Danganronp : The Animation : (Not) Normal Arc : The Junk Food of Despair for Racing through Youth

Episode 10

Shissou suru Seishun no Zetsubou Junk Food: (Hi-)Nichijou-hen (疾走する青春の絶望ジャンクフード (非)日常編)

Will Sakura’s words really bond the surviving students to face this test together and look at the mysteries of the school and stop killing each other?

We’ll see.

The fifth floor is the final floor that will open to them. It hasn’t got much up there other then a garden and a classroom that is all broken up and blood spattered.

I asked whether they would heed Sakura’s words and work together but it takes minutes for them to split up again.

Lets face it, honestly, you’d think that they’d keep themselves together and work on the mysteries of the school but both Byakuya and Kirigiri are too hard headed for that. Whilst Byakuya could have been a little softer towards Kirigiri, plus he could always have believed her when she said she was suffering from amnesia. Then again Kirigiri is always so secretive. Sure Sakura was the mole but how could you really trust someone who won’t trust you. I can’t remember if she said it in the anime but in the game it was Kirigiri herself that told Makoto that what upset her most was that in doing the right thing for Sakura he didn’t show his trust in her. She does the same to the others though so  no wonder Byakuya tried to call her bluff.

As it goes Monokuma has had something stolen from him. Its very obvious from the beginning that it was Kirigiri that stole it and after being locked out of her room by Byakuya she enlists Makoto to help her once more. Getting Makoto to distract Monokuma she sneaks into the one last locked part of the school. She got the key from the headmasters office, Sakura had broken the lock on the door as she was already going to kill herself anyway.

A lot of things then happen all at once and only serve to make life much more confusing for Makoto.

He has a bad night where he wakes up to find someone in a mask waving a knife that he had been given to look after around in his face, then suddenly that picture changes to Kirigiri but he can’t make out what she’s saying. In the morning he can’t find anyone and when he does they are in the gym dismantling Monokuma, they decide to go and break down the doors to the Headmasters office just for Toko to find a dead body in the gardens. Before they can do anything Toko (who is actually Genocider at that moment) tries to take off the mask on the body just for it to blow up. They then find a key to the Data Room where Monokuma tells them that everything that has been happening to them has been broadcast to the world.

A BIG difference between the anime and the game is that Hina brought up police coming to find them quite early in the game and the line that Monokuma throws back at them is way back then. When the kids find they are on TV Monokuma basically admits to them in the game WHY they are on TV and also tells them that people HAVE been to try and save them but have been unable to.

Its one of those things that I think would have been missed out due to time restraints and added in then for dramatic tension which really wasn’t needed because it doesn’t look too good for them right now.

They have a dead body, when Kirigiri finally shows up again they haven’t a clue who the body belongs too. They have hardly any evidence and now they’ve been shaken up by the news that they are being watched by the outside world.

I just don’t think they have enough to go on when it comes to this case.

We’ll see in the next episode though.


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