LEP 13 Review

So I went to LEP’s Plymouth show at Stonehouse, never been to a LEP show but thought we’d go and see them.

Unlike PWA and Pride this show is a academy show, even though there are plenty of my favourites on the card there are also plenty of trainees and younger guys on the show too. So it should be a good night.

Winner : Dynamite Dave Fury

Its always a good night when Josh Knott is in a match, unfortunately he had the chance to be in three and lost his belt in the first of three which was sad.

Never seen Fury before but I’ll never forget him, that man is a machine and just completely overpowered Knott at every turn. This was the first match and it set the standard for the rest of the night.

Whilst Fury looked like he had a advantage over Knott in the strength department it didn’t go quite the way I thought it would. Josh Knott has always been impressive and it can be easy to forget that as I don’t see him that often, but the guy just finds a way (not always legal) to get the upper hand. He can match just about anyone in the strength department even if he doesn’t really look like he can, but he’s so good at just keeping people on the floor and disrupting their tempo, bringing them down to his and keeping them off balance.

Fury just literally had to power his way through Knott, which he did. Never seen him before but the guy left a impression like no other in this match. He might not have dominated but when he got the momentum on his side he looked like a juggernaut. It was sad to see Knott lose but it was a great match.

Winner : Adam Flint & Steve Johns

After following LEP and CPW on Facebook the name The Firm pops up weekly. I honestly mean WEEKLY. Always seeing stuff about these guys but never seen them before.

Go see a show with these guys in it because they honestly WILL be a team that will shine wherever they go. They were so good I was on the edge of my seat watching them. The other two I don’t know if they tag together or were just together this one time but they didn’t gel all that well, personality wise they kind of worked but other then that they were outclassed by the Firm. That isn’t to say there isn’t potential with them of course, they matched the Firm quite well with the one smaller guy and the one big guy. They did just look like two singles guys thrown into a tag team match though.

Saying that though I really liked

The match went a bit strange (in a good way) when the airwaves were taken over by a mysterious voice and the Firm were distracted. I’m sad to say whatever the mystery voice was saying has honestly been lost from my terrible memory but it was actually really well played out. It distracted the Firm long enough for them to be pinned and lose the match.

GREAT match though and so very impressed by the Firm. I think I have a new favourite Tag Team.

Winner : Jamie Pearn

It was a war of words really. The actual match involved Terry reminding Harris that he’d JUST moments before said he’d beat Pearn with his hands tied behind his back, Harris shouting abuse and pushing Pearn away whilst he was distracted getting upset and then getting pinned.

Kinda hoping that turns into something bigger down the line because that could be really good.

Pearn wasn’t bad on the mic, he didn’t really say much though other then the whole “I’m going to be a fighting champion” stuff. Harris on the other hand was brilliant and just made me laugh. His reaction to some of the strange things being shouted at him by Rich was priceless and his tantrum in the ring when he lost so suddenly without even having a match was one of the highlights of the night.

Obviously can’t say much for their wrestling but Harris has some charisma.

Winner : Tyler Hawke

After Josh Knott I felt bad not bringing my niece, when Tyler came out and then WON I felt I’d never be able to look at her again seeing that Tyler is her absolute favourite.

Another fantastic match for the championship. Hawke vs Fury is a match I’d love to see as they were great, adding Harding into the mix gave us some interesting moments but I do feel the match was quite short. Fury really dominated the majority of the match and Hawke saw a opening, with yet another fantastic kick, took it and got the pin.

Interesting dynamics and I loved the test of strength between the three of them at the beginning which Fury really won even though Hawke and Harding attempted to team up against him. Still really want to see Fury vs Hawke.

Our corner was 100% behind Tyler and very against Harding which was funny. Hawke didn’t pin Fury which was great for Fury.

Winner : Jason King

I’ve missed Jason King. I mean I’ve seen him running around getting involved in other people’s matches but its been such a long time since I’ve seen him actually in a match and it was awesome. It was weird hearing people cheering Jason King, not that I could hear them over the small group of people (us) who weren’t cheering him at all.

I really liked Ivanov and him and King worked well together. You would think it was King’s speed that would come out on top but the guy has some vicious moves when he goes all out. The running knees against the rope to Ivanov was great and to an extent he matched Ivanov on his strength. Which might, itself, be a negative to Ivanov who needed to use his size much better. He should have looked much more of a threat then he did against someone like King. King knows how to hold himself in the ring so Ivanov needed to hold himself up like King.

