Danganronpa : The Animation : Not Normal Arc : Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armoured Hero, Stand upon the Earth!

Episode 7

Shinseiki Ginga Densetsu Futatabi! Soukou Yuusha yo Daichi ni Tate!: Hinichijou-hen (新世紀銀河伝説再び!装甲勇者よ大地に立て! 非日常編)

Both Hifumi and Taka are dead. Hifumi gave us a dying message of Hiro’s name, Hiro and Kirigiri are missing and there is a giant robot running around.

How we will figure this mystery out is beyond me!

After playing the game this is the only trial I can say that I’m disappointed with. Having to stick within one episode a lot of the suspense that the game had in this trial was lost because it was rushed.

It was Celestia.

She used Hifumi’s love for Alter Ego to get him to help her kill Taka, frame Hiro and then killed Hifumi herself.

The first time that I watched the anime I guess I didn’t realise just how much there was going on in it and it was more disappointing because it was such a complex trial and it just didn’t feel that way in the anime. In fact it was the other way round when I played the game. When I was playing it I didn’t realise that it was so difficult.

To prove that Hiro was innocent not only did it take to prove that the costume was impracticable but also impossible to get out of. Later they then had to argue about the photo that Celestia had, I still can’t believe they took the photo serious though as it was so obvious she wasn’t taking a photo of something whilst sneaking about or anything, it was so staged it made me laugh! Then of course they changed Hiro’s handwriting from being lovely in the game to a mess in the anime.

All that was over and done with within seconds of the trial starting so the finger of blame could be pointed at Kirigiri.

Of course it was the weight of Hifumi that solved the case as well as Makoto observing that Hifumi’s glasses had been cleaned.

So what made the finger of blame point to Celestia.

Once again it was a slip of a tongue. This time instead of being a slip in the trial it was before the trial had even begun. When she was panicking about Hifumi’s body going missing she slipped up to let on that she knew that Taka was dead.

I did like Celestia as a character and its sad she is gone because along with Byakuya she was a real mystery and as her plan showed she was also one thing that could make the trials very interesting. She really nearly got away with it too.

Another three students down.

The big mystery or two of this episode though was a room full of files that Kirigiri had found which she sends Makoto too but he gets attacked and the room gets emptied. Secondly when he leaves the bathroom after being attacked he see’s Sakura attacking Monokuma and finds out the secret that she is the mole.

So along with the trial being done and over we get more and more mysteries surrounding the story behind the school and why they are there.


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