RAW 4/7/16 Review

Yeah we’ve missed a SmackDown but we have a very special RAW this week.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Rusev (c) vs Titus O’Neil
Winner : RUSEV

The Social Outcasts vs Enzo  Big Cass
Winners : ENZO & BIG CASS

The Miz vs Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

The Vaudevillains vs The Golden Truth

Summer Rae vs Becky Lynch

Multi-National Alliance vs Team USA
Winners : TEAM USA


There is no party quite like a WWE party. So much I loved about this. Aiden English singing, the Miz getting what he deserves, Jericho being all cute, Sami shouting about the beans being contaminated and Owens hiding under the table whilst the fight goes on.

I dunno, probably really childish but its just fun. What is wrong with a little bit of fun? Plus they all looked like they enjoyed it which is even better.

Rusev wins by submission

I don’t see the point in having the championship match on RAW, specially as Titus didn’t win so it wasn’t like we got a big USA celebration thing. I’ve really enjoyed their feud so far and they’ve been doing a great job of building this up and building up Titus who has recently been just destroying Rusev. Its turned into a big fist fight between the two of them and it would have been a great PPV match. Seeing it constantly though is going to ruin it a little bit.

Match was the same as all the matches they’ve had so far. Titus beats the hell out of Rusev and Rusev slowly sucks the strength from Titus and grounds him.

Personally I felt the ref couldn’t have gotten in to count the pin from the Clash of the Titus if he tried, I’m going to go with the Titus was robbed angle, not long after that and the Accolade was planted on Titus for a Submission win by Rusev. Feel sorry for Titus but can’t help and think that his time is coming very soon. Rusev on the mic might be terrible but its brilliant at the same time. Rusev is back at his very best and I love it. Really love it.

Enzo & Big Cass win by pin fall

I’m actually really sad that we don’t see more of the Social Outcasts and that they still don’t get at least a little love. They are just so entertaining and actually all three of them are pretty decent wrestlers and I just think they deserve a little more love then they do get.

I am pretty impressed that the Outcasts managed to wrestle in their costumes though it kind of also just proved that there just never will be any real love for them other then as something to laugh at.

The match didn’t last very long. The Outcasts coming to the ring AND Enzo naming all the presidents felt like it lasted longer!


Have I seemed to be bored of the women’s division recently? It just seems to go round in circles, everything is the same just a handful of the side faces change. I do love Charlotte’s speeches but Dana needs to just not be there. I love her but this isn’t doing anything for her, like its so sad that Emma got injured because I really wanted them to just do what they were doing on NXT together.

One thing that really also needs to happen is Charlotte to get the upper hand on Sasha more often. Charlotte is too good to go into her match with Sasha looking weak so she needs to leave Sasha on the ground at some point and not keep getting hooked into the Bank Statement.

Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

To be honest it was a really good match. I couldn’t help but watch it though and feel like 99% of the reason they had the match was so that JBL could tell us 100 times that he shouldn’t be the champion. It was funny. It also is getting a little old.

The Dark Ages of the WWE, all because of Dean Ambrose being champion….

Really enjoyed the match though. It was nice seeing Miz actually doing something though but I still would rather see him doing something with the IC belt instead of a champion vs champion match that isn’t actually going to go anywhere in the long term.

Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

Like the match beforehand it was a really good and I’m kinda happy that both the matches happened. This one was under the whole “this might be the last chance we get to see this match” and it was nice to see it.

Seth came down as Dean was leaving the ring which got him a pat from Dean and then Dean on commentary telling the world once more how negative Seth is. JBL and Dean have a great back and forth.

Dean is right though it was a great match to sit and watch wherever you watch it from. Dolph put up a good fight and I honestly thought he was going to win a couple times. Kinda hope that Ziggler and Miz end up fighting for the IC belt because it would be much more worthwhile then another Ziggler/Corbin match or the Miz… Just not doing anything.

After the match Rollins decided to get up on the commentators table and moan and complain about Roman Reigns, Dean’s reaction to the little speech was hilarious and then he got up on the table and attacked Rollins. I mean to be honest Rollins should have probably expected it.


Bray Wyatt invites New Day to visit their home in what is one of the creepiest but coolest Wyatt promos I can remember. I loved it. It really was perfect for them, unfortunately I have no faith in creative to follow through with this and do something interesting with the Wyatts other then probably have them lose to New Day and disappear again.


The newest old face of SmackDown to throw their hat into the ring for the COO job on SmackDown. Vickie is the person I want to run SmackDown the most but I still feel it’ll be Stephanie or Shane which is a shame because I just love Vickie!

Then she got herself dragged away by security!

Man I love Vickie.


Who knew that Big Show was such a good leader?! He had his troops INCLUDING demon Kane all lined up and united them against their enemy. It was cute.

The Golden Truth wins by pin fall

With Breezango at ringside to watch.