There were a lot of really great moments in the match and they work well against each other. Jason King knows how to get a crowd going and they were completely behind them. Ivanov, not so much, coming down with the Russian gimmick got the majority of the crowd booing him but our corner were cheering him and immediately he looked less like the bad guy and more like just some guy. I don’t know if he’s meant to be going out there for boos but he looked that way to begin with but then lost that composure when he realised people were cheering him. For example Scotty Essex is always a bad guy when we go see him but very rarely are we surrounded by people booing him, he’ll acknowledge us to a point without ever dropping out of his character. I’m not sure what Ivanov’s character was meant to be but it didn’t really work.

Winner : Maximo Jr

Obviously not in anyway a bad way but it was the weakest match of the night. Maximo Jr was really good, there is a lot of potential there but I felt he was never given the chance to go out and show what he can do. Matt Dragon wasn’t bad but a lot of his moves didn’t really flow well together and they had no real chemistry between them. Both guys have huge potential though, Dragon was great with the crowd, I mean I don’t think Rich or Andy stopped for a breath screaming at him the second he appeared with a Welsh flag, but he needs to work on naturally reacting to the crowd. Maximo has all the energy that he needs but possibly needs to work on working with the guy in the ring.

I dunno it felt very much like they were going through the motions, and whilst the motions were great they both needed to work on the story and the flow of it.

I liked them though, specially Maximo. You might have noticed that already but I really think he could be great in the right match. He also needs to unleash his personality on the room. He’s a bit like El Ligero and Ultimo Tiger rolled into one, he’s got the Mexican party flavour that instantly makes him beloved in the room but he’s got that cartoon/anime character vibe like Tiger that at times makes you feel like he isn’t real. If he can mix both those vibes together, interact with the crowd more and just relax and read the match a little better he could be brilliant.

Dragon didn’t really have a character… Or didn’t have much more of a character then generic Welsh guy with flag. Guy could learn a thing or two from someone like Jason King or even TC Harris on how to work a crowd that are against you. In ring I’d like to see him against someone else as I just don’t think he worked well against Maximo.

Winner : Danny Walsh

This is possibly one of the best matches this year. All four guys are crazy talented, if you’ve read even one of my reviews on the local shows you know that I have never said a single negative about Eddie Ryan, Danny Walsh or Tyler Hawke who all always without a doubt give the performance of the night whenever you see them. £8 just to see one of these guys in action is cheap, to see all three in a match together and its the bargain of a lifetime. Put Fury in with them and man was it a bargain.

There was a great mixture in there. Fury and Ryan were just chucking everyone around like rag dolls, Hawke brought the speed whilst Walsh grounded everyone. The four of them worked amazingly well together with them splitting up at the beginning with Fury/Hawke on the outside and Ryan/Walsh in the ring before going crazy in the ring.

Knott came down delivering a low below to Fury who promptly got pinned and eliminated, but not before he just destroyed everyone in the ring including catching Hawke midair and slamming him into the mat like Hawke weighed nothing at all.

There were some great moments when it went down to three including Hawke being slingshotted into not such a nice place and then Ryan throwing everyone around.

Obviously I loved all four guys in the match but I was really hoping for Ryan or Hawke to win so I was sad my third pick won. I could honestly watch these four against each other every day of the week they were just so good. Anyone who didn’t come to see the even missed such a great match.


Honestly it was one of the most entertaining nights out I’ve had in a long time.

Every match was a lot of fun, they had some great guys on the card and it had such a great feeling to the night. All the guys got the crowd involved, all of them just looked happy to be there and doing their thing. I had a great time just hanging out with other wrestling fans and getting to see some wrestling.

I paid £8 for my ticket and that was helluva cheap for what we got. We opened with a fantastic championship match with Josh Knott, had two matches with Tyler Hawke which is always a plus, then one of the best matches I’ve seen all year as the main event with Hawke, EDDIE RYAN, DANNY WALSH and David Fury. Fury was in all three championship matches, I’ve never seen him before but let me tell you he was bloody fantastic. It was great for the money we spent.

Really well organised, very friendly feel to the night and some great matches.

I have to say I’d recommend these guys any day of the week. They don’t say they can compete against other shows, they don’t try. They are there not only for the big matches, and lets face it Fury vs Ryan vs Walsh vs Hawke WAS big for ANY company, they are there to give trainees and young guys experience. Personally I think it would be worth it even if the main event was their juniors, which it wasn’t this time out, but again it isn’t like they don’t advertise their main events in advance anyway.

