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Episode 5

Shuukan Shounen Zetsubou Magazine: Hinichijou-hen (週刊少年ゼツボウマガジン 非日常編)

The trial to find the killer of Chirhiro is underway. With very few clues to the WHO did it the class assemble to figure it out.

Well you’d think everyone would take this a bit more serious but obviously not.

Hiro just seems to throw out random ideas when the actual answers are easy to figure out just by opening your eyes. Like the dumbbell used to kill Chihiro was right on the floor in front of her dead body so why anyone would even need to think twice when the Monokuma File says it was blunt force trauma to the back of the head I don’t know.

The problem from the beginning with this case is Byakuya.

Dude thinks he’s smarter then he actually is. After the murderer murdered Chihiro Byakuya decided to play a little game with them all but he underestimated the rest of the group. Or at least Makoto. He dressed the body to look like it was killed by Genocide Jack to make sure he can unmask Toko as having a split personality and one of them being Jack. He needs to be taken down a peg or two. I do like when Makoto outsmarts him or see’s something that he hasn’t, even better is when Kyoko outwits them all.

After the way his body was hung up was dismissed as having nothing to do with the murder, we go back to step one.

Makoto figures out that the carpet and the posters have been swapped and therefore the murder happened in the boys locker room, which lead us to learn that Chihiro was actually a guy and that the deceased people’s eHandbooks was used to open the girls locker room.

So how will they possibly find out who killed Chihiro?!

With a slip up.

Whilst throwing around the evidence Mondo let up that he knew that Chihiro was wearing a blue track suit when he was killed. This therefore proved that Mondo actually was there when Chihiro died.

Monokuma gives us the story of Chihiro who had decided to hide that he was a boy to stop people telling him he was weak for a boy, the Motive that Monokuma gave them was his secret that he was a boy. Instead of panicking and wanting to kill someone Chihiro used it to start training and become stronger, he asked for Mondo’s help. Sadly Mondo’s secret was that he’d killed his brother, it was a accident but he blames himself completely for it. When seeing Chihiro work so hard to overcome his secret Mondo fell into a rage and killed him.

If anything though it proved one thing.

Mondo was a hot head, Mondo had a problem with a lot of things but his number one reason for being jealous of Chihiro was the strength he showed in the face of despair. I think that is something they don’t really think about much in the anime because its a story we really needed to grasp onto. If at any point the group had really thought about Chihiro more they might have stopped killing each other right now. Unfortunately they didn’t. Chihiro’s strength of mind was special.

It was another great trial. You get to learn so much about the people involved in the murders but also about the thought train of the other students. I think away from it as someone watching it you can tell the people that wouldn’t commit a murder. I really do think from this trial you could tell who to avoid and who not too. Some I just don’t think would ever have been motivated to do otherwise. Taka I don’t see ever being motivated to do something like that, he even offered to take Mondo’s place because it hurt him so much hearing Mondo killed someone so I honestly don’t think he’d ever kill. Kyoko I can’t see killing either, she’s a bit of a emotionless person but I don’t feel she’d kill. Makoto obviously wouldn’t and I have no reason to not trust a psychopath like Genocide Jack when they say they won’t kill anyone because they don’t fit their “type”. I mean she is honest about killing people so why would she be any different about who she wouldn’t kill?

The ones to look out for seem to be Celestia and Byakuya. Both know its a game and are willingly playing.

Byakuya is dangerous in completely other ways. He says he was trying to test the others in this murder but I think he wants to be the smartest and most important person in the school. I think he hated that Makoto saw through the set up and honestly wanted to be the one that then “figured it out” after he announced that he didn’t believe it was Toko. I honestly don’t think he thought it was Toko. Actually I think in the game he even saw Mondo moving the body, its why he knew that Chihiro was dead in the first place. So I think he just wanted everyone to know he was the one that was in charge and it backfired. I wouldn’t put it past him to do so again.

Another spectacular death as well.

This whole story was sad though.

Chihiro trying to overcome his weakness. Mondo losing it the way he did after accepting Chihiro and agreeing to help. Two vulnerable people and one losing it. Just after everyone started to bond as well. The more people kill the more the others become suspicious though which is the horrible thing. If only Sayaka hadn’t freaked out they could have all been so very happy.

I really do think it needs to be remembered how Mondo reacted to Chihiro too. Mondo seemed to have a lot of emotional problems and was psychologically scarred by the death of his brother which ended up with him having a fit of jealous rage. BEFORE that though he had accepted Chihiro. If you look at the group before all this he would be the one you’d think WOULDN’T accept something like that but he did with no questions.

Their fight is a fight against despair but if anything, even though he couldn’t control himself, his action of accepting Chihiro MUST in some way prove that there is hope there somewhere.


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