Its true that the Golden Truth is slowly starting to come together. I don’t really see why Breezango were at ring side as they didn’t do anything interesting and I also don’t see why Vaudevillains went from being challengers for the titles to losing pretty badly to the Golden Truth.

For the midway point of the show it wasn’t a bad match. Then again I just like seeing Golden Truth, Vaudevillains and Breezango. It was also just kind of pointless other then to be there. Didn’t really pay much attention to it after the first minute or so and it didn’t last too much longer after that.


These two. Still get me every time. I was waiting forever to see Darren get given the Chicken Wing. When are we actually going to get to see him wrestle though?!


This is probably my favourite part of WWE right now and it just keeps on giving. John Cena did go on a little too long and I lost his point a few times but I don’t care, he calls out the Club who decide to let us all know that their favourite hobby is beating up John Cena. All year round they just want to beat up on John Cena and according to them Cena has no one who will help them.

Well they were wrong.

After attacking Cena for a little bit Big Cass and Enzo come to help Cena take out the Club. Interesting grouping there.


I only mention this because I loved it so much. I am a Shield fan and can’t wait to see the Triple Threat. Always love seeing these three in the ring together and even though I think the whole Shield breaking up thing was overdone in the middle of last year or whenever it was when we couldn’t go 10 seconds without someone reminding us that Seth broke up the Shield it kinda worked here.

Becky Lynch wins by submission

Not a bad match. Nice to see Summer Rae actually get a match this time unlike last week when she just sat in the ring and watched Becky beat up Natalya.

A strong win for Becky going into her match with Natalya and it is nice that we’re getting another feud alongside the one for the title though its a bit sad it doesn’t involve Naomi or Tamina. I guess the one thing that the brand split will hopefully do is give the women a lot more to do. Splitting them up will save people getting lost under the shadow that Charlotte and Sasha cast. I can see both of them staying on RAW so SmackDown might be the place to be for the women.


Well Team USA had a great speech to put them all on the same page, the opposing team kind of just squabble in Spanish and get shouted at by Kevin Owens. The best bit was Jericho’s “You better watch it.” “Watch what?” “It.” How does Jericho make just about anything funny?!


Xavier hasn’t been the same since their first face-to-face with the Wyatts and he looks like he’s had the fight beaten out of him as New Day start their normal speech. It really is a great story made even better by Kofi and Big E accepting Bray’s invitation and driving Xavier to leave the ring and threaten to give up on New Day altogether.

Xavier really is making this whole thing. He’s doing a wonderful job.

Team USA win by being the last team standing

It started off a little slow but then suddenly went crazy. Team USA took first blood with a 3D taking out Sin Cara but Sheamus was in right away to Brogue Kick Bubba and let the one remaining Lucha Dragon take a win for the Multi-National Alliance. We come back in time to see D-Von vs Cesaro and a Big Swing into a Sharpshooter getting another elimination in the favour of Multi-National Alliance. Personally loved that Swagger was the next man in to the match and we got a We the People from the former team mates.

After Cesaro gets a tag to Jericho there is another short back and forth between Swagger and Jericho until a failed Swagger Bomb gets turned into a Decoder and another member off Team USA gone.

Before the break it went crazy after Kane gets in the ring and gets Jericho in a Chokeslam just for both teams to interrupt. We come back to Del Rio in the ring against Apollo Crews.

Del Rio stupidly tags in Kalisto who gets a Worlds Strongest Slam and Team USA start to claw back, Mark Henry then got himself a Pop-Up Powerbomb for his troubles. Of course it didn’t take too long for Owens and Zayn to go at it and then Owens gets himself DQ’d for hitting Zayn with a chair. Kane then gets DQ’d for hitting Owens with the chair after Owens hit him with the chair. Kane then Chokeslammed Zayn giving Crews the chance to get the three count on Zayn. A Brogue Kick two seconds later see’s Team USA down to two people.

It doesn’t take long for Multi-National Alliance to break down again and Cesaro gets all three of his team mates inot the Uppercut Parade. He spent a little bit too much time on his own team mates though and ended up getting rolled up by Zack Ryder to bring the teams down to 2-3.

Big Show proved to be the guy to watch out for. After getting a tag from Ryder he KO punches Jericho, then Chokeslams Del Rio leaving only Sheamus on the Multi-National Alliance team.

From shaky beginnings Team USA get the win. Plus it was a nice touch that it was Ryder that got the final pin. It was only ever going to be Team USA to win on 4th July but it was a fun match all the same.


I enjoyed it. Don’t ask me why but I did. I thought it was fun, it was always going to be more fun then serious with it falling on July 4th and I think it was great. Not many particularly interesting matches and there were a few too many people in the main event for it to really be a great match but still it was good fun.

Seth and Dean squabbling has to be the best thing on TV. Rollins is such a negative person and Ambrose just gets under his skin just by being… Ambrose. I love it. Plus Cena vs the Club just doesn’t get old.

So not bad overall.

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