Mob Psycho 100 : Doubts about Youth ~ The Telepathy Club Appears

Episode 2

“Aoi Haru no Gimon ~Nōkan Denpa-bu Tōjō~”(青い春の疑問~脳感電波部登場~)

More in the life of Mob…

This is where the Slice-of-Life part of the anime really kicks in as we see Mob actually having to live his life.

Its a sweet episode full of a lot of laughs. Mob just wants to be able to talk to the girl of his dreams who once found his powers special but went off them quite quickly. He has a bit of a moment pondering whether or not he should join a club before a club comes to find him.

The Telepathy Club is as crazy as the whole show deserves. The leader apparently does believe she can train herself to be telepathic but the others just want a place to go and hang out, the rest of the school thinks their creepy and in actual fact we see a lot more of Mob’s mums feelings coming out. It seems that people aren’t impressed or fascinated by these kinds of things finding them weird or boring. Even though the vast majority (say three our of the four members) of the telepathy group just want to hang out in a classroom and eat snacks and play video games no one else seems to want to be associated with them.

I’m guessing the joke at the end gets over ruled. The student council vice-president doesn’t think much of the group either and after their fifth member leaves gives them two days to come up with a fifth member, as he questions Mob about what he really wants in life, to dissuade him from joining the club, he seems to do so and Mob signs up to become part of the fitness group in a flash of brilliance to win back the attentions of his first crush. Seeing the Telepathy group suits him more either that will be ignored or explained away or he’s going to have a group of angry people…. Or one angry person and three other people, chasing after him.

What it is to be young though?

Mob seems to only have two emotions. Complete indifference and blind panic.

Its the blind panic I love because it seems he’ll make the most bizarre decisions when he’s panicking whilst when he’s indifferent he just seems to be able to do whatever he wants and drifts through normal life.

I wonder if he actually does know what is going on with his part time job though? Because academically he doesn’t look smart but he seems to be clued up pretty well so I have to conclude that he isn’t as dense as he sometimes thinks. He doesn’t try and hide the fact that he knows that the guy is handing out massages instead of actually getting rid of demons. So I wonder.

Still so funny though. I do wonder what happens when he explodes though. Last we saw he was up to 40% so we’ll probably sooner then later see what happens.


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