Round up of Prides news this week…

So as I know that James likes to be kept up to date with things, I’ve not been able to really keep up with anything this week as I’ve been busy so here is a handy guide of everything Pro Wrestling Pride have announced this week.

Starting with….

If you can get to Paignton next weekend you might want to go follow their Facebook page and Share, Like and Comment on this post :


You have till Monday to do it, so get too it. Feel bad I didn’t share it beforehand but as I said I’ve been extremely busy.

So we’ll start obviously by talking about that show and the match announcements for it…

First off unfortuantely with Scotty 2 Hotty becoming a trainer with WWE he no longer will be coming to the show, which is sad. Instead though they have a great Fatal Fourway for the Catch Division trophy…

I don’t know who I want to see win this one. Scotty has been a great champion and I feel he should come out of this OK. Then again Tiger has had so many challenges put in front of him since losing the trophy that if this was a one-on-one match I think Scotty could possibly underestimate him. Throw in PJ Black and Mark Andrews and you just can’t pick who will win. Yeah I am super looking forward to this one.

Next up a match you just knew was coming. In Taunton Doug Williams and Danny Jones tagged up with a chance to win the tag team trophies in a ladder match. Some accidental friendly fire on the part of Jones a few times sent the British Legend over the edge to the point that he walked out and reappeared later just to powerbomb his own team mate seconds away from him getting his hands on the trophies.

I can’t wait for this match, love Doug Williams and can’t wait to see him live properly. Should be a very good match.

The match was already announced but I guess its as good a time as ever to remind you of this one. ‘Swoggle teaming with the Magnums to face the Tag Team Champions and the UK Dominator? I smell shenanigans.

No rest for Eddie, only weeks after snatching the belt out of the grasp of Big Grizzly he’ll be going toe to toe with Hardcore Holly in a street fight. To be honest his bouts with Grizzly should have given him a taste of what Holly has to offer. I mean fighting a big angry Welsh bear surely should make fighting anyone else a walk in the park?  A great challenge for Eddie who is going to start his reign as champion off with a bang.

Last but not least we were given the news we’d have a 20 man Battle Royal. Loved their Battle Royal at Christmas so this is going to be even better. With so many different people in the mix and all three championships now in the hands of some tough opponents whoever wins this is going to go on to have a great fight to wrestle the belts off of one of the champs.

Pride also announced they had their DVDs back up on the website to buy so if you want to see any of their past shows from this year you can find them and order them here :

I honestly can not recommend ALL of them enough. If you can only grab one or two at the moment may I suggest either Christmas Chaos, Pride & Glory or One of a Kind. All three were amazing and Pride & Glory features a must see match that I think I’ve talked enough about since seeing it.

Of course you can buy any tickets for any of their shows here :

And I shall just leave this one last thing here ….

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