Pride Promotions : Heroes & Legends 3

Only two weeks after their big RVD show in Taunton, Pro Wrestling Pride were back with another card full of championship matches, wrestling legends and some rather special guests.

It was up on the Minibus from Plymouth to Paignton for Heroes & Legends 3.

Winner : Josh Knott

This match played whilst they were still letting people in.  It was kind of the pre-show match for those who had brought their tickets in advanced as the line for people who were buying on the day was sorted out. It was a good idea to have a match whilst still seating people, especially at a show that was as jam packed as this one.

Josh Knott has now joined the Soul Society it seems, so Keizer has yet another great minion to do his bidding. I was extremely happy to see Josh Knott at Pride because he is such a great wrestler. Not sure how the Soul Society can really get on with so many egos in there.

The match wasn’t so good though. It was the first meh match that Pride have had for a long time. I didn’t really like Red Eagle much, though I have to say he was a lovely guy, he was just rather boring and didn’t really work up against Knott. He seemed to be a step behind Knott every second of the match which made it feel extremely slow. I’m not sure why the Soul Society even bothered to cheat to win the match because Knott was in charge the whole time and he looked like he would comfortably win the match.

Still you get a extra match and it has Josh Knott in it so you aren’t going to complain. Specially when your 7 year old niece is with you and the look on her face when Knott came out was priceless as she didn’t know he was going to be there and he’s one of her favs.

Winners : The Magnums & Hornswoggle

When this match was announced all I wanted to see was ‘Swoggle vs Lomaxx and that was EXACTLY what we got RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. I love ‘Swoggle’s “I’ve got this” attitude he had the whole place crying from laughter the whole time. Perfect team for him to be working with. Will never forget ‘Swoggle biting Lomaxx’s butt then the Magnums biting the UK Dominators and Gideons, seriously it has been burned onto my brain.

It was a great match though. The Magnums and House of Bones have to clash for the tag championships soon, they were just brilliant against each other. After a fun opening section House of Bones were able to isolate Walker in their corner for quite sometime, showing that advantage they have on pretty much all teams in Pride. The size of Lomaxx can destroy any army, he’s won a match in seconds this year just by squishing Darren Saviour, the man IS a army. He’s also by far one of the best guys in Pride and can stand toe-to-toe with just about anyone. Putting him with Gideon and the UK Dominator just makes them all that much more dangerous.

Unfortunately they are also kinda slow. The second that Walker was able to outsmart them and get the tag to Riley there was no stopping the Magnums. House of Bones just couldn’t get a hand on Riley who is honestly one of the most fun guys to watch in the ring.

‘Swoggle got his splash on the UK Dominator to pick up the win for the team in what was just a highly entertaining match. We can only hope that this leads to Magnums vs House of Bones for the championships because that would be a great battle. Loved the match.

Winner : Doug Williams

So after the two of them couldn’t get on the same page two weeks ago in the big tag team championship match Williams and Jones ended up facing off against each other.

Since when has Danny been doing the dancing and whistle thing? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do it. Its such a big improvement. I’ve always been kind of meh about Danny but I honestly was impressed. The match was so much better then I thought it would be. He had complete control of the match and kept up a real strong pace. This obviously put Williams off his game a lot in the opening moments, specially as Jones went after him straight from the beginning. He came flying out of the to attack Williams before the match even began.

Keeping that fast pace meant that no matter how many thumbs to the eyes or shoving Williams attempted Jones was able to take back control of the match pretty easy. Of course he didn’t have it all his own way, Doug Williams made it pretty clear in his speech before the match that he was going to teach Jones a lesson and he did. He grounded him nearer the end of the match but never quite killed the fighting spirit.

In the end Williams had to use the ropes, in quite a messy pin, to get the win. As he’s been announced for the return of Pride to Plymouth I can see this moving onwards as I doubt Jones will be happy with the result. And for a change neither was I! Poor Danny was robbed.

