Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : My Imourest Heart for You

Episode 2

“Shita Gokoro o Kimi ni” (したごころを君に)

Another day with Yukizome and her class of Ultimate Students. Now that she’s got them attend class we’ll get to see what those classes are like.

So Yukizome and Munakata are up to something. He’s building a brand new Hope’s Peak elsewhere, she’s investigating Hope’s Peak with the plan to make sure it ends up the way it is meant to be.

None of that really interests me though. I don’t know how I feel about it if I’m honest. I guess I’ll wait and see what they actually end up doing.

Kizakura goes off to scout Celestia by the sound of it.

The class is where my attention is drawn and always will be. Its obvious that Hajime is going to become important, Tenga talks to him and it looks like he can’t afford to go school there so I’m guessing they are going to make him the Ultimate Hope or some such by the sound of it to keep him in the school for whatever reason. Again though that side story, and meeting Kuzuryuu’s sister at the end after the credits, just didn’t do anything for me.

The Ultimate’s are just so crazy and I loved that we got to see Nanami be the one that brings them together. Fed up of having to deal with Owari and Nidai going crazy she walks out talking about how gaming won’t make her friends. When Yukizome tells her that playing friends with others would be fun she brings in a console and organises a gaming day for them all which does bring them together.

Its funny, but it is sweet and it takes you another step away from believing these kids could ever cause the destruction that they end up causing.

All their personalities mesh well and again even though they are stupidly over the top you can relate to them in a strange way. You end up feeling like part of their group and wanting to see happiness in their future. It also makes you really wish that you could see some of the life before the first series with the original Ultimates.

The gaming was good but not as hilarious as when Saionji slipped the Sexy Sexy Soup or whatever it was into their food and made everyone over the top horny. I loved Soda and Kuzuryuu half heartedly fight as Kuzuryuu trued ti stop Soda making a fool of himself.

See each episode I can’t wait to just spend time with these guys and I know its going to break my heart seeing what happens to them. Again like watching the original anime series before playing the original game this is just going to make playing the second game even harder.

I just don’t care about the mysteries. I don’t want to see how they become what they become and why they do what they do. I just want to spend their school life with them. I want to see them make friends, I want to see them learn lessons about bonding with people, create bonds that can’t be broken. I don’t want to know about Hope’s Peak or the Reserve Course or what the older Ultimate’s have planned or why they think anything is up at all. I don’t even think I care about the Future Arc anymore. I just want this group to be happy and live happy lives even though I know they don’t because I’ve seen the future.

So for what seems like the millionth time in the last month or so I say this.

Man is the writing good.

Like I’m sure many people wouldn’t find some of the jokes funny, Hanamura might be a tough cookie to swallow for some as he is very vulgar. I like that kind of humour so it just made me laugh but it can go a bit far.

You still love the characters though and that is the important thing about it all.

I just don’t ever want to see them turn to Despair. It’ll be too sad.


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