SmackDown 7/7/16 Review

Well we managed to get the RAW review done just before SmackDown. I feel like SmackDown will be back to business after a more party feel to the July 4th RAW.

Matches Quick Overlook : 

Jey Uso vs Seth Rollins

Zack Ryder vs Sheamus

Enzo Amore vs AJ Styles
Winner : AJ STYLES

The Miz vs Kalisto
Winner : THE MIZ

Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho
Winner : SAMI ZAYN


So we had a few little bits and pieces just before SmackDown actually started. The Club look happy and ready to do what the Club do best. Chris Jericho carries on with his wonderful IT stuff and complaining about his scarf going missing. He has a match against Sami Zayn who is ready to beat Jericho.

Then you have Rollins who comes face to face with Jey Uso and he agrees to face the one Uso tonight on SmackDown.

Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

So the Rollins/Uso match is the opening match. Just as Jojo went to introduce them Ambrose comes down to be the guest ring announcer. I ADORED the intro for Seth “Hailing from somewhere where he probably didn’t get enough hugs as a kid…” Seth should announce everyone down to the ring.

To be fair Seth deserved to look pissed off. He said to Jey that it is never Jey vs Seth and Jey said there would be no family but there is Ambrose. OK so Ambrose isn’t Jey’s family but that was just a oversight on Seth’s part because Ambrose is kinda Jey’s family in a weird way. I will not complain though because grumpy Seth gives me life.

Not that he’s ever anything but grumpy.

The match was extremely one sided, as you’d expect because the Uso’s are obviously tag team wrestlers. If you ever read anything I write you’ll also know I don’t really like them as a team and that doesn’t change when they go one-on-one with someone. Dean DOES distract Seth in the best way possible, by giving out announcements to the crowd and calling for commercials. I want Ambrose to sit at ring side and distract everyone all night.

The Human Equivelant of a Root Canal Seth Rollins wins the match, but he really did outclass Jey Uso too. He’s also now smart enough to stay away from Ambrose no matter what.

Good match and great build up to their match at Battleground. Poor grumpy slimy Rollins.

Zack Ryder wins by pin fall

So seeing Ryder beat Sheamus on RAW to win the elimination match for Team USA it looks like Sheamus has his chance to gain revenge tonight on SmackDown.

Sheamus just kicked butt the whole match long. He picked up Ryder and swung him around like Ryder was a bag of air, its the kind of Sheamus I really love seeing. With all that said though Ryder never gave up and he managed to get the win.

After the match Ryder challenges Rusev for the US title which is pretty exciting but also pretty sad. Its exciting because Ryder deserves this kind of thing, its sad because it means that Titus must be being put to one side in all that at the moment and ALSO that I doubt Ryder is going to win. Now if he’d challenged the Miz again and pointed out how he took the belt and hardly has fought for it then I’d be a little happier. I’m still happy. I hope Ryder gets the title. Someone said that this was Ryder’s year and his win at Wrestlemania gave me hope that he’d get somewhere. His team with Mojo in NXT has been great and people loved his win at Mania so he needs to be up there.


He is not happy. Then again he has a point. It is easy to challenge people when you aren’t face-to-face so he challenges Ryder to challenge him on RAW face-to-face. Well that is a interesting reply to the challenge I guess!


So Becky was due to have a match but once more it never gets started. This time though Natalya wasn’t at ring side she just attacked Becky from behind when she was on the way to the ring.


So we get a clip from the WWE.Com Exclusive interview with Xavier. Still completely on the top of his game with this. I think I’ve said it before when I first saw Woods when he was in TNA I hated him, there was nothing I liked about his character there. Here in WWE? I love him. He’s honestly just moving this story higher then I thought it could be. Guy is so good. I’m scared for him, you just kind of want to wrap him in bubble wrap and tell Kofi and Big E to listen to him. He announces though that he’ll be there at the compound with the other members of New Day. Poor Xavier.


It does not surprise me that Enzo and Cass came up to the main roster and suddenly became real important to important story lines. These guys are a great team but they are also so great on the mic and they are two guys that everyone can get behind. Even people I know who disliked them the first time they saw them can’t help but to love them after watching them a few times.

The come to let us know that they won’t let the Club walk over Cena because if they did then what would stop the Club doing it to anyone else, before Cass can finish though the Club come out.

AJ and his boys don’t have any need to talk to Big Cass their challenge is for Enzo. Its a great addition to the Club vs Cena.

AJ Styles wins by pin fall

A match I don’t think I ever thought I’d get to see. Even 10 minutes before the match I don’t think I ever through about it. Yet it was a good match. AJ obviously kicked his ass, Enzo isn’t the best wrestler, he’s a great tag team wrestler because he works so well with Cass but he was never going to be able to hold his own with AJ. Still he had that underdog feeling that Enzo always has and you couldn’t help but cheer him on.

Big Cass did a good job of making sure that the Club didn’t get involved but it also gave AJ the opening he needed to put Enzo into the Styles Clash and he picked up a win.

I honestly think it shows just how far Enzo has come, he worked really well against AJ even if he never looked like he was going to win. Can’t wait to see these guys and Cena go up against each other at Battleground.


So Jericho is still looking for his scarf and finds it around the neck of Owens who has managed to get popcorn all over it. Jericho asking for money for dry cleaning and getting a handful of change was hilarious. As was the “You Stupid idiot” “I heard that” “You were meant too.” These two are always great together. We also learn that Owens will be at ringside for Jericho’s match against Zayn.

The Miz wins by pin fall

Well the Miz went to find out who threw food at his wife and ended up getting challenged to a match with Kalisto.

I still believe that Kalisto’s popularity is greatly overestimated by creative because of his Slammy win. The thing is that his moment was also at the end of the year so something people remembered very well. No one really cared when he won the US Title and to be honest he’s quite boring when he isn’t in a tag team.

Don’t think it was ever going to go any way but with the Miz winning. Still kind of wish that he’d do something more then going around insulting people and being put in random matches. I just hope that it isn’t against Kalisto.

Sami Zayn won by pin fall

What a great match. Jericho can really match up with all the young guys and it was such a fast paced match. Jericho shouting shit during the match also never gets old, he knows how to make the crowd react. Jericho actually dominated the match, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Owens was actually extremely grumpy on the commentary, more then usual even. It just made this whole thing with Zayn even better. His reaction to things that Saxton threw at him were priceless. I also love that he took credit for Jericho’s moves. Owens/Lawler isn’t as good as Owens/JBL though.

Just as Zayn was getting some momentum he ended up in front of Owens and got a bottle of water thrown in his face for his troubles. Owens then had a Jericho thrown into him for HIS troubles.

Ending of the match was a little all over the place but Sami finally got the win over Jericho with a roll up just after Owens once more got involved. The match was great with a good ending. Jericho takes out Sami and when Jericho leaves Owens takes advantage to Pop-up Powerbomb him.


Really good SmackDown. Some great matches all throughout. Good results too. Much better then RAW and I enjoyed RAW. Think it was a great idea to start with Rollins with Ambrose at ringside and end with Zayn and Owens at ring side. Two of the sparkiest feuds with some of the most charismatic guys the WWE have. Good show all around really.

Also we got the announcement that Orton would be facing Lesnar at Summerslam. Its a strange match up but it should be a great fight. I am also extremely ill today so might have missed a few of the backstage pieces too, I tried my best though.

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