Danganronpa : The Animation : (Not) Normal Arc : Weekly Shounen Despair Magazine

Episode 4

Shuukan Shounen Zetsubou Magazine: (Hi-)Nichijou-hen (週刊少年ゼツボウマガジン (非)日常編)

With the first murder and the first trial all over how do the rest of the group react?!

Well. Better then expected.

So the group learns that when they successfully pass a trial more of the school opens for them to live in. The second floor includes a library and a swimming pool and in the library they find a note to the principal and a broken laptop.

This is when the story REALLY splits into two.

Whilst the game took precedence in the first three episodes, the fact Monokuma wants everyone to kill each other and then hold a trial to see if the murderer can leave or not, it is easy to forget there is a bigger mystery altogether to figure out. The letter they find tells them that the school had been closed but it didn’t really help them figure out what has happened to them. It very easily gets thrown to the back of their minds as well as life gets in the way.

Life imprisoned in the school you say?

Well yes they are only human.

The relationships between the characters, whilst not looked at as in depth as in the game, still shine through. Toko’s obsession with Byakuya, Celestia and Byakuya’s distaste for everyone as well as the simple adorableness of the testosterone filled friendship of Mondo and Taka are the most important parts of the episode. Its important because its a constant reminder that these are just normal people, not even that, they are normal school kids who have been put in such a horrible situation. Will them having to live with each other forever be such a hardship? Obviously not.

So obviously not that Monokuma gives them another Motive to kill, this time handing out secrets about them that they don’t want the others to know. Some, like Makoto’s, seem to be uninteresting, but obviously some were worth killing about.

Unfortunately its Chihiro that suffers at the hands of the next motive.

A giant difference in the game and the anime were seen in this episode. In the game you had to have three people or more find the body for Monokuma to announce a death and the waiting period for the trial. In the anime he announces someone is dead THEN makes a announcement that the countdown to the trial has started when three people find the body. In the game they notice something isn’t right because they have breakfast together and Chihiro isn’t there so go looking for her and find her in the girls locker room. In the anime its  a little too obvious that SOMETHING is up.

Once more you have to put your thinking cap on.

We learn that she was hit in the head by a dumbbell. A coffee stain that Sakura had made the day before in the locker room carpet has disappeared, the poster in the girls locker room has a picture of a girl on it which is odd. Also the extension leads from the library are being used to hold Chihiro up in the position she’s in. Kyoko finds all the dead people’s eHandbooks in the entrance hall and Byakuya shares information on Genocide Jack, a serial killer that he knows all about after reading the murder cases in the archive in the library.

Toko also goes weird and demands to talk to Byakuya who seemed pleased with what he heard just before Monokuma calls them to the elevator for the trial.

It seems to go by in such a hurry. Next time out we’ll be saying goodbye to yet another member of the group but do they really have enough information to figure out who did it?!

We’ll see.



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