RAW 27/6/16 Review

Matches Quick Overlook :

Winner : Paige & Sasha Banks

Winner : Titus O’Neil

Winner : Seth Rollins

Winners : Enzo & Big Cass

Winner : Match didn’t start

Winner : Kane

Winners : Cesaro & Apollo Crews

Winner : Dean Ambrose


Pretty impressed that they mentioned Roman breaching the Wellness Policy. When I was reading the tweets as I was going to bed a lot of people said that Seth’s speech would bring the much needed heat onto him but I honestly think the crowd spent most of his speech AGREEING with him.

The segment, whilst teasing a chance of seeing Cena and Styles in the main event at Battleground, seemed much more of a over the top way to just make up some matches for RAW itself. I mean what Seth was saying made sense, and it was cute seeing Seth lose his shit at everyone trying to muscle in on the match, the others didn’t make much sense but it was fun.

I liked it. Then again I love seeing Seth sulk. More of Seth sulking. One day I MIGHT get over the fact that AJ is in a WWE ring but it still doesn’t feel real to me.

Paige & Sasha Banks win by submission

Strong opening match with the return to RAW of Sasha Banks.

Wasn’t too bad a match. It started off a bit slow, came back from the break with Charlotte in control over Paige and didn’t last too long after Sasha got into the ring, a Bank Statement on Dana gave Sasha and Paige the win.

Good return for Sasha, still think Dana is out of her depth but at least it was a good length of match for the women. I feel bad I can’t get any more excited about the women’s division right now.

Titus O’Neil wins by Count Out

AGAIN this match was much more like what I wanted to see at the PPV. I’m happy that the kind of uninteresting affair there seems to have been part of a storyline to set a fire behind Titus because him vs Rusev has the chance of being so much of a freakin’ cool feud.

Titus just took it right to Rusev.

Its great because when Titus is on it he just beats the hell out of Rusev. when Rusev is on it he copletely grounds Titus. Its just brutal and you can totally get behind Titus and how he feels. I love Titus and I hope he is the one that ends up taking that belt from Rusev because it will be a good step forward for the big guy, he can definitely match up to the aggression of Rusev.


Kane is back baby! Well…. He’s back to annoy Steph and to REALLY upset the Miz who finally comes back with the IC belt. After complaining that he isn’t treated like a A list celeb Kane finally points out that champions are meant to put the belts on the line every now and again and actually compete in matches or else forfeit their belts. Good thing he’s around to make a title match tonight.

Loved Steph not telling Miz who his opponent is with the whole “its a cliffhanger” thing. Stephanie is great. I miss Corporate Kane.

Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

The match was great, I always have enjoyed seeing Rollins vs Cena and this was no difference. Feels a lifetime ago that these two were facing off against each other.

Have I mentioned how much I love that they are both back? But more so Seth? I really missed him and I love that he just looks like he can actually go out there and beat people up without help. It was my only problem with his title run was that he always LOOKED like he needed help but now he’s matching up to these guys really well and the dynamics with him are totally different. He really did look like he had Cena beat at points.

In the end as I said above this really was just a exercise in keeping the AJ/Cena feud fresh, making sure Roman is relevant whilst being out of the picture and shaking up who Rollins and Ambrose face going into Battleground. AJ and the Club came to ring side and the distraction was what helped Rollins get the final three count.

Good match though.

Enzo & Big Cass win by pin fall

What a complete waste of time?! This isn’t NXT, there are plenty of tag teams in WWE. Enzo’s speech was pointless and then they got the crowd doing the Mexican wave for no reason and the match lasted long enough for two waves around the arena. Then after the three second match there was Cass’s SWAFT before the Social Outcasts show up (obviously minus Adam Rose.)

I mean they could be really good against Enzo and Cass but I very much doubt that this is going to do anything for either team. What a waste of time. (Though I love Bo Dallas, so happy he’s back!)


Starting to hope that we will finally get to see Darren Young again rather then these little tidbits. At some point we actually, you know, need to see him in the ring.

Match Never Started

You’d go “ohh two Women’s matches” and then you’ll be disappointed as Summer was ignored and Becky just attacked Natalya who was at ring side.

Now if that was two males going at it we’d have STILL got the actual match but no. That was it. Though I did love Nattie’s “Enough is enough…” her uncle was one of my all time favourite wrestlers and she could do a good heel turn like him. Unfortunately again I have no faith in WWE to actually do anything interesting.



I don’t know which part of this I loved the most.

Sami’s speech which was really emotional, like he nearly had me in tears you just felt so sorry for him.

Owens speech which was just pure KO completely bending the truth to fit his vision and destroy Sami’s speech.

Then again there was Jericho who ISN’T really there to care about his guests but to remind them all that he in fact is the only thing worthy of being noticed. It was sad that he got superkicked by both Sami and Kevin when we were in the middle of drinking in the Gift of Jericho but whaddaya gonna do?

