Kiznaiver : If The Kizna System Spread Throughout the World [End]

Episode 12

“Sekaijuu ni Kizuna System ga Hirogatte”(世界中にキズナシステムが広がって)

The final episode is upon us. You’d think the last episode was the natural ending point but no we have one last episode to bare before we ourselves are let go of our Kizna connection to this show.

I am honestly more confused then ever before.

So I get Nori. She’s there to connect with everyone because she thinks connecting herself to people’s pain and not letting it go means she won’t be lonely.

I have no idea why someone would come up with that idea, her own logic on it seems hazy and the fact she ended up lonely AFTER anyway seems to point to a big hole in her logic.

Never mind though.

We then get the heart melting (or vomit inducing depending on what side of the fence you are on, good luck to those on the vomit side) yet extremely confusing speech by Kitsuhira where he once again just points out he has no actual idea about anything. Are they friends? Is it love that makes these bonds strong? Does it matter? What was his point!? Friendship isn’t omnipotent therefore there must be something else bonding them…. He loves her… What the hell he’s talking about I don’t know though they also seem to have forgotten that Kitsuhira forgot about Nori until about 4 episodes ago.

Swiftly moving on.

The rest of the group lose their identities as individuals and become THE GROUP.

What does this mean?

Well beforehand they were all characters with their own motivations, own stories, own lives and own personalities. Now they kind of aren’t. They are a force of friendship that moves throughout the episode and even though all the characters you truly care for are in that group, and all the stories you care for are between these characters and the whole show has been about them (and if it was only about them it would have been 100 times better) they lose that identity to be the force that brings Nori and Kitsuhira together and allows her to let go of the others Kizna wounds and blahdy-blah blah.

Yes I was not impressed.

The episode was one long contradiction. It was like the writers weren’t sure what the point they were trying to make was.

Was it friendship? Was the Kizna experiment the only reason or just THE REASON they got together? Could a friendship this strong have happened without the experiment? Does it matter? Who cares?

Stories I cared about didn’t really have a ending but its OK because the two characters no one seemed to care about have their emotions back and fell in love. Chidori was made the butt of the joke (writing wise not her actual character or in story) and the confusing addition of Nico into her story ruined what was the ONLY moment that made me tear up in this episode. WHY OH WHY couldn’t the writers realise how much they had ruined Nico’s character and made her HAPPY that Tenga and Chidori looked to be getting closer? Why did two people who put a whole group through so much pain and misery get the happy ending but the group full of nice and lovely characters got nothing!?

If you can’t tell…. I’m angry. Real angry.

I just don’t get it. I don’t. I honestly don’t.

So much potential wasted.

My end of season review is out this afternoon (I’m on the ball with this catch up!) so look out for that for my overall opinion.

Episode 12? Well I was already let down so the confusing ending to a confusing series didn’t let me down at all. It just confused me further. So well done you!


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