Money in the Bank 2016 Predictions

Well I’ve been watching RAW and SmackDown as best as I can even if I haven’t had the time to write anything about it. I thought I’d write up some predictions and try and get the wrestling section back up and running.

So MitB?


This is one match I’m really looking forward to seeing. Breezango has been a great way of bringing two fun Superstars together and giving them something positive to run with, as has the Golden Truth to be fair.

It was a long build up to get to where we are with the Golden Truth and it did get to the point where I was bored waiting for them to just happen but now they are together it was worth the rather long wait.

Personally I honestly want to see Breezango win in this match but for me I don’t think it really matters which team wins because they just work well together. If Breezango wins then it’ll be a strong result for two of the younger guys, if they lose then it can just fuel them as a team to go on and do better.

PREDICTION : The Golden Truth

It was such a long build up and I feel right now that the Golden Truth might get the win just to make it all worth it. I don’t know I just can’t get over the nagging feeling that that is where this is going. I’d love to be wrong though as I love Breezango more then words can describe!


What a boring match? For a PPV that is getting touted as being, in its own way, as big as WM one match, even if it is a Kickoff match, you wouldn’t think of seeing is the Dudley’s vs the Dragons.

As it stands I can’t wait to ignore this match because I don’t particularly care for the Dragons and have found the Dudley Boyz uninspiring for a while now, not for anything on their part I guess but because WWE haven’t done anything with them. There is so much more that the Dudleys could be doing and they.. Just aren’t doing it.

PREDICTION : Lucha Dragons

I have no idea why we need the match but with the Dragons losing to Del Rio and Owens on RAW I feel like they might be in for another loss. Can’t see why the Dragons would beat the Dudley’s anyway. 


Here you find two of many superstars who COULD right now be in the IC title picture if it wasn’t for the fact that the Miz is off filming right now and the belt is nowhere to be seen.

Its like WWE can’t possibly have good title stories for both the US and IC belt at the same time. So when the IC belt was at the forefront of everyone’s mind the US belt was shoved on Kalisto who they did nothing with. Now Rusev has the US belt and a interesting story with O’Neil the IC belt has been given to someone who they must have known was going to be off filming and won’t be defended at all.

That being said it’ll be a interesting match.

Kind of want Baron to go onto do something much more interesting after this though because as much as I love Ziggler the little I remember of this build up has bored me. To the point that I can’t remember much of what they’ve been doing AND I only caught up with RAW and SmackDown from this week hours before writing this.

PREDICTION : Baron Corbin

Come on…. They can’t have Ziggler win? It would have been a waste of Corbin’s talent to have him come to the main roster just to be in this feud and then lose. Have Corbin win and then do something really interesting with him.


Another two who could be battling it out for the IC belt or doing just about anything else other then this. Crews seems to have been promoted, shown off a bit and then it was like WWE had no idea what to do with him. This whole Sheamus match came about because he came and got in Sheamus’s face whilst Sheamus was running his mouth. A bit of a sudden one but giving nothing to Crews to work with.

The match could be a great match IF Sheamus isn’t being a funny Sheamus. If he goes out there to beat up Crews they could have quite the match up. I’m honestly looking forward to this match more then most of the others and think it could be one of the best on the card but with Sheamus acting a bit of a fool recently I don’t think it’ll be that great.

Hoping I’m wrong though.

PREDICTION : Apollo Crews

Same as above. I know both Crews and Corbin have been on the roster for a while now and both have had good runs so far but it feels like they are just there to show off their talent then do nothing. Not sure what is going to happen really.


For the first time in a long time I just don’t care about the Women’s Division. As I said before changing the name of the division, filling it up and giving them a new belt is hardly the change people wanted. Fans got excited and now we’re back to…. Pretty much what we had before.

I have no interest in the match.

PREDICTION : Natalya & Becky Lynch

I kind of feel like giving Natalya the win will be enough to move her away from Charlotte and probably leave Charlotte open to have a feud with Sasha or something else. It just feels pointless to have Charlotte beat Natalya again now that the belt isn’t on the line.


Another match I am really looking forward too. Rusev with a belt tends to be much more fun to watch then him without one, I have loved seeing him back to being the brute we once knew and Titus is the perfect guy to be coming up against him.

It was great to see Titus back and then right into something big like this and its been bubbling away pretty nicely. He’s the perfect guy to match up to Rusev’s brutality in the ring and it will be a interesting match. I kind of don’t want this to be the end of Rusev vs Titus though I wouldn’t mind if they opened it up and also brought in Jack Swagger too, either way at the moment its just nice to see Titus back and in a title picture.

Rusev has the upperhand in this one in my opinon.


I’m going with Rusev purely because I don’t think this is going to be the end of it. I have a feeling this could go on for a bit longer and taking the belt off of Rusev wouldn’t make sense. The guy is great when he’s got a belt and is lording it over people and Titus works great as the guy trying to take down people like Rusev so it would make sense for the time being to keep the belt on Rusev.


