Mawaru Penguindrum : Immortal Man

Episode 16

Shinanai Otoko (死なない男)

Well Penguindrum was never something to ever make much sense so once again we delve deep into a crazy story that never makes sense….

As we find out more about Masako….

She sets her maid out to stalk Himari to find out what Kanba see’s in her. Her maid gets embarrassed in a Survival Tactic before we head into Masako’s past.

Masako seemed to have a problem with her grandfather, his attitude that there are only winners or losers meant that her father left. He was a complete ass to Masako and Mario which lead to Masako to spend her dreaming nights dreaming of how to kill him. Not only was he a complete ass he was freakin’ crazy as hell too.

As a child she became friends with Kanba and they decide to be cursed together.

The rest of the episode I think went right over my head. Her grandfather ended up killing himself by eating blowfish that he’d caught and not properly prepared and then you flash to the present where he possessed Mario and was going to leave him to the same fate but Masako ate all the blowfish to save Mario?

Is that right?

I mean I’m usually not too bad with Penguindrum, I get the over all message, but this time out it was just all over the place.

Kanba and Himari might grow apart due to Sanetoshi being in the picture but why Masako cares about their relationship and has her maid spy on them now is beyond me. As for everything else well I was with them up until the end.

I learnt from a prior mistake that trying to work it out never works though so I’m not going to sit here and hope that watching it 20 times will make it make sense to me instead I’ll just say this.

If this is the series deciding that every character has a lot of importance, they all have shitty backgrounds that we HAVE to know about, maybe they shouldn’t have left it till the middle of the story to rush it? Like I can’t be the only person that feels that Yuri and Masako’s stories have kind of been rushed to fit into a mould and therefore have kind of… Just not had any impact really. More so I think Masako. Like the whole episode for me was just a mad rush to get anything they wanted to say out of the way and now I’m kind of like… Soooooooo….. What was the point?

Only slightly confused.

(Or VERY confused.)

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