Cheer Danshi!! : The Curtain Rises

Episode 1

Maku ga Agaru (幕が上がる)

Will it be Reviewed : YES

Well I guess by now you all know I love sports anime. I announced on Twitter today that for the first time ever I’m going to be picky on what I watch, mainly because I’m the only one reviewing anything at the moment so want to be able to pick things I am certain I’ll stick with. So checking out all the sports anime one really struck me as something I’d kinda like.

How about male cheerleaders?!

I was reading the quick blurbs on and for some reason just reading about this anime made me smile. It was the same kind of reaction I had when I first read about Free! and as everyone knows that went on to be one of my all time favourite anime’s.

Cheer Danshi is simply about two friends who want to make a all male cheer leading squad.

Haruki was born into a Judo family but was never as good as his family were and after injuring himself had found the perfect way to quit the team. His best friend Kazuma only did Judo because he was doing it with Haruki so quits as well. Whilst Haruki is having a hard time coming to terms with why his friend would do that his friend announces its because he’s got something better for them to start.

So he starts up the all male cheer leading team.

Turns out that Kazu’s mum was a cheer leader and she’d raised him to respect and love it. Not only Kazu but Haruki’s sister had pointed out in the episode that Haruki’s cheers had some kind of power behind them so it seemed the perfect fit. They just failed to really set the rest of the world on fire with enthusiasm so it looked like it would be only them two until Wataru Mizoguchi stalked them to finally say he’d join.

EVERYTHING about the show made me smile.

The characters are just normal people. There isn’t anything exciting or interesting about them. They were just two friends who were looking for something to invest their time and passion into. Wataru was much more funny, he was very direct when he finally got the chance to talk to them and was the outsider of the group but the most enthusiastic of all of them.

Cheer leading has always been a mystery to me. Its not something you really see in the UK and I don’t watch American sports to really get it. The only time I’ve ever really honestly noticed cheer leaders was in Sabrina and Heroes. Seeing what cheer leaders do I’ve always thought it was a little harsh to treat them like dumb asses like they tend to get portrayed because I’d never be able to do what they did but I never thought about it.

This episode if anything gets the point of them over pretty well. They are there to support, be strong for the team and bring a smile to people’s faces. Something about the whole anime did that for me. I ended up with a smile on my face just hoping the boys do well.

I don’t think its all going to be fun and games though. Already it looks like it’ll seriously look into how hard it is. I say this as when the three of them went to watch a display by a mixed team someone who wasn’t in the display, and who seemed to have a hand injury, got very angry at them for thinking of it so flippantly. At  the end of the anime in a bit of a fun moment it showed Wataru doing some of the moves and the other two laughing about how they didn’t really know how to do it. I will be impressed if it doesn’t hide how difficult it is and actually shows how much work goes into it.

The only problem I had was I don’t really like the way the faces are drawn. It isn’t the biggest deal in the world but it took me out of it a few times. It doesn’t look like its in proportion. I dunno, they seemed to have huge foreheads and their eyes were too big and too far apart. The style is something I’ll have to get used to but it bugged me enough to make me want to mention it.

Other then that its use of light and bright colours gives it the happy and positive feeling you need. That along with the breezy music just carries you away. I can’t wait to actually see the guys get into action.

Its a very obvious yes for this one, though I think most of the ones I review will be a obvious yes seeing I’m being picky. This one though might be a easy one for me to do every week as my main problem tends to be my depression and this will just take me out of that mindset and send me to a happy place.

Honestly loved the episode.


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