For me this is going to be the match of the night. The tag team division in both the main roster and NXT is so strong right now that I honestly can say I have no idea what they are going to do. With call ups from NXT imminent and everyone expecting guys like American Alpha’s to come up soon its gonna be really fun.

This has been my favourite build up too. You can’t get a bunch of teams with such differing personalities at all. Their promos have been electric, having New Day and Enzo mouthing off against each other has been great and seeing just how well (personally I feel) the Vaudevillains are coming into their own is great. The addition of the Club has just made things more interesting.

Its not much of a gamble to say this is going to be the match of the night because they’ve been stealing the show anyway on RAW and SmackDown for me.

Who is going to win is up in the air with me really believing that it is down to New Day and The Club. I think Enzo and Cass will get their time soon and the Vaudevillains might be waiting a long time for a championship run.


I’m going with New Day for one reason. The commentators. They keep telling us how long the longest reign was and the second they start with that you get the feeling that the belts aren’t going anywhere. It was the same with Nikki Bella and the Divas championship. If they do change it’ll go to the Club because I feel like giving them gold even though they are new in will make them and Styles even more of a threat. Still think it’ll stay with New Day though, they STILL have a man advantage UNLESS Balor shows up… It could happen. Though he has been the good guy in NXT so turning to the bad guy on the main roster would be interesting…


This is probably going to be my second favourite match of the night. It only just gets beaten by the tag teams because I love tag team wrestling I think, but these guys have had some great moments in the last few weeks. Like the guest commentators, ring announcer and time keeper this week and the big discussion on top of the ladders the week before.

Thing is I’d love for any of the guys to win…. But I’ll hate whoever wins as well.

Actually that isn’t true. I don’t really want Sami to get it or a title shot at all before Owens. Del Rio would be pointless in my opinion and as much as I like Jericho I don’t see why they’d put him in the title picture.

Cesaro, Ambrose and Owens all would be interesting in the main event picture…. I mean to be fair any of these guys would be but those three personally are the guys I’d want to see. Still kind of hope that Bray Wyatt just appears from nowhere and is announced as another guy in the match and wins but I guess that will never happen. Missing Bray a lot at the moment.

Should be a really good match, it has been a great feud between these lot.

PREDICTION :  Dean Ambrose

My choice will make sense in just a moment.


This is the big match of the night really. Its true, ever since I was small I’ve always wanted to see what AJ would do up against guys like Cena but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it one of my dream matches.

It’ll be a great match either way and I will be let down now that AJ has signed for it to be a singles competition if the Club show up in any way. We were all talking about it whilst waiting for NXT on Friday and we’re pretty sure that whatever the outcome this is going to be the door in which they insert Finn coming to the main roster, whether it be to join the Club and AJ, take back the Club from AJ or to go against them I don’t know yet.

Should be pretty amazing.


I want to say AJ so I’m saying AJ but I have a feeling that it could be Cena. Hopefully it’ll be AJ. Then again a lot of people are saying they think it’ll be Cena because they feel the match is very much TNA vs WWE and the WWE will want people to know that WWE believe they always did the right thing but I think it’ll work the other way and it will be used to prove that wherever the new additions come from they will be trusted with the future of the company… If that makes sense.


This one is hard for many MANY reasons.

Honestly I think out of all the match ups Reigns has had recently this is going to be the best one and I hope I’m going to be very surprised by this match.

As it is though the whole build up has just made me want Rollins to take the belt back, I like him in the ring and I don’t care that he messes up his promos but I love him as champion and I always felt like they told the wrong story with him. With no Authority they could have Rollins do this on his own and it would be much better then before.

PREDICTION : Dean Ambrose

Yeah I’m just bullshitting with this one but I’d love to see it. I honestly think that WWE would be silly NOT to put Ambrose in the match and I was thinking he’d be in it BEFORE I saw RAW from this week where he made his intention known. Honestly though I think it’ll be Reigns but I can dream! Ambrose to pin Reigns so Rollins can still hold his head high.

2 thoughts on “Money in the Bank 2016 Predictions”

  1. I thought you liked Natalya? Why don’t you care about the match?

    Pretty much agree with most of what you say. Think Reigns will stay champ, pretty sure that Ambrose is getting the briefcase not sure he’ll cash in on the night though, New Day have a record to beat which will put the tag teams back at square one and the other matches kind of really need the yonger/newer guys to go over more then they need the guys who have been around for a while to win.

    I’m not nearly as excited as I’m being told to be.

    1. Dude why would I? The women’s division has gone back to what it was like before the revolution and I just don’t care anymore.

      I dunno I’m looking forward to it but yeah I don’t get the hype. Kinda most excited because I’ve missed Rollins so much and the actual MITB and Tag Team match have had great build ups. Everything else is pretty meh for me.

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