Mob Psycho 100 : Self-Proclaimed Psychic Reigen Arataka : And Mob

Episode 1

Jishou Reinouryokusha Reigen Arataka: to Mob (自称霊能力者・霊幻新隆~とモブ~)

Will we be Reviewing : YES

I literally only put this on because I’m going to watch Servamp later with someone else so just wanted to put something on whilst waiting for them to show up.

Tagged as Comedy, Slice of life, Supernatural. Slightest of descriptions tell us its about a boy called Shigeo Kageyama, better known as Mob, who is a psychic.

Nothing you read about it will get you ready for what you see though.

This anime has no chill.

From the beginning all the way to the end things just happened, the style of the animation went from normal to bonkers in seconds and back to normal again.

Though through all the crazy the whole premise was explained, characters and their personalities fully introduced and viewers hooked right from the off.

Mob is a psychic. He’s the student of Arataka Reigen who… Isn’t a psychic but he makes money off of making people believe he is, throwing salt at spirits and then calling in Mob to do the dirty work. Mob is only a kid so when he asks why his teacher isn’t doing any of the work he believes him when he says he leaves the small fry to Mob.

The situations they find themselves in are crazy.

Their first job isn’t much. It introduces Reigen and the animation style. It also punches you repeatedly in the face with its humour. If you don’t like comedies then you probably won’t enjoy this, it isn’t even so much that the jokes are really that heavy but the whole thing IS a well crafted comedic piece.

We get to meet Mob and his family as well as the count down to Mob exploding. His mum doesn’t seem impressed with his psychic abilities though he also doesn’t seem to have much of a choice over bending spoons and things. His brother and his father are much nicer to Mob but it isn’t like he’s experiencing a non-normal life, other then the psychic stuff it seems a bog standard family life.

We then see Reigen and Mob working together properly and have one of the funniest battles I’ve ever seen.

Whilst Mob defeats the nearby spirits Reigen walks into the gang leader. This biker gang died after someone slipped on a banana peel and caused a accident but before he’s “melted” into thin air he tells Mob and Reigen that his spirit was forced to do this by the elder spirit in the tunnel. Whilst he tells Reigen to call Mob back, Mob just goes out does his thing and comes back letting the biker gang pass on in peace.

What I love about the anime is that its so bizarre. Its got that dry sense of humour like One Punch Man. The main character is obviously over powered and bored of it all, instead of taking advantage of it, and I guess because he didn’t have to work to get the power, he turned to someone to teach him about it but just gets used to make the other guy money.

Mob is a great character. The way he just kind of lets things happen and goes about his life is brilliant. He doesn’t care and neither should he I guess. The only thing that seemed to get him down was not being able to answer a question in school and being told he’d have to replace any bent spoons at the dinner table. Walking into a dangerous tunnel though doesn’t get any kind of reaction from him.

It had me laughing my head off the whole time. Everything about it just made me giggle.

It was the animation itself that I just fell in love with though. For some reason it reminded me greatly of Beavis and Butthead. The way it went from quite bog standard to just out of this world crazy… Its something that could very easily jar and make the episode hard to watch but I think it worked really well. It was a constantly changing style too, no two things in one scene were ever the same style really. You’d go from having everyone animated to some students having vegetables for heads, or from just normal to batshit crazy. Its so ugly as well that it came out the other end of ugly and became beautiful.

Visually it could be difficult to like but I personally thought it was great.

Of course I will do my best to keep up with the series. It so far doesn’t look like its going to have too much of a involved story, or at least not for now so we’ll have to see what happens later.


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