Danganronpa : The Animation : Not Normal Arc : Kill and Live

Episode 3

Ikikiru: Hinichijou-hen (イキキル 非日常編)

The first trial is at hand. Who killed Sayaka? How will they figure it out?! What evidence is there to save Makoto? We’ll find out.

I guess what I really loved about the anime is the trials. They talk out what happened so thoroughly that you are never left with any doubt that you knew what happened and why.

The trial starts out simply enough. Sayaka was killed in Makoto’s room. They were close, they all had motive in the form of the DVDs Monokuma had given them so it isn’t beyond belief that Makoto killed Sayaka because of whatever was hidden in the DVD.

We as a audience know that Makoto didn’t do it. He swapped rooms with Sayaka which is a point that brings up many more questions then it answers.

What I found most interesting about the episode both the first time and this time I watched it was simply this. They KNEW if they got the wrong person then they would all be punished. OK they didn’t know to what extent punishment REALLY would be until they got to the end of the first trial but they knew that either the killer or the whole group were being punished. So they didn’t really look into anything. In fact other then Kyoko and Makoto none of them seemed very interested in any kind of detective work. It was so simply Makoto that they didn’t really bother to think outside of the box.

Why would you do that?!

When your life is also on the line surely you would make 100% sure that you were SURE of the answer before calling for a vote?!

Every time Makoto brought something forward to prove his innocence they kinda shrugged it off and instead of investigating further just bent it to fit their own personal agenda.

For me the biggest clue was being overlooked the whole time, which was the dying message on the wall behind Sayaka. Finally, and only because he had exhausted everything else to try and prove his innocence, Makoto pointed out that there was a message on the wall behind her. Funny thing is even on first watching I remember getting confused why anyone thought it was 11037 because it was quite obvious that it was Leon.

Yes it was Leon. The Ultimate Baseball Star.

See the murder looked cut and dry that Makoto did it. In actual fact it was a convoluted plan gone wrong.

Sayaka, after seeing her dreams go up in smoke on the DVD, devised a plan to murder someone in Makoto’s room after swapping with him, believing he’d be dumb enough that he wouldn’t point the finger at her anyway.

She went out, got a knife to protect herself, switched rooms and after switching rooms switched the name plates on the doors. She sent a message to Leon telling him to check the name plates so he wouldn’t get it wrong, when she attacked him she failed to kill him and he was able to fight back. She escaped to the bathroom, which couldn’t be locked BUT Makoto’s rooms door stuck so it would give the impression of being locked if you didn’t know that it had to be jiggled about to be opened. Leon went and got his screwdriver (it isn’t made clear but in the game the boys all had tool kits given to them and the girls sewing kits. I think it was silly they missed it in the anime because it helped again explain why Leon would have left the room to get HIS screwdriver and again pointed to Makoto being innocent) to force the door open. Sayaka, according to Kyoko probably feeling regret for what she’d done to Makoto, scribbled Leon’s name with her left hand on the wall as she was pressed up against it, keeping her body in front of it so Leon wouldn’t see.

Goodbye Sayaka.

Leon then had to get rid of his clothes but the incinerator was locked and Hifumi had the only key so Leon, being the Ultimate Baseball Star, used his skills to throw the bloody top into the incinerator and then used Hiro’s crystal ball, which Hiro just left lying around, to turn the incinerator on. Thereby destroying the top and all the evidence, just one sleeve managed to fall to the ground giving Makoto another piece of evidence to clear his name.

In the game its fun having to piece it together, and the first time (not binge watching it) it was fun during a week trying to piece the bits together.

The bathroom door and dying message were the big give aways really. As soon as people heard that Makoto’s bathroom door was forced open but it shouldn’t have been, as well as a note asking someone to come to her room that was written in Makoto’s room, the unpacked screwdriver in said room too it should have all been clear as daylight that it was Makoto.

The group finally get the right answer and boy do they learn they might want to be careful.

The gruesome and inventive way that Leon dies, a death by 1,000 hard hitting baseballs, was fitting but also proved that this game probably isn’t worth playing along with. I loved the change in animation style for the deaths and it was perfectly lifted from the game too which when I was playing the game through made me so simplisticly happy it is embarrassing to admit.

First Class Trial passed.

Thing is from this you kind of gain a lot of knowledge on the type of people that are playing this game. Some are complete idiots, others you can’t really trust and a few are extremely lovely. One thing is for sure though…

You can’t predict what the others are going to do.


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