Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) : Hello Again Hope’s Peak High School

Episode 1

“Tadaima Kibōgamine Gakuen” (ただいま希望ヶ峰学園)

Before all the Despair happened we meet yet another class of Ultimate’s at Hope’s Peak. The Future Arc began before this one and there are a few familiar faces in the classroom.

Lets see how this all began.

Number 1 thing I need to say is that I wrote this review AFTER I wrote the review for episode 2 of the Future Arc. Episode 2 has been scheduled to come out after this one but it was late by the time I finished writing all these and had no time to go back and edit it to say that my favourite character, Kouichi Kizakura, is the home room teacher for this group. I knew this because I had seen this episode before and hadn’t had the time to review it. I just… Forgot. Blame the heatwave. So when reading the next review which is out in a hour kinda forget anything I say about not knowing anything about him.

He’s still my fav character though.

Will be interesting to see how he ended up outside of the school whilst the headmaster stayed behind and ultimately died though.

That is getting ahead of myself though and is probably something for another day.

I loved how we got to meet the class. Like the Future Arc this one starts by talking about THAT event. This time telling us that we’re the other side of it looking at the people that caused it and why they turned out the way they did. We re-meet Chisa Yukizome who was their teacher and spend the episode getting to know them all.

One of the biggest strengths of the Danganronpa series is having so many unique and interesting characters and the Despair Arc doesn’t hold back. Each new student we meet has their own personality and amazingly in one episode we are able to explore each students uniqueness without it ever feeling crowded or like we’re missing out. I was going to write a long list then realised how boring it would be but there are some gems in the mix like always. Again all their Ultimate abilities are crazy, the Ultimate Animal Breeder, the Ultimate Gamer and the Ultimate Gangster amongst a few of my favourites so far.

There isn’t too much more to report though.I feel like watching both of them together is going to answer all the questions we need, I also feel like I really need to take time out to play the second game if I want to end both these series with the full picture.

This episode though was a lovely way to meet the students we now know are what caused the event that lead to everything that happened in Danganronpa : The Animation and the Future Arc. Right now they just seem like normal Elite Hopes Peak students so what the hell happens to them to make them the Ultimate Despairs is going to be interesting to learn.

It also makes you wonder about how Yukizome can act so care free and relaxed in the first episode of the Future Arc. These were her students yet nothing that was happening really fazed her. Is that because of her being the Ultimate Housekeeper? Her personality in general? Would she really turn on her students just because they became Despairs? She’s talking about showing them Hope by bringing them together so why would she give up on them? The same kind of questions…. OK different but similar kinds of questions can be asked about their home room teacher, after all we know the Headmaster stayed with the original anime’s characters and was killed by Junko/Monokuma in a execution before the kids woke up, so what happened to the other two?

Right now it feels a million miles away from anything we’ve seen when it comes to Danganronpa. We are so used to seeing everyone having to kill each other and always so angry, upset and confused that its a breath of fresh air just seeing people… Living. Being normal. Not trying to kill each other…. Well more then is normal for average teenagers.

The one mystery we got was Hajime Hinata. He’s going to the school but as a Reserve Student. His family are paying a lot of money for him to go there but he’s obviously not on the same level as the others. The fact that him meeting Chiaki Nanami, the Ultimate Gamer, was more about us getting to meet him then her coupled with the fact some sort of group is looking at his file after the credits means that he’s obviously going to be important but I wonder why?

I’m not sure I’m doing a good job of really saying much about the episode. It was a lovely episode, it had all the strengths of the Danganronpa series. Wonderful characters, funny lines, brilliantly paced story… We know its all too good to be true and I think that was the thing. You kind of expect something to go wrong, as it always does in Danganronpa, so you were waiting for that twist and in this episode it never happened. Having to wait for another episode is painful. I want it now!



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