Servamp : Mahiru and Kuro

Episode 1

Mahiru to Kuro (真昼とクロ)

Will it be Reviewed : YES

In a world where Vampires are real one boy looking for a easy life ends up making a contract with a Vampire leading his life to become as troublesome as they come.

The first episode was great. It kind of reminded me of Bungou Stray Dogs in so much that it was quite a serious episode but had plenty of funny moments, a lot of over the top characters and some funky animation thrown in to really highlight the funny parts.

Servamp follows Mahiru, a boy who lost his parents at a young age. For some reason to lead a trouble free life Mahiru chooses the more difficult path. Arguing about things is troublesome so he volunteers to do just about every job the class needs doing. For some reason it was troublesome to walk past a stray cat and NOT take it home so take it home he did.

The very next day though when he returns home it isn’t a cat sat in his apartment waiting for him but a Vampire.

I love that the Vampires in this seem to turn into something strange when in daylight or tired. Kuro turns into a cat whilst the Vampire that showed up later turns into a stuffed toy. Its interesting and I just want to see what more Vampires turn into.

Anyway the term Servamp is quite simple really. If you say the Vampire’s name when they are in human form you create a contract, if within 24hrs they drink your blood then the contract binds and they have to do anything you ask. Servant + Vampire = Servamp. This all happens out of general confusion on the part of Mahiru, Kuro warns him not to say his name but Mahiru doesn’t know what his name is, calling him Kuro because he thought he was a cat. This creates the contract. Later when he goes to meet his friends they get attacked by another Vampire and after realising that Kuro hasn’t drank blood in a long time so wasn’t strong enough to fight he sealed the contract by forcing Kuro to drink his blood.

What I loved most about this episode though was the stark contrast of characters even though their ideology is similar. Both Kuro and Mahiru say they want to stay away from troublesome situations but whilst Kuro is lazy and refuses to do anything that might become troublesome Mahiru runs into the troublesome quite willingly. In his enthusiasm to avoid troublesome situations he removes the troublesome from others and places it on himself. The contrast between these two characters who are now bound together is great. Kuro is the complete and utter opposite of Mahiru. Then again you get the feeling they weren’t really talking to each other in this episode, more talking AT each other. Kuro just claims everything Mahiru does as troublesome whilst Mahiru has way too much energy and runs around over excited about everything.

Like BSD it focused on getting the premise out of the way right from the start, introduce the concept and the main players and did so without ever feeling bogged down with explanations. There are so many strange and interesting characters we’ve already met, there is obviously going to be a lot of action and it isn’t going to be cutesy Vampire’s that we see on the screen. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

I hopefully will remember to review this one every week as I do believe it has potential to be a great show. I’m already comparing it to one of my favourites from last season so its got my attention right off the bat. Hopefully it keeps up.


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