Mawaru Penguindrum : So, I Want You to Be Here for My Sake

Episode 18

Dakara Watashi no Tame ni Ite Hoshii (だから私のためにいてほしい)

Tabuki has started his own war against the Takakura’s. He wants his revenge, can Shouma and Kanba save Himari?

Well Tabuki gets the really artistic and over the top back story. The general gist of which was that he wasn’t talented enough for his mum so when his little brother was born and was a genius he was given up on and Momoka decided that they would be bonded together.

Unlike Masako’s story the flashback was so artistic and well placed that it didn’t make the story crazy.

It was a moving episode but in the end also felt like a lot of nothing. In the end nothing really changed and once again any part of Tabuki’s story really only went to work in Ringo’s favour.

The thing is it was a great episode which built tension and had for the first time in the anime Himari in actual danger. Thing is its now night and she hasn’t had her medication so there is a good chance she should be about to die, unless Sanetoshi shows up, and after all the heartbreak and whatever else we’re left where we started anyway. It felt hollow by the end, like the episode neer had to happen.

Nothing moved forward, nothing moved back. Kanba has done things but what we still don’t know, I at least had already guessed who was giving him money but its unimportant because we haven’t seen anything else and we still haven’t seen him do anything else other then receive money. Masako needs to get Kanba away from the family… Why? There is no sense to her wanting to do that so its just another turn for no reason.

Tabuki’s use as a character has now disappeared, whilst his actions now make sense and his final words to Yuri completed his actions and by far he’s been the best part of the series in many ways what else is he going to do? He’s already announced that he’s basically been poisoned by his feelings and there is no real coming back for him. How he saved Himari is beyond me but he couldn’t even get his own revenge so there is nothing else. Yuri by the slap she delivered can be saved because she obviously still feels something, as a character she’ll never be able to make up for her attempted actions, but going forward she’s obviously not as far gone as Tabuki.

This war looks to be nothing more then posturing in the last few episodes till everyone lives happily ever after or some such.

So the anime has changed once more. It kind of started really well but a bit weird, got a bit monotonous, then went batshit crazy and now looks like its going to give up on being anything but bland.

Still have a few episodes to go yet though so I shouldn’t count my chickens really.

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