Pride Promotions : One of a Kind

Pride return to Taunton, last time we were there in January we got to see Tiger vs Omega, still one of my favourite matches of the year so far, the living legend Tatanka as well as a whole bunch of other great matches.

This time we’re here to see the Whole F’N Show Rob Van Dam.

If you weren’t there you missed out.

Winner : Charlie Garrett

It doesn’t take a idiot to know that the first match is so important in setting the tone for the night. Garrett vs Anderson was always going to be a good match but the bar for the night was set so very high by this match that you knew the night was going to be something special just by this one match.

Keizer was his usual happy self whilst making one of his grand speeches. He’s got a lot to be happy about, Garrett was a great addition to the Soul Society and he proved it once again. He matched up well to Anderson not just by bringing the fight to him but nearly matching him in the humour of the match too. Some great moments in a really fast paced match including the best bit when Garrett was on the top rope and Anderson punched him in a not so comfortable place leaving Garrett to scream in pain whilst Anderson screamed right back at him.

After a few moments of craziness including Keizer getting on the apron to distract the ref Garrett was able to roll Anderson up for the three count. The end could have been a little cleaner as Garrett had him in the roll up for a long time as Ed Dyer gained control of the match but that was the only negative I can say for such a great match.

Honestly love seeing Garrett perform. He is so interesting to watch in the ring and has such a big personality. It was a much better match then the PWA match he was in which was skewered too far on the comedy side and didn’t really let him show his in ring ability. This balanced it well and it was a great match.

A win for the Soul Society first thing in the night is always a good thing.

Winners : Ultimo Tiger, Joe Messinger & Chris Andrews

What a lot of talent in the ring. Seriously every single one of these guys were just so super talented. Gregory, Hamlet and Baker came out with Calum Caine which seemed to get just as big a boo as the group did on their own.

We won’t talk about Tiger and his new prop that he brought to the ring.

Both sides just worked so bloody well together. They both had some quick tags and great team work. There was a sequence between Tiger, Andrews and Messinger that was just absolutely amazing, the three of them just clicked from the beginning. As always seeing Andrews throw people around makes me happy and him throwing Tiger over the top rope before climbing up and jumping off the top rope himself was great.

The thing that I love the most was that neither side really had control of the match. I don’t think you would have put your money on anyone but Andrews, Tiger and Messinger winning but they didn’t just dominate the match. Gregory is so great in the ring and the one thing that this match made me want more then anything was to see him go one-on-one with Chris Andrews.

Last time I saw Baker I didn’t really have much to say about him or the match in general but I was really impressed with him this time out. I think I did say he was my favourite out of the three in the match in January and unlike that match this time out he really fit into the team. Messinger was also great adding another hard hitter to his team which helped balance the pace.

Have to say Tiger was a delight to watch. He really has grown so much over the year and he is just so much more clean in the ring. He keeps the high energy going all the way through and never actually stops. Ever.

Really fun match.

Winner : Eddie Ryan

After their match in Penzance it was hard to see how they’d match it in any way.

And top it they did.

Grizzly actually truly stamped the crap out of Ryan but you can’t keep the Lion down. The match went straight out of the ring and was all over the place, the crowd were crazy for it the whole time.

The two of them have such great energy and again it was just a fight. It didn’t have to look pretty because Grizzly probably knew that it was going to take a lot to keep Ryan down and he was going to do anything to keep him down. After losing to Grizzly in Penzance of course Ryan also knew just how much of a fight he had on his hands and they both threw everything they had into it.

I wasn’t too sure why periodically the ref remembered he was meant to be counting them out as they were counted out a good 5 minutes before a near 10 count. I’m happy they didn’t get counted out though because it was a good fight. It was also amazing that Grizzly didn’t get DQ’d for harassing  the ref.

The story telling was just amazing throughout the match.

The ending was great. Ryan accidentally knocked the ref out with Grizzly on his shoulders. It gave Grizzly the chance to catch his breath and after a Chokeslam, instead of calling for another ref or trying to get the ref in the ring moving again Grizz went for the title belt and hit Ryan with it. Again he went straight for a pin instead of shaking the ref awake which lead to a very slow crawl and slower 2 count. We then got a Superkick and a AA to Grizzly and a three count for Ryan to crown our new champion.

It is a match that you just have to watch.Ryan knocks it out of the park every time he’s in the ring and the belt going to him was only ever going to be a matter of time. Guy deserves it so much. Honestly any match with him in it is worth double the price of your ticket. Him and Grizzly just tore the place up and it was hard to see how any match afterwards would top that.

Can not wait to see Eddie come out in Plymouth as champion. He always, no matter where he goes, gets a outstanding reaction but it should be over the top in September. Great result for Ryan, so very deserved.


