Beserk : The Branded Swordsman

Episode 1

“Ryūkoroshi no taiken” (竜殺しの大剣)

Will it be Reviewed : Yes

Until further notice even though all reviews are co-written by me and Luc as we tend to watch them together or at least send each other our opinions and we blend them into the reviews, all reviews (as with everything else) will be done by me.

I have a feeling most people know what Berserk is so I won’t go into detail. I don’t remember Berserk very well myself, I don’t remember much so something I watched as a kid is hardly going to be remembered well, but I do remember the game extremely well, if not the story.Something that I will always remember about Berserk is just how powerful it is. Story wise as well as design wise. It packs a punch.

The first episode carried on the tradition of packing a punch.

All you really needed to know about Berserk is right there in front of you. If you don’t know anything about it then you know enough to know the ride you are about to embark on is going to be amazing. If you do it was enough to get you excited for what is to come.

It did a great job of introducing new audiences to Guts who is a iconic character by now, it gave them a look at how he acts, a glance at what troubles he holds within him and where his path is taking him. It had that great sense of hopelessness that I always remembered from the game, though I think that was because I was pretty hopeless at the game in the first place. It was gorey, it was action packed and it moved at quite the pace.

For me the only thing I can say in a negative at all is that the animation was a bit jarring. It was a beautifully animated episode but some of the movements were jerky and odd and it takes you out of the episode as you watch the characters jerk strangely. I’m not saying its horrible or terrible but its something that will take time to get used to. How long I don’t know but till I get used to it I think it’ll distract from the episodes themselves. Specially Guts. His actions were just strange at times and it was hard to concentrate on reading the subs whilst watching him jerk strangely. But it was beautifully drawn though.

The contrast to the whole of their surroundings and Puck though is great.

Wherever Guts go violence and anger follow him. So when Guts walks into a bar… Which isn’t the set up of a joke… All hell was bound to break loose and it didn’t stop in the bar. The episode didn’t hold back on having Guts have to fight his way forward. There was so many different things laid out in front of him for him to slash through to just get to the end of the episode which just made my demented heart bleed of happiness.

A great opening episode. I can’t wait for the rest.


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