One Piece : Vinsmoke Judge

Chapter 833

The Year of Sanji seems to have finally hit us as we meet Sanji’s father. What this chapter will teach us about Sanji’s relationship to his family might just be so important in understanding who Sanji is.

If you like Sanji in any way all this chapter will do is make you fill with absolute anger.

There is a flashback where we learn that Sanji was actually a quadruplet by the looks of it, unless they all have different mothers and just so happened to be born on the same day which I doubt. He was the “runt” of the group though and was beaten up and laughed at by his siblings when growing up. His father, being Mr Destroy-The-World-With-Power wouldn’t stand up for him because he was useless in his plans for world domination (or North Blue domination anyway.)

No wonder then that Sanji ran away from home and don’t want anything to do with his family hey?

Whilst obviously being the runt has changed the feeling that he’s the black sheep, the runt or just the dud child hasn’t gone away. His father explains at the end of the chapter that he would never give away one of his precious sons… Then remembered he had a dud lying around that he could use.

All that is enough to make anyone just want to pulverise the hell out of his family.

It isn’t even like his obvious strength advantage over all of them makes them think twice.

I say this because it IS obvious he’s the strongest now. All the others use power suits and his father even has to use dirty tricks to beat him. Sure he also was able to second guess one of Sanji’s attacks and that was what originally put Sanji on the back foot anyway, but he was only flying around the place because of the technology they have in their suits and his vicious use of his soldiers obviously put Sanji off. He might not be able to beat his father… And I feel bad saying that so won’t anymore. He might not be able to beat Jajji because Jajji seems to have a good fighting mind but that doesn’t stop Sanji actually being better then the whole lot of them.

The fact that the Germa soldiers will put their life on the line just to be killed by Jajji to beat someone is sickening.

Again all this makes you do is pull your hair out. Sanji obviously doesn’t mind standing up for himself against these guys but he’s also outnumbered and he’s also facing a bunch of weak, vile idiots in powerful suits with a bunch of brainwashed minions to help them. Even trying to “sort out” Yonji whose earphone/head armour things had been smashed into him by Sanji is violent as hell. They just don’t care. They have no feelings. They are as bad as the royals because they think that their lives are above all others, and Sanji is on that middle line where he has their blood so he gets a little leeway, though its debatable whether that is the bloodline or just the marriage itself, but he’s looked down on just the same.

The WORST thing though?!

It gets worse…

After seemingly getting annoyed at Sanji attacking with his legs Jajji tells him he can pick up a sword and Sanji tells him why he fights with his legs. This gives the vile Vinsmokes the one thing they really needed.

They have those cuffs that the Royals put on their slaves and Reiju attaches them to Sanji’s wrists whilst they are talking. Therefore if Sanji tries to escape he’ll either be killed or just lose his arms/hands.

No one is saying the Vinsmokes aren’t tactical geniuses but they are just evil.

We are really going to see a proper struggle now. I don’t know what Sanji was GOING to do originally to stop the wedding. For a start it isn’t like he can help himself when he’s in front of pretty women so I don’t really get how he’d be able to do it, but he’ll be under the glare of a Yonko when he’s refusing to marry her daughter. I mean surely he didn’t think she’d take her anger out on his family and let him walk free?

And for all this talk of keeping his crew safe he HAS to know that Luffy wouldn’t leave him behind so he HAS to know that his crew, or at least Luffy, is going to be in danger?

Does he think that Luffy will be fine?

Does he not realise that of all people Nami would run to rescue him too?

It breaks my heart because Sanji has always been one of my favourite characters and to see what he’s had to go through and what this sorry excuse for a family is continuing to put him through just pisses me off.

Not that it’ll happen but I kinda want Zeff to show up. I don’t know how he’d ever hear what was happening, is this something big enough that it would make the news or something? Maybe he’d have a hunch if he saw that the bounty was only for Sanji being returned alive? I just would love it to be Zeff that showed up and taught Jajji a lesson.

Either way the only thing I DON’T want is for Luffy to beat Jajji.

As much as I know that it’ll be emotional and done right for me I think it needs to be Sanji that finally beats his family. Its obvious now that Big Mom is going to have to be taken down, they aren’t going to be able to steal what they want, kidnap Sanji and escape without a fight, they are going to have to do something to beat Big Mom and get away. Their cover has been well and truly blow and they are going to have to fight their way out so there are plenty of people for Luffy to fight. The Vinsmoke’s need to be beaten by the guy they classified as the Runt and laughed at and beat up.. He deserves that much.

Its made me quite emotional though. I might need to go and have a cry.


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