Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : Hang the Witch

Episode 2

Monokuma is back with yet another game of death for past students of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Will Hope beat Despair?

We’ll soon find out.

The game is slightly different this time.

So each player has a bangle on their arm. there is a time limit on them. They have until the timer runs out to find the traitor amongst them, if the time limit ends then they all get sent to sleep, the traitor will wake up and kill someone and it all seems to happen again. They have to find the traitor and kill them. Their bangles also tell them one action they are NOT allowed to do else they’ll be killed, obviously removing their bangles will kill them too.

Well. He said that third times the charm and it might just be so. They are handicapped beyond belief and need to do the one thing they seemed incapable of doing the episode before, which was talk to each other.

So you want to know just how bad their non-communication is?!

Not too long after being told they have forbidden actions loaded into their bangles a fight breaks out. Of course it is Sakakura causing the ruckus and he’s even moving on to not minding hitting women. This leads to the death of Bandai.


Because his forbidden action was watching violence from other participants.

The number one thing you would do after finding out that there is a forbidden action that will make you die, any normal person would tell the others theirs. Of course even after seeing Bandai die there is a problem.

Selfishness and mistrust.

There is a traitor, the computers being hacked from the inside confirm this as far as we can tell, if you can trust Gekkougahara of course, they will kill you if you don’t figure out who it is by the time the timer has gone off BUT if they know your weakness then they could kill you just by making you break your forbidden action. Something Andou instantly pipes up with. It is kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of thing. Kirigiri also points out that it might be futile as someone’s (even Andou herself) could be about unveiling their secret forbidden action.

It is all a little confusing right? But it also shows just how desperate the Despairs are.

Faced with having to kill each other with no memories a healthy chunk of Hope left Hope’s Peak. All the deaths had actions that you could see were made purely because of fear and Despair itself but the ones that left left because they realised that Despair wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sure Despair killed the others but they had to force them to do it, sure that would spread Despair but again they had to wipe memories to make it happen. Left on their own for long periods of time the students got on and got on with their lives, making friends and living normal lives. Sure Celestia and Byakuya could have still been thorns in their sides but I don’t think it truly showed that Despair beats Hope. It proved that Despair had to cheat HELL OF A LOT to kill a tiny chunk of Hope and even then the deaths just fuelled Hope.

THIS TIME though its different.

Right off the bat all these Ultimates are at each others throats. Β Whether its his personality itself or grief over the death of Yukizome, Munakata takes charge in the most Despair inducing of ways.

There will be no talking, there will be no trial, there will be nothing but a majority vote. These guys were only there to hear Makoto out for his charges of being a traitor so any vote was going to swing his way, though I kind of agree with Kouichi Kizakura, I didn’t get what he was a Ultimate at, but when asked to vote he voted for Gekkougahara. I’ll explain why I agree with him at the end.

This just leads to more violence.

Monokuma wins.

These are the Hope of the world, the Future Foundation, the good guys. Its being streamed all over the world (again) and the first thing that happens isn’t people sitting down and talking, it isn’t people being rational, its leaders of a movement saying that it is for Hope turning on each other, getting violent, not wanting to help each other and ultimately fighting amongst themselves.

The Great Gozu seems to understand this. He is the Ultimate Wrestler and needs to use force to stop Munakata the whole time trying to point out to him that violence just breeds Despair. All Munakata can see though is himself killing all the Despairs in the world. He doesn’t even seem to be listening to himself. He wants Makoto to kill himself, if he isn’t the traitor then they’ll vote for someone else, and someone else until the traitor is either dead or the last one standing. That isn’t killing Despair to save Hope, that is showing those with Hope that there IS no Hope, that you CAN’T trust anyone and that the only way is violence. They keep killing each other till no one is left then what?!

In the end Makoto and Aoi are able to escape with the help of Gozu and Gekkougahara but when they are all put to sleep the traitor awakes……

The victim?


I know. Sadness.

Of course everyone will think it is Makoto but it could be just about anyone. There still are no clues.

What a action packed episode! It seems that there are going to be way more dead bodies then the first one in just a handful of episodes.

I had to shed a tear at the end. It was so unfair that Aoi of all people was taken. So sad. So, so sad.

Any ideas on the traitor?

I think its too obvious to be Sakakura or Munakata. After all Sakakura seems happy enough to kill everyone anyway and Munakata… I dunno he wants to kill all the Despairs, and maybe just maybe so far you could say that has happened other then Bandai. Yukizome was the teacher of the Ultimate Despairs, Aoi was a close friend of Makoto’s who he suspects of being a Despair. Then again I just don’t see it being him, he is going about everything wrong but he seems like the character that is going to be reformed, like Makoto is going to open his eyes to how he is trying to defeat Despair.

The immediate finger for the audience, who I guess still has to trust that what we see of Makoto is honest, would be Gozu or Gekkougahara. They were in the room together withAoi and Makoto so are the most likely suspects.

Then again we don’t know how much time the killer gets. He could easily have had time to find the room that Makoto is in just to make him look even more guilty. That then once again opens the door to just about anyone. I didn’t really pay attention to weapons in the episode so don’t know if anyone did pull out a knife like the one that killed Aoi but again that could come from just about anywhere, as things like Hiro’s Crystal Ball being used to help hide the evidence in Sayaka’s murder, and the knife that killed the Ultimate Despair (supposedly) in the final murder of the first series.

For me Kizakura and Gekkougahara are my two ???

Kizakura was the only person to point the finger at anyone but Makoto. That in itself is a bit strange, surely it would be easier to either just ignore it altogether or point the finger at Makoto? He said he just had a hunch but where did that hunch come from?

Possibly the same place as mine.

I don’t trust characters like her.

Right off the bat many people will say it isn’t her because she’s in a wheelchair. We don’t know why she’s in there though, she’s extra shy and uses the computer to talk but there has been no reason why she can’t stand. It could just be that she’s got so much computer technology she’s using that she needs the chair to make it work?

She says that someone from the inside hacked the system and she’s controlling Monomi. If she’s the Ultimate Developer or whatever it was she was then surely she’d write a system that is unhackable?!

Its the only reason I have a hunch its her but I’m generally inclined to think the quiet ones are the sneakiest.

I don’t know. After all the others seem to be happy enough to kill each other anyway, they seem to be loud in their distaste for the world. I couldn’t figure out Andou either so it could always be her, she said something that seemed to make Izayoi think for a moment. Either I completely missed her blatantly telling us she’s a Despair or she’s just annoying.

BUT have we actually been told how many people are in this game?

I say this because just because these guys were in the same room was it made clear there isn’t someone else somewhere else in the building? I mean they played that game once before so it could all happen again!

Enough of me babbling on though.

What a interesting episode. We are no closer to getting a answer about any of this though. Anyone have any ideas?


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