Sure the feeling is different to the other shows but its unique in its own way and that is a good thing. They need to run with that. Maybe we were just lucky that we got so many really good matches this time out but it was just nice to see guys really enjoying being out there and doing their thing. Also was just nice to see Danny in action again, I think the last time I saw him wrestle was January and that is way too long.

Absolutely loved the night and hope they come back to Plymouth often because I’d love to see them again.

Give them a follow on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LepPromotionsWrestling/) We are going to see their joint show with CPW in October (Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/1045568478812215/) that is the show that will have Cody Rhodes vs El Ligero vs Martin Kirby so well worth going to see. We are also hoping to go see CPW at some point with the rest of the minibus crew (CPW Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Cornishprowrestling/) so that should be fun!

I’d only ever heard of Terry Speller up till tonight but I think he’s genuinely my fav now. He was so naturally funny and it just made the night seem friendly. Before anyone says anything I know other shows go for a more professional thing but for what LEP is I think Speller played it right, I think the whole atmosphere was perfect for their show.

I’ll end with this I guess.

It is up to you whether you want to spend £8 on a ticket. LEP is what it says it is. Its not there to play with the big boys or compete against anyone. Its there to train the next generation, its there so people get experience in front of crowds. Like everything there is always something different for everyone’s taste.

I personally went for a few reasons. One being that in recent months I’ve interacted with a lot more of the people at the shows and for someone with reclusive tendencies and severe depression going out and spending time with people who I get on with is important. I don’t have friends that live in Plymouth (other then Luc who is as bad as I am) so interacting with people only really happens in a work related way for me unless I go to wrestling. If I didn’t go I’d have just stayed at home on my own. For me this was the same as going out for a drink with a friend after work or something. I also knew that guys like Eddie Ryan and Josh Knott were going to be there. £8 for me, even though I get paid very little, is nothing for a night where I actually want to leave my house, have some fun with nice people and watch wrestling of ANY quality. If the wrestling had been crap I’d have still had fun. I know when someone like Ryan, Knott, Hawke or Walsh are on the card its gonna be, personally for me, worth £8 even if the rest of the matches are terrible.

Was it the most professional show I’ve been to? Not even in the same league as something like Chaos. Did it have the wow factor or anything worth paying a lot of money to go see? No that is why it was less then £10. Did it ever get promoted like it was going to be anything but it was? No.

Personally if you like wrestling, if you know of some of the local guys, just want a good night out or have kids who love wrestling you should 100% think about going to a local LEP show. Its extremely friendly, has some really talented guys and I personally love seeing the potential in others. Some of the guys there also just looked so much happier in the ring then I’ve seen them in a while at other shows. If you think its not worth paying for then don’t. It wasn’t a mega big crowd but it was a brilliant crowd last night and everyone there looked like they enjoyed it, I personally thought it was great, and I doubt anyone who went really went home thinking it was a waste of money.

So I guess on that note I have to thank everyone from the Plymouth Minibus naughty corner for always being nice and accepting of everyone. Thank you to LEP for sitting us all together. A bigger thank you to them for putting on such a great show. You guys keep doing your thing because you are doing a good job. Also thank you to everyone who got Brogan involved in the night, I know he was really excited all evening about it and it proved that you guys give everyone a chance. Brogan did a great job getting the crowd going, he did a great job walking Eddie to the ring.

So yes, time for the pictures….


3 thoughts on “LEP 13 Review”

  1. Great review kid! I get a shout out, maybe for being a terrible fan but a shout out nonetheless.

    So happy that you found something that has had a positive impact on your life. I don’t think anyone that reads these blogs really understands just how much the local wrestling scene has saved your life in the last year and a bit. As someone who (might be a crappy one but still is technically) a friend and has known you for a good 5 years or so I can honestly say that if anything these shows have saved you from something we never thought you’d get out of. Wrestling of all kinds, like anything in this world, is important to people who love it whether its big shows, little shows or whatever.

    I shall continue to be the worst friend in history BUT the only friend you have in Plymouth. Team Single and Lonely 4ever strikes again 😉

    1. I never said you were a terrible friend I said you were just like me. Come on in the last year we’ve either Skype’d each other to watch anime even though we live like a 10 minute bus drive away from each other, attempted to go pub once and failed miserably so sat on the field complaining that it was too bright and met in town once when you brought me a McDonalds to cheer me up. You also have literally no, and I mean no, reason to be single other then you want to be.

      Yes and I guess something I don’t say enough is that the PWA Anniversary show last year was the catalyst for me wanting to go to more and meet people there and lead a relatively normal life and it was Danny Walsh vs Eddie Ryan that really truly made me fall in love with local wrestling. So you know. There’s that.

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