Mawaru Penguindrum : Those Who Cannot Be Forgiven

Episode 17

Yurusarezaru Mono (許されざる者)

I do apologise if my last few reviews have been poor but in such a short period of time I feel like the anime has gone completely off on one and I can’t really keep up with it.

Thankfully this episode feels like its gone back to what it was like. The last three episodes have been beyond crazy but happily we’re back to something reaching normality for Penguindrum at least.

Things have now split though.

Beforehand you had Ringo and the Takakura’s with the hidden threat of Masako.

Now you have the Takakura’s trying to save Himari.

You have Ringo’s story now pretty much over though she’s still stuck in the middle of everyone else’s.

You have Masako trying to save Mario.

This episode showed that Yuri and Tabuki are actually working together.

Then Sanetoshi going on about war.

Tabuki’s sudden change of personality not only in the episode but by the end of the episode was weird. He went from telling Yuri that it isn’t the Takakura kids fault for what happened to Momoka to luring Himari and Ringo away so he can start to punish them. Its by far one of the better twists though to see him go from this fun loving doofus to actually possibly the scariest threat in the whole thing.

Why the scariest?

Yuri and Masako have always been very upfront with their personalities. Yuri has always had that kind of don’t cross her attitude and Masako has only ever been there as a bad guy. Tabuki was someone, even up till the end of  the episode, you felt you could trust and now he’s betrayed that trust.

Fate has brought together such a lot of people and Sanetoshi is right. War has now begun.

Shouma and Kanba are out trying to find Himari who needs to be back to get her medicine. Shirase and Souya (the rabbit kids) want to punish Himari for being selfish… Not that it matters as she’s probably going to die again if she doesn’t get back for her medicine anyway. Yuri and Masako are in a underground fight for the two halves of the diary and obviously as said above Tabuki has Himari and is ready to punish her for the sins of her parents.

Its also the first time the spirit that has hold of Himari has nearly actually bothered to tell Shouma and Kanba what the Penguindrum actually is.

Which is still the strangest thing. The whole Survival Tactic stuff and the actual quest they’ve been sent on…. They don’t actually KNOW what they are doing! Its all been guess work. The spirit doesn’t seem set on telling them either.

For the first time in a long time I felt like I actually got what was going on. There wasn’t a load of badly placed flash backs and the story flowed well. Its gotten very busy though and its hard sometimes to keep up with who is doing what and why they are doing it. At least it was linear though. I think my problem with some of the episodes has been the really strange decisions taken by characters that don’t even add up to what they want to do and the way it jumps from flashback to current day without really any need for it. It felt rushed to make sure you knew the whole story before the big “war” that Sanetoshi is now going on about.

My only grumble in this episode is Yuri and Masako.

One thing I love about this anime is, regardless of one or two little moments, the women of the anime have been kick ass. Masako is like deadly cool, Yuri might act all sweetness and light but is actually a cold hearted bitch with a really sad backstory, Himari is lovely but she’s the glue that holds a whole family together and faces everything so positively and even Ringo who had a questionable quest at the beginning of the series was such a rounded and great character. In fact the anime has taken more pain in developing the females then they have the males. Other then finding out about their parents there hasn’t been any real development for Shouma or Kanba and Tabuki’s story is so interlinked with Ringo’s that everything we learn about him tends to be something to help Ringo’s character development.

So its a bit of a turn off when two kick ass females go into a gun fight for them to be sniping at each other for one being “past her sell by date” and the other being a “virgin” or is that just in the dubbed version?

I was sitting there watching a bad ass action scene and listening to the bitchest and most stupid speeches I’ve ever heard.

Its like whoever wrote it just couldn’t understand that women can actually be sassy to each other without bringing up sexuality and age.

Yuri doesn’t believe that Masako (and that Takaura’s) know the true power behind the diary so why not call Masako blind or ignorant? Masako was there when Yuri was attacking Ringo so why not call her desperate and hollow? “You’re a virgin” is much more a male attack on a male (to attack another guys masculinity) then a female attack on a female. Yuri’s insults didn’t even make sense! You won’t understand because your a virgin? Really?

Other then that though it was nice to have such a good episode after a few questionable ones!

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