One Piece : Germa Kingdom

Chapter 832

The adventures on Whole Cake Island are kicking off. Its time that Luffy & co find Sanji and skidaddle out of here.

Just it isn’t proving to be easy…

More fuel to my fire that Pudding might not be all innocent is that we meet one of her sisters in the woods. Charlotte Brulee, the 8th Daughter of the Charlotte family, is lurking about in the woods. She was able to transform into Luffy but it isn’t made clear just how much influence she has over the moving trees and flowers which keep re-routing the attempted escape of the crew back to the big head buried in the ground.

This whole forest is giving me a headache.

Unlike everything and everyone else we’ve met though Brulee looks like a wicked witch. Obviously with Pudding being younger and looking so young it shouldn’t really surprise us that the older siblings might actually be…. Well… Old. The difference is pretty striking though as I didn’t think when we saw her that she’d be a daughter, looked at the description and was a bit taken back by just how much older she looks to her mum as well.

She’s got a scar on her face and seems to want to slice up anyone with flawless, alluring faces. So again… Just real freakin’ creepy!

Her having hold of Nami is the last we see of them for this chapter though as the whole focus shifts to Sanji and his family.

We learn that Germa is a Kingdom that floats, Its pretty cool looking, the majority of the citizens are male soldiers.

Already I’m loving seeing Sanji up against his family. Other then a few character flaws here and there, which hopefully will be explained now, he’s always been such a loyal and thoughtful member of the crew.

His sister sits there telling him everything he could have just because of his bloodline and what his father has accomplished through brute strength but he’s having none of it.

Its his father that interests me most though. In the short time we saw him I can’t say I see any kind of resemblance to him at all. He seems to be the complete polar opposite of Sanji who obviously, in my opinion of course, took over his adopted dads personality much more.

His decision to take the discussion outside because real men only talk with their fists?

That… Just… Isn’t… Sanji at all. If that is what Sanji grew up with no wonder he ran away.

I’m a week behind on the manga though so I won’t go into too much more detail as the next chapter will be reviewed in just a moment. This chapter did bring one thing we’ve been waiting for to us though.

We were told this year would be the year of Sanji and FINALLY it feels like its beginning.


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