Danganronpa : The Animation : The Reason Super High School-Level Bad Luck Attracted Super High School-Level Murder, Super High School-Level Execution and Super High School-Level Despair

Episode 12

Chou-koukou-kyuu no Fuun ga Chou-koukou-kyuu no Satsujin to Chou koukou-kyuu no Shokei to Chou koukou-kyuu no Zetsubou wo Hikiyoseta Riyou (超高校級の不運が超高校級の殺人と超高校級の処刑と超高校級の絶望を引き寄せた理由)

Before we start…. WHAT a title. I apologise if I have spelt it wrong!

The students have to find out who the Mastermind is, what the secret of the school is and who murdered the 16th Student.

Though it would be a good start just to confirm WHO the 16th student WAS.

The team split up and Makoto and Kirigiri go up to the second floor dorms where the headmasters dorm was. Again it doesn’t really make sense for me now that I’ve played the game to have changed Kirigiri’s character as much as they did. I mean she did want to spend some time on her own after they found her fathers remains but I just don’t get why they made her suddenly give a toss about her father.

Suddenly we are getting a flood of information.

Byakuya finds the 16th students files and figures out that she might have been the Ultimate solider but she joined the school without any wounds which means that the scars that were classified as old wounds in the Monokuma File weren’t from before she was in the school.

Makoto finds two old lockers. One is Hiro’s and the other is Kirigiri’s. Hiro’s has a text book, indicating that he actually took classes and Kirigiri’s talks about there being two despairs.

Then in the Bio Lab on Floor 5 which was locked before then Makoto finds Genocide Jack who had found the dead body of the 16th student in what appears to be the school morgue. Makoto figures out that there is a inconsistency with the number of freezers in use, there has been 10 deaths but only 9 are in use. Then again wasn’t Mondo made into butter?!

Whilst all this is going on Monokuma leaves photos behind for all of them to find. It seems to freak everyone out but seeing Makoto’s was another photo of all the students together BEFORE the school was obviously in lock down you can guess all of them were.

So without actually using a brain cell we can pretty much determine that these guys went to school together, all of them have had their memories altered for whatever reason and now they seem to be in the position they are currently in.

The Trial begins.

Another difference is that they have a extra photo. In the game everyone was asked to join him in the gym and everyone went and got given the photos. Everyone other then Byakuya and Kirigiri. I don’t know why but it kind of annoyed me that Byakuya would open the picture, like he always thought he was more intelligent then all the others combined and that wasn’t really true but he at least saw through all this.

So the first order of business was to confirm that their memories had been stolen from them. Makoto walked the rest of the room through his amnesia theory, using the photos as proof along with the videos he found of them all talking to the principal.

Secondly it was to figure out who the dead body was and obviously who killed them. Makoto is able to piece certain pieces together to figure out that the 16th student WAS the one murdered but not the person that attempted to murder him. Makoto figured out that Monokuma has been trying to hide Junko’s face therefore it is obvious that Junko and Mukuro switched places and by seeing the real Junko’s face they’d have been able to tell they’d never met her before.

I’m guessing because one had freckles?! I’ve never really gotten that. They were twins basically. I do think Sakura said at some point that she didn’t look like she did on the covers of magazines but personally I don’t see any difference between the two other then Mukuro has freckles but that isn’t something that you could honestly say would be noticeable, specially as Junko was meant to be fashionable so hiding freckles with foundation is not going to be that hard.

Most of the mysteries have been unravelled so the final episode is there just to tie it altogether.

What is the mystery of Hopes Peak Academy? Why did Junko do what she did? We’ll find out I guess.


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