One Piece : The Yonkou, Charlotte Linlin The Pirate

Chapter 829

Sorry I haven’t been up to date with One Piece for a few weeks. We’ll get all caught up on it now for you!

Starting with meeting Charlotte.

Now I know that its been a while but didn’t Luffy after finding out that Pekoms was missing want to press ahead with getting to Whole Cake Island?! So why all of a sudden is he so concerned about Pekoms?

Either way he doesn’t talk about it much, in fact we get a low down on what the map they were given is going to do. They will sail up close to each island but before getting to them they’ll turn away following the different logs to avoid being spotted.

Whilst that is all fun and games what comes next is actually scary.

I said before when we got our first glimpse of Big Mom a few chapters ago that she seems to be a terrifying opponent. You look at it all and think its one big joke what with the islands made of sweets and then she was dancing with all the sickly sweet stuff, but you read between the lines and listen (or read) what she is saying and actually there is nothing sweet or kind about it all.

We see this first hand in this chapter as she goes on a rampage. The citizens call it “her illness” when in actual fact its a craving for a certain type of food.

She like eats everything INCLUDING citizens of her own towns which are made of food! Plus you kinda learn that there might NOT be too much loyalty between the kids and their mum as she kills her 16th son Muscat just for trying to calm her down whilst the cooks work on getting her the food she wants. In the end it is a surprising guest that saves the day….


And not only that but he asks Big Mom to talk about something.


Boy do I love Jinbe if you don’t already know this. I always have. I really do hope he joins the crew this time, when they started with the Jinbe front covers I was hoping it was leading up to him showing up again and it doesn’t surprise me it might have had something to do with Big Mom that brought him back to the manga as she was the protector of his home until Luffy came around.

Still its a good thing he showed up in time though I’m not sure I can really be that happy to see a guy that just stuffed living cream puffs into someones mouth to stop her killing other people. I feel so sorry for the living cream puffs, though the whole cake island thing is starting to creep me right out!

So that was our first peak of Big Mom.

If she’s the weakest of the Yonko’s then…… Its just a little bit scary don’t you think? Her ability seems to be able to take years off of people’s lives, yet we haven’t really seen how it works because she was in such a state of hunger that all you really saw was flashes of it working. She said Live or Treat so does that mean that its at random how many years people could lose or if they get something else? I don’t get it. Either way when she’s in one of her states she’s going to be hell of a opponent to beat.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that she obviously has little to no time for her kids but the cold blooded murder of her son just for trying to calm her down just makes her even scarier.

Yet when she comes back round its all sunshine and rainbows again.

Such a strange character.

I honestly don’t see a way that Luffy is going to beat her, not that their plan IS to beat her. I still think this could all be a set up and Pudding will let her mom in on the plan but its hard to tell really. If Jinbe just bows to her wishes I can’t see anyone being able to stop her on their own.

Out of the two Yonkos we didn’t really know anything about this is our first real peak at one of them (other then the suicidal nature of Kaido) and I have to say I’m impressed. All it does is make me respect and love Shanks more though because she’s seriously scary, Kaido is seriously scary and Blackbeard… Well he’s Blackbeard. Yet most people seem to be scared of Shanks who is just a drunk with one arm and he’s equal to these three psycho’s?! Man do I love him.


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