Winners : House of Bones

What a great selection of teams they had. House of Bones looked absolutely deadly as always. No UK Dominator or Vixxen with them at ringside but Gideon and Lomaxx don’t need the help. They had height and weight advantage over everyone else. The Soul Society were a interesting combination and came down with Keizer who stayed at ringside trying to be a cheerleader for the two of them, I personally kinda wanted them to win. Williams and Jones was a strange pairing but one I was interested in seeing work together. Then there was the Magnums who set the place alight from the moment they appeared.

Seconds after the bell rang and the ring was completely emptied. So much action all over the place that it was easy to miss it.

There were some really amazing spots in the match and a lot of the best moments had Magnums involved. Adored Riley’s drop kick to the ladder but cringed when it got trapped around his ankle and he fell with it attached to him. Walker with the ladder around his head whacking everyone with it was pure ladder match craziness. Also loved his screaming for a second ladder (after the first one broke) and the “Of course it is” when it was pointed out it was under the ring. Then again Riley’s moonsault (after jumping over the ladder in the first place) onto the ladder with Gideon (I think) on top was just amazing.

The Soul Society instead of looking for a second ladder managed to look stupid under the instructions of Keizer who is meant to be the brains of the outfit. We got to see them attempt to get the trophy by sitting on each others shoulders. Great moment, made me laugh. I think it was Danny Jones that sorted them out.

Then you had Lomaxx and what you can only say is his hatred of ladders. Every time he went to throw someone into the ladder he ended up running into it. He totally destroyed it when trying to run Riley through it and Riley moved out of the way. When he tried to get up the ladder he didn’t trust it but it did make you wonder how they were going to win. His size makes him hard for even a group of people to take out and Gideon was in the thick of the fighting on the outside most of the time, so Lomaxx clearing the ring wasn’t going to help much for them.

What about the odd pairing of Doug Williams and Danny Jones?

It was easy to miss what they were doing, my mum completely missed what had happened only seeing Williams walk out and come back later to attack Jones. It was a case of miscommunication with them two which lead to Williams getting pissed off at Jones hitting him and walking out and then costing them both the title just as it looked like Jones was going to win it. It was a great story in a middle of a lot of chaos and its sad to think people might have missed it.

We even had the Soul Society attempt to cheat and have Garrett grab the title. Again its something that some people missed and only noticed when they saw Anderson back in the ring.

In the end Lomaxx had to force Gideon up the ladder whilst running at people trying to get in to win the titles.

House of Bones with the belts is interesting. Its going to be extremely hard to get the title off them with Lomaxx’s strength and Gideons ring smarts. Great win for them though.

What a great match as well! I love tag team matches and this was just so very fun. All the three actual teams were so great together and Williams and Jones was a fun wild card that went completely wrong. All the guys in the match took a beating. Watching Gideon crawl up the ladder slowly was crazy. Great use of the ladders too, there was so much action all over the place that you never could figure out what to watch. So much fun though.

Winner : RVD

What can you say about a match with RVD? It was great. It felt extremely short but you got to see all the big moves that you expected from RVD and a lot of chair use.

Funnily enough this was a street fight but it didn’t feel like it spent even half the time outside the match or was even half as violent as the Championship match. It didn’t matter much though because it was just so exciting to see RVD in the match.

Scotty was great, Scotty is always great. Sometimes the hidden brilliance of Essex is completely missed. He held his own pace through the match, even though it was much more a showcase of a complete legend of the business then a match itself, Scotty didn’t just lie down and take a beating. He grounded RVD for a good deal of it and it let him show off some of his best moments.

Very different kind of match altogether though. I mean RVD could stand in the ring and do nothing and the crowd would have been crazy. I mean he was swamped when he left the ring.

For me the best thing Scotty did was just keep his character the whole time. It was like he begrudged RVD being RVD. Loved that he tried to leave saw the crowd and then stormed out the fire exit. Like honestly this match couldn’t be any different from the last time I saw him in his Mountevans Rules Match against Johnny Kidd but he shone just as much.

It was RVD though. Child me is still jumping up and down in excitement. Adult me can’t really jump without probably hurting my uncoordinated self but child me is never going to forget it.


Have to say that the guys did a wonderful job of the Meet & Greet. The RVD line was MASSIVE and so very busy but they managed to keep it well organised. They had someone there to take your photo with RVD which was a great touch really as I’d already been asked by someone whose friends had a little too much to drink to take their photo with RVD so for people like them it was perfect. Hope the dude got home at a reasonable time as he was saying he had work at 8am.

The RVD queue was fine, though I say that as a person who was pretty close to the front. Its always nice to be surrounded by excited people even if some of them were a little TOO excited and very drunk. There was a flying beer can at one point and its a good thing it hit my aunt because anyone else would have probably attempted to get their asses thrown out of the line, but the guys were actually really nice. Excitement and beer don’t work well together.

Meeting RVD was pretty cool. Guy was a hero when I was a kid and it was just great to meet him.

Scotty was just a complete gent, he was saying goodbye to people because he was leaving and yet I still managed to harass him for a signature and a photo.

Mr Anderson was pretty amazingly cool and I have always been a huge fan of his.