Winner : Ultimo Tiger

This match was the best of the night. All four guys just blew the roof off the place. It was amazing seeing Andrews and Black live, both guys were brilliant. It was like a revolving door though, specially at the beginning where Scotty couldn’t even stay in the ring for longer then a few minutes before being chucked out again and then have the person who chucked him out jump over the top rope at him. The action was centralised enough that, well at least from where we were sitting, you could always pretty much keep a eye on everything that was going on.

Which was brilliant for us because so much DID go on.

I was torn over who I wanted to win, obviously, but Tiger has grown so much all year since losing the trophy to Scotty. Every loss he’s got back up, learnt from it and moved on to even bigger and better matches. From where he was in January, not only ability wise but fitness wise, to where he is now is unbelievable. He doesn’t look like the same guy. He faces everything so positively that it was only ever going to be a matter of time before he got the title back and he did so in such a brilliant way. Scotty has been a great champion and had some brilliant matches and I can’t help but just adore the man. He’s one of the best wrestlers Pride have and constantly goes out there and kicks ass. I mean I said it for Tiger and I’ll say it for Scotty but he’ll be back up there in the championship picture in no time. I really want to see him and Tiger go at it for the trophy one-on-one at some point because they have great in ring chemistry and it would be great to see them against each other again.

They held their own against Andrews and Black though. It was so fast you could miss just about anything if you looked away for a second. Plus it never felt crowded even though it kinda kept the four guys in the ring the whole time, they constantly went up against each other yet it just looked bloody awesome the whole time.

Loved that Tiger got his pin on Scotty but even better was Scotty handing Tiger the cup and even shaking his hand after the match. Those two are going to be freakin’ awesome when they go one-on-one against each other.

Winner : Eddie Ryan

I can not tell you how much I used to love Hardcore Holly when I was a kid and seeing him up against Eddie was the best.

Of course Ryan kicked his butt but he had a fight on his hands. It was a No DQ Street fight after all. Ryan is already proving he’s going to be a champion to be proud of. Holly is very obviously a complete bad ass but he didn’t get his own way with Ryan who matched his strength every bit.

It was such a respectful match up though and the fans appreciated it. Of course we also wanted to see Holly get his hands on weapons but it actually wasn’t that much of a important factor in their match. It wasn’t like Tiger vs Bram which spent very little time in the ring, it went outside the ring for a little bit and round the back. There was a bin being thrown around and then I didn’t see what happened next, thanks to Rich for taking Christie and holding her up so that she could see over the crowd and what was happening! I decided not to run off and stayed put till they came back round to the ring.

It was so cool seeing Hardcore though, he hasn’t lost any of it. I was so sad that he didn’t get to slam Ryan though, I love the Alabama Slam. Ryan always knows where he is in the ring though and was able to cling onto the ring ropes to keep himself from being slammed.

It was a good win from Ryan and a great speech at the end by Holly. One match into his title reign and Ryan is already showing that he’s going to do that championship proud.

Then Keizer come out and we got to see him poking Eddie Ryan and insulting Hardcore Holly before getting a Superkick and Slam and being left in the ring all on his lonesome.

Poor Keizer.

Winner : Chris Andrews

I love a Battle Royal me.

So 20 guys, including some who had already wrestled during the night. We started with the UK Dominator and a guy who I didn’t get the name of (in fact I had Karla and Andy asking from the other side of the room who he was and I STILL don’t think anyone caught his name!)

So fast paced though.

Just as man number 2 was being thrown out of the ring the third guy was coming down. He just so happened to be Chris Walker. He came in there pretty full on, of course Dom was going to use every trick in the book to stay in so a low below later and Walker found himself trying to hang onto the top rope before being thrown over. Walker was saved when Red Eagle came out but the double teaming on Dom neither served to eliminate him or to keep him on the ropes and when the next guy came out, some other guy from Portugal (man I’m great at retaining information) he went straight for Eagle leaving Walker and Dom to fight it out in one corner.

