Danganronpa : The Animation : (Not) Normal Arc : Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armoured Hero, Stand upon the Earth!

Episode 6

Shinseiki Ginga Densetsu Futatabi! Soukou Yuusha yo Daichi ni Tate!: (Hi-)Nichijou-hen (新世紀銀河伝説再び!装甲勇者よ大地に立て! (非)日常編)

Yeah its one hell of a long title.

With Chihiro’s death now avenged and Mondo found guilty once again the students will have to try and settle down into normal life in this abnormal school.

It was a really packed episode. Extremely packed episode.

So in the game the episodes happenings happen over a number of days and rather different to the way they happen in the episode.

Monokuma attempts to give yet another Motive to kill, this time in the form of money. It isn’t the money that seems to be the motivation for killing though as Hina discovers something much more precious.

She finds a computer that Chihiro has left behind in the Bathroom lockers as the Bathroom is the only place where there isn’t cameras.

The laptop is the one from the library that wasn’t working, Chihiro had programmed it with a AI that seems to be extremely intelligent and is working on uncovering all the secrets the laptop has to offer. Two differences that the game and the anime have is that the picture that the AI shows them was actually found in a classroom by Makoto and no one else saw it other then Makoto in the game, also when the computer talks to Taka in the game its during the night AFTER Kyoko had told the whole group they can’t go see the AI on their own because of Hifumi falling in love with it.

It isn’t important but I thought it would be nice to just point the differences out.

So the guys have a chance at finding out some interesting information, they just have to wait for the computer to figure it all out.

Unfortunately they don’t get a chance to find out as a group as something crazy happens next.

So… Because it is probably important to get the events straight.

Hina finds Celestia in the rec room, she’s been knocked out with Justice Hammer 1.

They find Hifumi in the library who has been attacked with Justice Hammer 2.

Celestia shows them a photo of a guy in a robot costume dragging Hifumi away.

Hifumi goes to the nurses office.

The rest split in two. Three of them find Hifumi dead in the nurses office, three find Taka dead in the room in the lab. The Class Trial announcement goes off.

Hina and Celestia go to the toilet as Makoto goes to tell the others they found Hifumi.

Whilst telling the others Celestia shows up and tells them that Hifumi’s body has gone missing. They all go to investigate.

They then realise they’ve left Toko, who fainted at the sight of the blood, with the dead body of Taka. They rush back to find Taka’s body gone.

They then split up again and search the school before finding Hifumi and Taka in the room behind the art room.

Hifumi has one last message to give before he dies and a second Class Trial is announced.

Kyoko and Hiro are the only two people that aren’t there and Hifumi names Hiro as the person who did this.

So… Yeah. Crazy. Two deaths to figure out but where the hell you’d start the investigation I don’t know! I guess the first thing is to find Kyoko and Hiro, plus the robot costume that Celestia took the photo of. We know what killed both Hifumi and Taka but how did the bodies, especially that of Hifumi’s, get moved.

And in all this confusion one other big question. I didn’t mention it above this but before all the craziness Taka and Hifumi fell out over the AI. Taka was kind of attached to it because it had talked to him in Mondo’s voice to cheer him up and Hifumi was in love because it was the first time anyone had ever been interested in him. Before all the craziness started the laptop had gone missing. Seeing the two people who were, as it were, in love with the laptop dead you have to think that it has something to do with the laptop going missing.

What they actually do is beyond me though as they never seem to do what they are meant to be doing.


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