Kiznaiver Final Thoughts


Recommend : No

If you read just about anything about this anime you’d think it would be right up my street, hell on the outside it sounds so very good.

Reading about it is possibly more enjoyable then actually witnessing it though.

I’ve never seen such a interesting concept so badly laid out in my life.

Kiznaiver should have been the anime that makes you sit up and think. Its about a experiment bonding people by pain to try and understand others that they either just couldn’t understand or never tried to understand. It had some unique characters and some very powerful emotions.

So where did it go wrong?

Sadly it went wrong right from the beginning. It was too short with two different stories running through it. Whilst focusing on one story which became back ground noise to the story they wanted to push they lost the whole point of their own anime.

The main characters were meant to be the modern deadly sins, they were put together as complete opposites of each other and the bond was meant to be tested to see if such differing personalities could connect.

They then forced connections by putting them through stupid tests that actually lead them nowhere. The only bonding they ever really did they did on their own backs and would have happened faster if they were just left alone. The stupid tests just made the whole thing feel more fake, why would these people be put under so much stress and GET ON?! They just wouldn’t. In fact the only character that bothered to point this out had a complete U-turn at the end of the series for no reason other then she was the cold hearted bitch who had to give the rousing speech at the end of the series to make everything better.

Whilst badly putting forth all this they then came up with a more convoluted story involving the main character and a side character who suddenly rose to being the most important character in the whole thing. She went from torturing the group to being the one we were meant to be feeling sorry for, the one that we were meant to hope the lead character would finally be able to fall in love with.

AMONGST ALL THIS we also had weird romantic story lines that just made no sense and were thrown in for shits and giggles.

By the end of the episode you had a boiling pot of different stories and were picking out the most random parts to focus on at the most random times.

It was the longest, most confusing and odd explanation of friendship that I’ve ever seen.

Yet whilst the chemistry between the characters was definitely there and you could see how bonds were being made the anime did its best to make it as strange and unbelievable as it could be.

There wasn’t anything that would make you dislike the characters, there were plenty of funny moments that would make you love them, they tried to do too much with all of them and in the end didn’t really have a direction they were pushing this.

The final episode was just proof of this. After all that working to tell us about the Kizna experiment and growing closer, with Nori about to mess up the whole city, the ending speeches by just about everyone made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!

So did the anime want us to think that friendship is important? What was the point of all 12 of these episodes?

To be honest the romance angle completely soured me to the whole series. As soon as they moved the love triangle (well… oblong?) and made it even bigger was the moment the whole thing went down the toilet. It was their last big gamble to make people care about the two characters who had no feeling, yet they had feelings for each other and at no point really truly cared about ANY other character they were around. By putting so much romantic tension on everyone they, I guess, hoped that you’d care about Nori and Katsuhira falling in love but it just came across as tacky as forcing the love angle on someone like Nico so that more drama, unneeded drama seeing Nico’s big thing was friendship anyway, could push the two most boring characters into the hearts of everyone.

It didn’t work.

So no I can’t really recommend the series.

I don’t know if I liked it or hated it but I do know I wasted a good portion of my life trying to figure it out and was let down time and time again. Not to mention it was one of those shows that just felt like it should have ended a good 10 episodes before it did (OK I exaggerate but the final episode felt like it was there for no reason other then MORE FEELS!)

It was more then a disappointment. It was a mess beginning to end, it was tacky, it lacked any real tension, drama suspense or even humanity. It threw up a few good laughs and you’ll love some of the characters regardless of the terrible storytelling but that is it. You will feel like you wasted your time, or at least I did.

Something made me stick with it till the end but what that was I could never tell you. Unlike Kiznaiver I am not about to write 12 anime episodes to confuse you even more with my thoughts. You can breath a sigh of relief!


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