It settled down into normal Rumble behaviour then. Josh Knott came storming out and went straight for Walker, Keizer was next down giving the Soul Society a slight advantage, not that they used it.

When Chris Andrews came out next though no one was safe. Guy was on fire. Eliminating Red Eagle and the other Portuguese wrestler, then Keizer quickly followed by Walker. The set up to get as many bodies as possible at ring side to have Dom thrown on them was a bit shaky, the guy who was eliminated first should have probably stayed lying down instead of crawling to the corner and kinda propping himself up. It gave Karla enough time to try and get his name out of him but he just looked odd lying there on his side not even really watching the match just pretending to be out of it.

So yes then Dom was thrown out leaving Knott and Andrews together.

The next guy down was Williams who did work with Knott until Jones came down and eliminated him, Jones himself was eliminated by Knott who then, whilst Williams and Jones fought all the way to the backstage area, backed himself into Andrews.

Next out was Messinger who split up Andrews and Knott and slowed it all down again. He was followed by the other Magnum, Dick Riley, who was swamped by kids on his way to the ring.

Then all hell broke out as the big angry Grizzly Bear appeared. Griffiths showed up, promptly eliminated Messinger and Knott. The ultimate underdog Adam da Silva then showed up and was swiftly thrown back out by Grizzly.

Final guy down was Scotty.

There was a good fight in the ring until the numbers were weedled down to just Grizzly vs Andrews. It was like a mini-match all on its own and man was it awesome. You just didn’t know who was going to be the one to throw the other out but there was no mistaking that the crowd wanted Andrews to win. So when he finally got the win the place exploded.

Darren asked who he wants to face and of course the only answer to that is Eddie Ryan. He even wanted to fight him in Eddie’s home town of Plymouth. THAT is going to be a must see match.

We were talking about the match between Andrews and Ryan on the minibus back and I think it was Wayne that said that it’s the match you WANT to see. He’s right in that. I’ve always kinda wanted to see them square off against each other. Ryan vs Grizzly was a clash of titans but there is just something even bigger in him facing off against the Devon Powerhouse. One thing is for sure THAT is already looking like the match of the night for Pride’s return to Plymouth. I don’t think you can get bigger then them two squaring off.


This was possibly the best organised Meet and Greet so far. We might have been at the front of the queue but when we got to the end you could see that it was constantly moving.

I decided against having my photo taken too much tonight as I hate my hair at the moment and I don’t want to be reminded that I need a haircut. We had my niece with me though so she loved it, she told Lomaxx and Gideon how the UK Dominator made her cry once, them two were great. I haven’t mentioned in forever how Lomaxx is probably one of my favourite wrestlers and he’s just funny whenever I see him at the meet and greets.

She didn’t much care for the Magnums but that was because they were sat next to Josh Knott who is my nieces favourite wrestler other then Tiger and Tyler Hawke. Possibly Eddie Ryan as well I’m not too sure though.

I don’t think she cared much for Scotty Essex either, we had to keep reminding her that Scotty was lovely and stopped her from crying when she met him in Plymouth but she was too busy trying to get to Tiger. I on the other hand talked to Scotty who is always such a gentleman. Really hope his neck gets better soon! He did get thrown out of the ring a lot during the evening, one of the best wrestlers you’ll ever see and such a lovely guy too.

Course my niece just really wanted to see Tiger so she got her photo with Tiger and Danny Jones. I blagged my way through talking to Tiger because I didn’t hear a word he was saying so I just made shit up as a response, I apologise completely if I made no sense. I personally was just so happy to see him with the trophy again, I love Scotty but a happy Tiger makes the world go round.

Whilst trying to shove Andy down the queue I ended up in a weird conversation about PJ Black’s hair, he is quite right in so much as I, a biological female, prefer his hair the way it is now. I’m not sure why Andy was bringing up PJ Jones hair though. It was a strange conversation.

I nearly cried when I got to Hardcore Holly who was one of my all time favourite wrestlers. Christy got her photo with him which was weird for her because she usually doesn’t like going near the famous wrestlers. Hardcore Holly is obviously not as scary as Billy Gunn!

