One Piece : He Who Gets Bet On

Chapter 830

The last chapter was ended with a wonderous return by Jinbe! He has something to ask Big Mom and she does not seem impressed…

We start off with a flashback. Jinbe talking to the other Fishmen about how he believes that Luffy will rule the sea and he wants to go and give his life to help Luffy on his quest.

Good old Jinbe!

The crew let him know that they don’t care because he’s always put them first so they want him to be a little selfish and think of himself. Then we learn that the second in command, Aladine, is married to one of Big Moms daughters, Praline… Well she’s a bit of a strange one! I can’t get a read on her at all, she seems to share her mothers temperament in so much that one moment she’s all happy and the next she’s screaming and shouting. Though she seems to really love Aladine and is more concerned that if Jinbe asking for his release upsets mom that she’d be left behind.

I really have no words to describe those lot! The whole family is nuts!

Back to the present and we learn the price that is needed to be paid for leaving Big Mom’s service. Again a nasty side to Big Mom is that she see’s people for what they can do for her and not for the individual they are. She doesn’t care why Jinbe is leaving she just cares that the price that he pays is equal to his value when he’s gone.

The roulette board we see doesn’t make much sense without explanation other then he’s gonna be losing a limb by the looks of it. I doubt it is going to be that easy though.

As for the crew we get to learn a little more about Pedro, it seems he ended up being a pirate by accident and actually sailed into Big Mom’s territory with Pekoms a long time ago. He knows all about the terrain they are trying to get through as well as having some encouraging words about the Poneglyphs. He’s going to go steal it whilst the others go and take back Sanji.

I loved that they were getting attacked by ants, that just makes me laugh but by the morning they’d made it through and are already at Whole Cake Island.

Good! The faster they get there after all is the faster we get to see Sanji again.

It was a interesting chapter but gave nothing away. Jinbe wants to leave Big Mom but there is a price to pay and we’ll have to wait and see what that is. The guys have arrived at Whole Cake Island but what awaits them next is a mystery! Including who it is waiting on the shore for them.

I guess we’ll see pretty soon who it is.


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