Danganronpa : The Animation : Goodbye, Despair High School [END]

Episode 13

Sayonara, Zetsubou Gakuen (さよなら絶望学園)

So Junko had a twin sister. Mukuro, the 16th student, who switched with Junko and was killed by Junko.

Episode 13 will tell us all we need to know about this whole mystery.

So… Yes… Junko…

She seems to have a problem with keeping her personality straight. It helped to make me hate her because she hurt my head.

I don’t think we truly needed anything else to hate her though seeing that her first speech was basically to tell us how little she thought of her sister and how she didn’t care that she killed her. This story being told in three or four different personalities just made her extremely annoying.

After we get to hear all about her dislike of her sister and how she was happy to kill her we finally get to see something we didn’t really know.

That story comes from Genocide Jack when they finally realise that seeing that her and Toko don’t share memories she might actually remember something. A video from the outside shows that the world has been destroyed but the description of WHAT happened from Genocider didn’t really help. We just know, still, that something terrible happened and the world outside is in despair.

Suddenly it hits just what is happening. This whole trial is really just a front to fill everyone with despair.

Showing them the outside world and how its being destroyed by despair.

Revealing that they actually have had 2 years of their memories destroyed.

Telling them that Byakuya’s whole family have fallen.

So something terrible happened on the outside, 99% of the students were killed in Hopes Peak and this group of friends along with the Headmaster sealed up the school to keep them all safe. They agreed to live there forever as they were the hope of the world and he wanted to keep them safe.

Again adding onto their despair.

THEY locked themselves in.

They’ve watched their best friends kill each other and CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER THEY WERE FRIENDS.

As for the TV show?

Its to destroy the hope of anyone with hope still on the outside. As they see the Hope of the future kill each other out their own hope should disappear. Another load of despair thrown on top of the students.

The final twist?

Vote changes.

If they all vote for Hope they get to leave, if even one person sides with despair and then Makoto DOES get executed and the others have to die in the school of old age.

Twisty twist?

They have no choice if they vote for Hope.

The air purifiers are linked to Junko so if she loses and executes herself then they turn off. The outside world is apparently uninhabitable. Its up to Makoto to make them all decide that they want to leave. With his verbal bullets loaded he gives the speech of his life to turn everyone’s despair upside down. A rousing speech to Hiro, reminding Hina that the others who have died would want them all to move on ESPECIALLY Sakura, reminding Byakuya that his family would never give up (though he’s pretty determined that he was never going to give in to despair because he’d promised to kill the Mastermind) then there was Kirigiri (because Toko does whatever her Master does) who is swayed by talks of her father. To be honest of all of them Kirigiri’s was stupidest. Was she really going to vote for despair because she never knew her father!?

Or maybe I just dislike Kirigiri so much that everything about her makes me pissed off.

Kirigiri renames the Ultimate Lucky Student, or Ultimate Bad Luck Student to the Utimate Hope.

With that Junko gets the most over the top death, she and her multiple personalities get to face all the executions she gave to all the others. With Junko gone the others leave.

How many of the mysteries did you solve? Did the ending live up to your expectations?!


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