I then once more defended Tiger’s honour as Hornswoggle told me I had the wrong t-shirt. I’m not sure why every time I do a meet and greet in my Tiger t-shirt someone has to complain about it.

It was a great meet and greet.


It was such a fun night. I mean OK it wasn’t as spectacular as some of the shows and maybe not as memorable but it was so relaxed and had such a great atmosphere.

The opening match wasn’t the best but other then that the card was once again filled with superb matches. ANY of them could have been the main event and it would have been worth watching. The Fatal Fourway match was head and shoulders the best match.

Really liked the building too though I’m going to have to invest in much thinner clothing as Torbay Leisure Centre was only slightly cooler then Wellsprings was.

Always worth the price of the front row tickets to a Pride show. Best seats int he house.

Scotty and Tiger were honestly at their very best tonight and completely nailed it. I can’t speak highly enough of their match. It was great seeing Josh Knott and hope we see a lot more of him. Also happy to see Messinger again even if it was just for the Rumble, he was bloody awesome in it though. Andrews and Grizzly destroyed the Rumble which is my favourite thing ever and seeing those two up against each other is always great.

I must have looked like such a coward as Naomi did her best to get me in the ring in the interval for the in ring photos but remembering nearly falling out of the ring for the Billy Gunn event I just refuse to do it. I am not a graceful lump, I have troubles walking through doors without walking into them getting into a wrestling ring is never going to happen. Thank you for the offer though!

As always a big thanks goes to Karla for organising the minibus. As always it was full of just lovely people, other then Andy who I can’t even remember why we fell out but all I remember is next time we’re at a wrestling event he’s going through a table. We weren’t sat together but it didn’t stop us from shouting across the room at each other, its such a great atmosphere on the minibuses that I can’t recommend them enough if you are going to a event from Plymouth.

Pride out do themselves every single time, the matches might not have been as spectacular as some of the other events recently but it had such a relaxed and fun feel to the night that you didn’t really care. The regular guys all put everything into it as they always do and it was great to see different faces at the Meet and Greet afterwards. Pride really have a great group of guys who are all worth the money to go and see regardless of who the guests are.

As I’ve said about three or four times now I really want to see the Magnums take on House of Bones for the championships, that will be a clash worth waiting for. Just hope it doesn’t happen in Taunton as we aren’t going to the Taunton show.

Really hope Scotty heals up fast as that guy is one of the nicest men on this planet, so talented and always one of the stars of the night. Guy was hurt and still came out for the Meet and Greet, he was meant to be leaving during the Meet and Greet in Taunton yet was still hanging about when we left after queuing for RVD and the other guys, he always thinks of the fans, puts on a great show and is just wonderful. So really don’t want him to be hurt for too long.

Can’t wait to see what is next for Tiger though! He’s taking over the world slowly. Rest of the world better take notice.

Pride’s next show is the Battle of Bideford, as always we aren’t going as we can’t get to Bideford but if you can get there you should 100% go. Its going to be awesome and has Abyss and Andrew Everett. Sad that I can’t get there but it’ll be a great night so make sure you go along and see it if you can.

The event page for it…

As always give them a follow because just following their page will make you want to go to a event.

Facebook : Pride Promotions
Twitter : @ProPWP
Website :

ALSO make sure you visit the website for all their DVDs, to get your tickets to events (because you know you wanna go) and also some signed photos and stuff. They will soon have their OnDemand service which you’ll all want to go and visit.

We are going to their show after Bideford down in Penzance. THAT should be a great show which has Tiger vs Sami Callihan. Obviously we are also going to a few local shows too leading up to that at the end of August.

Once more these guys pulled it out of the bag. Love them to pieces. Would recommend picking up the DVD as soon as it comes out. Can’t wait till Penzance!

Also look out for the change on the Wrestling Hub for our pick of the month. I will get around to picking last months best of sometime tonight! I only went to one show though so not much to pick from.







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