Plus you kind of needed to have a photo with the new champ, specially as its Eddie and everyone loves Eddie. I didn’t lie to Fiona and did tell her that Eddie had won but it was great to see him so happy.

Who would want to miss having a photo with Tiger?

Plus this time out I got myself a photo with the Magnums. Possibly the best photo I’ve ever had taken. I honestly just love the Magnums.


The night was quite honestly outstanding.

First off all the organisation was wonderful. We were in a giant queue that was growing every second and yet it was always moving forward. The refs were at ringside to help people find their seats as they always are and were cheerful and helpful as always. Even though it ran a little late Darren was constantly on the mic letting people know what was happening and for such a busy crowd it never felt like a mad rush or anything. So very well organised.

You have to give it to them. They really went above and beyond this show and it worked. They should all be ridiculously proud of themselves.

From match one through to the main event it was just top class match after top class match. Garrett vs Anderson was a tough act to follow but each and every match that did follow bettered the one before it effortlessly. There aren’t words to describe just how amazing all the guys were, there wasn’t a weak link anywhere. You know sometimes you can have a match that felt a bit off or a tag team match where one guy was overshadowed but this time out every match was only so good because everyone in it threw so much into it.

Eddie Ryan winning the title was such a big moment. He’d been building up to it all year and it was great to finally see him win, the match showed why Grizzly has held the title as long as he did or why he’s held it twice. Ryan is going to be a great champion and there are so many great possibilities when it comes to who he should face next that taking away some of the exciting guests they have coming (including the very packed Heroes and Legends next month) it really is extremely fun times ahead for fans. Grizzly has been honestly a wonderful champ but Eddie is going to work his ass off to keep that belt and not being as big and aggressive as Grizzly he’s going to make the title picture one hell of a place to be.

All the tag teams were amazing and I can’t wait to see House of Bones have to go face to face with the Magnums because lets be honest we’re going to see it. The Magnums are by far the fan favourites and they dominated the high points of that match. So not only is the Heavyweight Championship picture looking bright but the tag teams could steal the show with House of Bones holding those trophies.

Plus the Soul Society is forever growing. They are getting big wins and even bigger egos. I have Keizers speech which I’ll upload onto Facebook at some point if you want to see it (I am gaining a collection of his speeches) which is only going to add to the unpredictableness of it all. I mean they can really dominate in singles and tag divisions. There is literally nothing that they can’t do, other then maybe come up with a good plan.

Without just going down the card and gushing over all the guys they still have guys like Tiger, who is looking bloody awesome at the moment and has some big and exciting matches coming up, Andrews, who just kills it with whoever he’s facing, Adam, who wasn’t even on the show as his match was cancelled but no doubt would have shown once more just how much he’s improved this year if he did, not to mention Scotty Essex who is a great Catch Division champion and had some of the best matches of the year for Pride so far all waiting in the background. It really is exciting times ahead for them.

There isn’t even much point in pointing out anymore that every show is just better then the one before it. They honestly raise the bar with every show and it doesn’t matter if its a big one like this with a crowd of like 1000 people or a smaller show like the one in Teignmouth. Everything from the guys letting you in, the guys on the merch desk to the performers and everything else is just top quality. They are such a lovely bunch of people.

Talking of lovely people it was also a lot of fun spending time not only in the queue to get in but the Meet and Greet queues to spend time with a lot of people that I’ve met through wrestling. Dawn and Andrew who are as crazy as ever, Karla, Rich, Brogan, Angry Man and all the rest of the Plymouth crew… It just makes it more fun when you have a big group of people to talk to and gossip with. Even the drunk dudes behind us in the RVD line were great fun to talk to when they weren’t throwing beer cans about and messing about with chairs. Its always a friendly crowd.

With them joining up with two other companies to launch a On Demand service and the announcement of a giant show back in Taunton in October featuring Adam Rose, its pretty safe to say that Pride started this year with a bang and will be finishing it even stronger.

Go follow them…

Facebook : Pride Promotions
Twitter : @ProPWP
Website :

Next event is Heroes and Legends with a full card including the likes of Hardcore Holly, Scotty 2 Hotty, Hornswoggle, PJ Black and Doug Williams as well as all the favourites.

You can get tickets here :

And join the event page here :

I shall be going to the event, in the minibus organised by Karla, so it should be a amazing evening. That is the 10th July. More exciting times ahead for this company and I can’t wait for the amazing shows we’ve got coming up.

As always I guess a big thank you to everyone at the show for another amazing evening.

Plus another congrats to the man Eddie Ryan for winning the belt.

Ohhh actually there is one other thing. They did mention that they were going to have some videos to play during the wrestlers entrances, I didn’t get to see much of them as I was kind of in the wrong position to see them and I guess some people might have missed it completely. But what I did see of them they were awesome so whoever did them it was impressive. Shame it wasn’t easier to see but its just the nature of the seating in there I guess.


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