It became official that we’d see Owens vs Zayn at Battleground. It feels like they are gearing us up to have Owens and Zayn on different shows so they are gonna end the feud with a bang if they can, or else that is too obvious and this is going to go on for longer. Its something that can come back at any point, it never has to be sorted out directly, so it would be weird not to separate them in the draft.

Kane wins by count out

Well the Miz is back and he had his ass kicked by Demon Kane. Note to Miz, do not piss off Corporate Kane. Ever.

It really was just a lesson in why the Miz should shut the hell up. Personally I hope this isn’t going to be a long thing and Kane has had his vengeance because after being gone for a month I kind of want to see the IC picture blow up a little with some actual good matches with people that deserve a chance at it.

Love Kane to pieces but I’ve been so pissed off about them taking the belt off of Ryder and THEN having Miz bugger off anyway that I’d be a little let down if on return his feud ends up being with Kane.

The match ended when The Miz left after a very dramatic fall off the apron by his wife and some extremely poor acting. It was kinda cute. Also rather annoying. Kane got the win via count out as the Miz wandered off backstage.

Cesaro & Apollo Crews win by pin fall

I love all the guys in this match and it was a fun tag team match. Wasn’t enough Crews in it, then again it wasn’t really long enough for my liking full stop. It did make me realise one thing I love about Cesaro is that he looks so messy yet its organised mess, its like he doesn’t have bones or coordination but in the end it works out perfectly and looks great. Hi and Crews worked well as a team the little they did actually work together.

Del Rio and Sheamus not so much. Don’t see why they stuck these guys together right after the break up of League of Nations, would have made more sense to have shoved Corbin in there. Then again that would then call for Ziggler to be on the other side…

In the end Sheamus and Del Rio can’t get along, Sheamus gets pinned by Apollo Crews. Great result for Crews, finally getting some momentum going for him and hopefully we get to hear a little more from him going forward too.


Dean could talk about anything and it would be worth listening to. Its kind of funny that Steph has such a problem with Dean because Dean is a lot like Hunter was when he finally got to the top with DX. Scruffy, going against the grain… Though didn’t she say that Dean was unshaved? So? Like nearly every guy on the roster has some form of beard/stubble. This is gonna be great.


Ladies and gents New Day have managed to do it again. Dressed up like the Wyatt family. It is honestly one of the most fun things that New Day have done.

What made this even better was Xavier. Xavier is honestly so under appreciated, OK he might not be as good in the ring as Big E and Kofi, he is the small guy of the group but he is really what has pushed this group from where they started to here. NOW instead of being over the top and the guy that pushes the crazy he’s doing scared so well. Like honestly its such a mismatch but having THE most over the top guy of the group SCARED?! And he does it so well. I wanted to hug the guy.

I don’t blame him for being scared, Wyatt is just amazing.

The backstage bit with Xavier walking away from New Day…

Like I don’t want them to split but its going to be interesting to see how it plays out like this. I mean we haven’t really seen a more serious side to New Day so its going to be fun. I will hate for them to be split though. Great segment.

Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

You know I didn’t like the match as much as the Rollins/Cena match. Or maybe I was just distracted by Rollins talking. I know it sounds weird but unlike most other people when on commentary I felt first off that the camera spent way too much time on him (or maybe I’m just way too observant when Seth is on TV) and he didn’t talk about the match. You spent most of the time just listening to him repeat himself about him not knowing who he wanted to win and how much he hated Dean but he didn’t want AJ to be in the match and arguing with Saxton and Cole about his protests for Reigns to be removed from the match.

It was distracting.

When the Club got involved obviously Cena came down to even the score a little and Ambrose did get the victory but the show ended with Seth standing tall in the middle of the ring with the belt and the Club standing over Cena on the ramp.

Interesting way to end the show I guess.


Personally I’m still in two minds on whether I want to see Reigns at Battleground. To be clear I don’t want him out to punish him. I think this match would have been better at Summerslam anyway, I said it who knows how many times. It seems like a waste. With Reigns being suspended it gave them the perfect opportunity to do what they did tonight in a attempt to soften the crowd to him or else if they were just faced with a wall of boos at least use it to their advantage. I would seriously have Rollins vs Ambrose then have Reigns come back at Battleground and end the match in a DQ which leads to Summerslam.

What I’m most looking forward to is seeing the New Day / Wyatt feud though. Its like the battle of two theologies and both of the teams connect so well with the audience. I don’t know who I’d want it to end though, I had a feeling when we heard about the draft that New Day would probably end up split up, why? I don’t know but I just can feel it in my bones. If this is the start of that process its sad but it is interesting too. At the root of it sure New Day are silly but fighting grim prophecies that people like Bray sell to people with positivity doesn’t have to be stupid. With Xavier being scared of Bray and the conversations getting more serious this could be really great.

Not too bad really.


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