Danganronpa : The Animation : Not Normal Arc : The Junk Food ofDespair for Racing through Youth

Episode 11

Shissou suru Seishun no Zetsubou Junk Food: Nichijou-hen (疾走する青春の絶望ジャンクフード 非日常編)

A random stranger has died and its time for the group to try and figure out who the murderer is.


I honestly think you really need to play the game for this trial. You REALLY need to play the game for this because the anime really didn’t do it justice. Whilst the outcome is the same and Kirigiri really was that much of a bitch Byakuya WASN’T that much of a ass hole.

This was the episode that I really went off of Kirigiri and it just goes to show what I was saying in the episode before. She wants to do this all on her own and she was willing to sacrifice someone else to uncover the mystery of the school.

In the anime it is really rushed. Byakuya just spouts out every tiny detail he has that points to Kirigiri and she cold heartedly points the finger constantly at Makoto.

The thing is for such a great team of intellects none of them really thought about it.

MY biggest thing should have been something Makoto at LEAST should have figured out.

Kirigiri said that the Mastermind couldn’t control Monokuma AND look at the monitors at the same time, hence the plan of Makoto talking to Monokuma whilst Kirigiri opened up the gates to the out of bounds area. The next morning he found the guys pulling apart Monokuma in the main hall. Baring in mind that if Monokuma is down then SURELY the Mastermind isn’t either watching them or controlling the bear.

Makoto trusts Kirigiri and Kirigiri should have believed that Makoto didn’t do it.

So if they didn’t do it and a Monokuma unit was being torn apart without anyone getting in trouble WHERE WAS THE MASTERMIND?!

What REALLY annoyed me is that Makoto truly became the doormat of the group. After being framed by Kirigiri for the murder and saved by Alter Ego, Kirigiri does come to rescue him. Far from apologising or seeming remorseful that she nearly sent a innocent person to their death just so that she could carry on her secretive snooping, she actually treats him with as much contempt as always.

Makoto escapes and him and Kirigiri go to Monokuma to demand a retrial.

Nothing I learnt about Kirigiri in the game made me like her more. Nothing at all makes what she did better. For example her story is actually twisted in this episode, she never tells Makoto she wants to re-unite with her father. Whilst I understand again why the story would be changed because it was a long explanation that just wasn’t needed for the anime, Kirigiri came to the school to cut ties with her father not to re-unite with him. Having her say that she wants to re-unite makes her seem more likeable. If she’s looking to see her father who left her when she was a kid again then why the hell wouldn’t we feel sorry for them?

I just can’t though.

The reunion with the others was much better.

In the next trial the group has to uncover the secrets of the school, the murder of the 16th student and everything else.

So what happened?!


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