Danganronpa : The Animation : (Not) Normal Arc : All All Apologies

Episode 8

All All Apologies: (Hi-)Nichijou-hen (オール・オール・アポロジーズ (非)日常編)

Another floor will be open. Alter Ego is back. More mysteries. What can possibly happen next?!

The next floor happens to have locked rooms which Monokuma makes a new rule saying that no one can break into the locked rooms. It kind of makes you wonder why bother opening any other floor?!

Alter Ego explains to them all that the plan to lock up the school and keep students there for the rest of their lives was actually the plan of the principal. The reasons behind it aren’t on the laptop. She also gives them another image, another image that Makoto found in the game and no one else saw.

Out of the two mysteries that Makoto found in the last episode one is taken out of his hands right off the bat with Monokuma fed up of everyone and everything and just announcing that Sakura was the mole all along, something that Sakura doesn’t deny. This causes all sorts of problems with Hina sticking up for Sakura and getting in the face of Byakuya and then attacked by Genocide Jack. This pisses off Sakura who asks to meet with both of them and Hiro to clear the air. Unfortunately after that she is found dead in a locked room.

So they have a locked room mystery to solve.

Kirigiri is right on it with examining the body whilst Hina goes to get the others.

Again though there is little to go on and it’ll take them engaging their brain to figure out the mystery behind how Sakura died in a locked room. Hina is sure that its going to be one of the three people that Sakura asked to talk to before her death.

The sad thing is that Alter Ego and her news wasn’t enough to keep them working together. Byakuya is too happy to hear that someone was a mole and to stir the pot even though it means that the group as a whole could no longer work together. Byakuya doesn’t care about anything though, he just likes playing the game. As long as he’s leaving the building alive he doesn’t care what happens to the other players in the game. And that is the big difference between him and the others. He see’s it as a game that he knows he’s going to win whilst the others aren’t looking at it like that because its their lives on the line. One wrong move, one motive hitting the right place and suddenly they could be dead.

Thing is if Kirigiri and Makoto actually trusted the others, even with the knowledge that there was probably a mole, then maybe their whole focus would be on solving the mystery surrounding the school and not constantly picking off one another.

As for the murder this time there is enough evidence there and not enough evidence. It’ll be up to Makoto to figure it out once more.


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