA is that out of every company I follow on Social Media, first off they are the quietest and the knock on effect of that is that they don’t really have a identity other then Plymouth Wrestling Company. They need to start putting a little bit of themselves into everything because they have some nice people behind the scenes who need to push PWA in our faces on social media as much as they can.

I hope them the best though and everyone should at least check them out once.

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  1. Tumblr the photos please?

    Sad you aren’t going to any more but I understand after the message you sent me on Tumblr and the e-mail.

    What are you going to do to see JD Knight now?

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