Mayoiga : Nanaki Mirrors your Soul [END]

Episode 12

“Nanaki wa Kokoro no Kagami” (ナナキは心の鏡)

This is a good two weeks late I know but I thought I’d at least get this seasons three anime that were followed to the end done and out of the way.

The final episode will finally put our little minds to rest and we’ll finally know what this is that they’ve gotten themselves into.

First up…

Episode 12 was a huge let down. A lot of people were saying from about episode 6 that the show would be a bit of a let down come the end and I hang hope that it wouldn’t and that the worst case scenario is that we’d get a cliffhanger with a hopeful second season at some point.

We don’t.

I was left with only pure disappointment with what we got.


I am happy that in his way Hayato was able to free himself and did return to the normal world. I think out of all the characters he was the one, other then Valkana, that I truly worried about. The sad thing was that the anime forgot that Mitsumune DID only come back to save Masaki and would’ve saved her and left Hayato if he hadn’t shown up and attacked everyone.

Then you have Koharun finally explained.

So girl who is doing all this messed up stuff with Jack and Hayato and crazy cosplay dude was doing it purely because the old guy that Mitsumune met on the outside of the village is her father and she wants to save him.

Yeah… Everything kinda has to have a “nice” ending.

In the end the group split. Those who are stubborn or really felt they had nowhere to go back to decide to stay. These include Valkana and Koharun. The others with the driver face their Nanaki and go home.

The last few episodes have focused on Nanko and how when she deducts things she grabs hold of a lump in her side. Yeah that was never explained. Just like the backstories of any of the other characters or anything else.

It felt like a complete let down. Honestly.

No one really learnt anything because you kind of had to keep a part of that psychological scar to return to normal on the outside. Those who stayed definitely didn’t learn anything because they weren’t even willing to stand up to their worst moment in life. They just decided to live on in this…. Nowhere place with the knowledge that as long as they didn’t try to leave the village their Nanaki wouldn’t hurt them.

The episode focused on just getting the group that had run off back with the main group and having everyone calm the fuck down long enough so that they can make their mind up whilst Masaki came to terms with Reiji being her imaginary friend and how she doesn’t need him anymore because she has Mitsumune. All well and good but all the tension and drama being built for weeks on end just got wasted. For me one of the biggest problems that led to that is that the dramatic tension was meant to be focused into a character that I personally had no interest in. I am and am not a romantic and I found nothing romantic about Mitsumune and Masaki therefore couldn’t care about his “knight in shining armour” crap or her having to face up to her psychological scar. The OTHERS didn’t get the same treatment, even Hayato who faced up to his Nanaki was dramatically over in seconds.

I guess that isn’t much of a review but it truly is how I felt about the episode.

Every second of it just oozed with disappointment.

I’ll have a full season review out later next week so look out for that but I’m kind of sad that it ended the way it did. It began as such a interesting psychological thriller and ended up a damp squib. Sad.

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