Danganronpa : The Animation : (Not) Normal Arc : Kill and Live

Episode 2

“Ikikiru: (Hi-)Nichijō-hen” (イキキル (非)日常編)

Your second helping of despair for today is upon you. With a Motive to kill will someone actually get the guts to kill another student or will they all decide that living together in this school for the rest of their lives is the way to go?

Only one way to find out.

Its the small things that you must always remember.

Episode 2 introduces us to the second part of the kids new life. When a dead body shows up its up to the students to figure out who killed Sayaka Maizono who ends up the first victim to a attempt to graduate.

So the rule is you kill and don’t get caught and you can leave. Obviously to not be caught you need to have a trial. The rule of the trials is that if you get the guilty party they get “punished” if you get it wrong they get to walk free and the rest of the students are “punished”.

So, as I said, the first victim is Sayaka.

What happens before she dies?

Well everyone seems calmer after the ending of the first episode but Sayaka comes to Makoto scared. They agree to switch rooms for the night as she had someone come to her room she felt safer in Makoto’s room.

Next morning we learn of something else that the group had decided. As well as saying that during official nighttime hours they won’t leave their room they had agreed to have breakfast every morning together. Makoto puts the students into three brackets, the good kids who are there on time, the ones more flexible with their time and then the ones that just don’t really care.

After Sayaka doesn’t show up for breakfast Makoto panics and runs to his room to find it destroyed and Sayaka dead in the shower.

Then comes the investigation.

In the game you get to hear about the evidence. The most gamey part of the game IS the trial after all, the rest of the game is very much a visual novel whist the trials are actually extremely fun to play. In the anime they don’t have the time to ponder each individual piece of evidence so if you want to put it altogether then you have to figure out the clues for yourself.

From Monokuma’s case file that he gives the kids after the murder the whole group know that she died in Makoto’s room. No one but him and Sayaka knew that they switched rooms so for everyone else its news.

They find a broken wrist with gold paint. In the trash room a broken glass ball and a half destroyed shirt. 11037 written on the wall behind her. The fact the name plates have been switched on the doors. Then Makoto watches her Motive, her group of Idols being torn apart.

In other words we need to remember these things going into the trial because they are going to be what we need to solve the mystery.

The anime and game differ quite a lot on this. In the game everyone gets really paranoid and they put out guards to make sure no one destroys evidence. There is also a lot more to it before it even gets to the murder in the game so there is a bit more evidence. You also get to talk to other characters and their statements help you.

Of course for the first trial it only makes sense that Makoto himself is the one that everyone suspects. Why? Because him being the character you basically are, you play him in the game and you look at the world through his eyes in the anime, it puts YOU in the position of having to figure out what happened. We KNOW that Makoto himself didn’t do it because we ARE him to some extent. He’s the one telling the story so we see it happen before him. Knowing that the suspect for the murder isn’t the murderer means we go into the first trial with a open mind, something the rest of the jury isn’t doing, as proven by the conversation waiting for the lift where nearly the whole class is already convinced its Makoto.

With very little to go on they march to their destiny.

You can already see that the trial is going to be swayed by the personalities in the group more then by the evidence. Makoto will need to prove himself innocent but someone like Byakuya or Kyoko could sway the whole room whatever way they want which again leaves you with the anxiety that maybe, just maybe, this is the game they want people to play.

Next episode is the trial.

Ohhh and one other thing. In the middle of the episode when Monokuma is talking to everyone about what they have to do him and Junko fall out. As Monokuma waddles along to….. Who the hell knows what he was going to do to Junko she attacked him and his threat of punishment comes true. Junko is also dead. She got impaled by Gungir spears. Even more reason for the kids to stay in line with the rules. Plus Toko faints when she see’s it happen.


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