One Piece : Adventure in a Mysterious Forest

Chapter 831

Luffy’s team have finally made it to Whole Cake Island. Now just to find Sanji, wait for Pedro to steal the Poneglyph and then to leave again.

Should be simple right?!

Whilst Pedro, accompanied by Brook, might have had it easy the others don’t. Pedro takes the Shark Submarine and heads in land under water.

Luffy & co end up wandering around Whole Cake Island which is both extremely silly but also very unnerving and absolutely scary.

I’m one of those people who truly believe that things that probably shouldn’t be scary given the right writing can be the scariest of all. Whole Cake Island is turning into a bigger nightmare then you’d think.

So Luffy thinks he saw Pudding and Sanji, that was the person waiting for them on the shore. The reason it didn’t look like anyone waiting in the final panel of the last chapter seems to be they were there one second and gone the next. When they get to shore there wasn’t anyone waiting, though they do get a few glimpses of a silent Sanji who constantly runs away.

At first I thought it might be one of Sanji’s brothers but then suddenly there are two Luffy’s too!

Whilst Luffy tries to fight himself the guys stumble on a giant person buried in the ground and just as they plan on going back and grabbing Luffy and heading back to the shore the trees start to move.

Its like something out of Oz. Now I’ve written before that Oz is somewhere I adore because whilst its meant to be magical and make you dream of a place full of magic, for me there was always a scary side to it. Its why the books in the Dorothy Must Die series are some of my all time favourite stories.

Trees that talk and move? OK so Ents might be kind and kinda cool but that don’t mean ALL trees would be! Animals walking about in clothes and acting like humans? Well humans are the scariest animal out there so why wouldn’t they be just as scary?

Thing is everything about Big Mom is strange. Its all candy, sunshine, rainbows and things you’d get in a children’s book.

BUT SHE’S A YONKO! Not only is she a Yonko she’s a Yonko we’ve seen not care that she’d kill her son just to get the food she wants.

So everything about Whole Cake Island is strange. It should be a magical and happy place but instead its dangerous and scary.

Everything on this Island seems to be out to kill Luffy and his crew so where do they go from here? Its such a dangerous place and Pudding wasn’t there to meet them so I can only imagine she led them there to be in danger. I’m still doubting her, she’s too good to be true if I’m honest and with Big Mom’s family being a bit on the strange side I can see this being a trap. We’ll see though. We’ll see.


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