Danganronpa : The Animation : All All Apologies II

Episode 9

All All Apologies II (オール・オール・アポロジーズ II)

So Sakura is dead and we need to know exactly how someone killed her in a closed room.

Detective caps have to be firmly on.

So with very little to go on we have to figure out how Sakura died.

This trial of all the trials was really sped up. In the game it takes a long time to get even Hiro and Toko to tell their stories properly in this one Toko admits to being in the room right off the bat to point out she saw Hiro hit Sakura with a bottle. One thing this also did was ruin the relationship completely between Byakuya and Toko/Genocide Jack. Both Toko’s personalities were subservient in the game to Byakuya and her story was only ever uncovered because he forcefully demanded her to tell them it.

All it did was speed up everything and spend a lot of time focusing on the obvious answer. The reason for it all I’m guessing is so that they can spend time with the suicide note. Whereas the time didn’t matter in the game they only had a small amount of time for both the fake suicide note and Hina’s feelings towards it and then the real suicide note to be explored.

It was actually a very simple case to solve though. In the game Kirigiri weighs the bottles and figures out that there is enough debris for more then one bottle, not that it was obvious with two gaps on the sideboard. When the two stories came out and Toko admitted to hitting Sakura AFTER Hiro by the magazine rack it should have been obvious that there was something strange going on. The second that Hina said she killed Sakura anyone, other then Byakuya who doesn’t want to believe in other people, should have known the true answer.

Sakura killed herself to stop the fighting and hope that everyone would work together from now on. Her presence was only ever going to make the others fear for themselves so she was going to take herself from the picture.

It was probably one of the saddest moments in the anime because even though Sakura HAD been the mole it was also very obvious that she hadn’t done anything to help Monokuma and Makoto had seen her refusing to play Monokuma’s game anymore.

The question now is  with the last words of Sakura ringing in their ears whether or not they will work together to work on the REAL mystery. The mystery of the school, why they are there and what is happening with them. It should have been their main goal right from the beginning but instead they’ve been too focused on themselves.

Once more the anime actually ends with Kirigiri and her own investigations. Makoto is woken in the night and used in Kirigiri’s plans. She then gives him the warning that there was a 16th student all along and he should keep his wits about him.

Another mystery. In fact two.

One being who this mysterious 16th student is, how they’ve been hiding all this time and where they now are. Are they the person that attacked Makoto? Why haven’t they shown themselves yet?

The bigger question though is possibly how did Kirigiri find out about them?


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