NXT Plymouth 17th June

Last night I went to see NXT live here in Plymouth. I had been super excited about it since the moment I knew they were coming and managed to get tickets on O2 priorities before they were released for general sales. Couldn’t believe how good the seats where till we got in, it wasn’t front row but we were in the tiered seating pretty much in the middle (not quite) with a awesome view.

Obviously we had a great night.

Winner : Hugo Knox

Good way to start the night off. Everyone loved Knox and he did get a great reaction all through his match. Not too sure about his dancing but was pretty impressed with the splits, it was rather jarring looking at this stocky guy having a bit of a dance.

I can’t watch Blake on his own though, him and Murphy were such a great team that it just feels weird seeing him in singles competition. He isn’t as good in singles competition either. It was a bit of a slow match but the support Knox was getting kept the atmosphere electric either way, plus you can never complain about a match that had such a loud Robbie Savage chant going on.

Knox got the win and to be fair he deserved it, held the match together and was seriously impressive to see.

Winner : Alexander Wolfe

No one was really into the match, only time in the night that the crowd nearly died.

It wasn’t a bad match, Angelo Dawkins stirring the pot thing was strange and absolutely no one had a clue what he was doing, Wolfe and his little buddy Sawyer Fulton looked absolutely awesome but again no one really cared too much.

Biggest cheer came when Fulton was being thrown out of ring side but he still managed to come down and help Wolfe win the match.

The match was just pretty flat, no one really cared about either side and it wasn’t action packed or anything so it wasn’t like we had much to cheer for. That isn’t to say either are bad the match was just very slow and seemed to keep stopping and starting a lot. Probably in the best place second on the card because it would have killed the atmosphere if it went first.

Winners : Baymella

It was funny really. After the event I was talking to Karla about Brogan getting a hug from Bayley and she said that he’d think it was all a dream. Seeing Baymella live and in person already, not even 24 hours after the event, feels like it never happened. Their personalities are so big that it feels like they aren’t real.

The match was the best one so far of the night and oh my goodness is Bayley loved no matter where she goes. I mean the crowd were excited for Carmella but when Bayley came out they went crazy.

Love seeing Bliss wrestle and even though Royce wasn’t bad she did kind of carry her team against Baymella. There wasn’t any real surprises in the match though, some great moves from Carmella  and obviously Bayley killed it every time she was in the ring.

Baymella got the win but it was a good match for Bliss and Carmella. Bayley is the first person of the night that you got the feeling you were saying goodbye to her in NXT, she’s on her way to the main roster and deservedly so. When the others moved up you could tell she wasn’t quite ready but now she’s really ready.

Winner : Bobby Roode

One hell of a match. I’ve already seen Bobby Roode live before but he gets better every time you see him and No Way Jose is just infectious. I mean people say his gimmick sucks but I think his gimmick is great, its one of those things that you kind of have to embrace and make it work and I think he does. Everyone loved it, everyone was cheering along and even though everyone was still just too excited seeing Bobby Roode here in Plymouth they were pretty conflicted over who they wanted to win.

Bobby is great, he played the Heel but he’s always a good laugh too. Some really funny dancing moments from the two of them but Bobby is just too good to watch live.

He didn’t have it his own way though, No Way Jose used his unusual offence to take control of the match. Roode is way too good though and his eventual win was great. It was a wonderful match up and so much fun. NWJ really gets the crowd behind him all the time and is so enjoyable to watch and had the talent to match Roode.

Winner : Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

The Perfect 10 graced us with his presence, giving Plymouth a highly over the top 3 for some reason! He obviously didn’t spend enough time in Plymouth to give us a 3 and like so many before him was met with only a small stummering of boos for this high praise.

I said that Bayley and Carmella don’t seem real, it feels like a total dream seeing them but I can’t even explain it with Dillinger. Its like watching a Disney Princess walking out of the movie and becoming real right in front of you. He truly is the Perfect 10.

Sadly he lost, again, to Cien.

Personally I find Cien to be quite boring a lot of the time, some of his big moves are great fun but the inbetween bits aren’t that interesting. Love watching Dillinger though and find it sad that he isn’t doing more right now. He makes every match really fun to watch whilst being super talented in the ring. His interaction all through the match with the crowd was great. The match was the last before the interval and a good match to end the first half.

Winners : American Alphas (DQ)

I am pretty certain that American Alpha’s are going to be called up soon, having such a short title reign whilst being that talented I really have no doubt their NXT days are going to be very short. SO as a huge Chad Gable fan it was just brilliant to be able to see him wrestle in my hometown once in my lifetime. I doubt I’ll get to see him live ever again so getting to see him this time was great.

As you’d expect from a match with these teams, or indeed any tag team match in NXT, it was a show stopper. I always love watching Alphas and the Revival go up against each other and both teams were electric.

That being said it was the normal standard match from them. It started off slow before the Revival pulled Gable into their corner and used every trick they could think of to keep him over there. Lots of quick tags between them before the match opened up again allowing for the Alpha’s to show their perfectly timed in tandem moves off to their fullest.

Sadly when the Alphas hit Grand Amplitude and we thought they had those belts back, Wilder pulled the ref out of the ring giving American Alpha’s the win through DQ, which didn’t make poor Gable very happy.

Not that it will surprise anyone but it was the match of the night for me. Great to see Gable live, sadly I stayed at the end of the night to hear Finn’s speech whilst my friend Karla left she got to get a photo with Gable whilst I was struggling to leave the arena and by the time I got anywhere close to the back it was swamped with very tall people so it wasn’t even like I could SEE anyone. That will now haunt me for the rest of my life, I am extremely sad but at least I got to see him wrestling live once.

Winner : Asuka

Jax and Asuka were amazing. A good match but much like their Takeover match. Nia tried to use her strength to put down Asuka but every time she picked her up Asuka just managed to wrap herself around Jax and bring her down again.

It did feel a little like they were holding back though but it was amazing all the same. Jax is even more beautiful and deadly looking in the flesh, everything she did looked like she was going to snap Asuka in half. But Asuka’s kicks were bloody deadly. The sad thing was that I loved the tag team match so much that I wasn’t truly paying attention to it.

Ended with a screaming Jax having her head nearly taken off her shoulders by a vicious kick from Asuka.

Really great to see them.

Winners : Finn Balor & Shinsuke Nakamura

I was actually pretty sad to see these four in a tag match. Or at least Balor and Nakamura, I’ve seen Ares and Joe before and know how great they are to see live but I’d never seen Balor or Nakamura before and it would have been fun to see them in singles competition.

As it was the match was brilliant. Balor is great, he didn’t take his eyes off of Joe the whole time but kicked butt the whole way through. Loved the “Finn, Give us a wave” chant which everyone thought he’d ignored (Jordan waved in his match, Gable didn’t) but then when he got tagged back in he gave all of us a wave. If you ever wonder why people love Finn, other then the obvious that he’s just bloody amazing in the ring, its because he just clicks with the crowd as soon as he walks out.

There aren’t words to describe Nakamura so I’m not going to even try. Just wow.

A Kinshasa and Coup De Grace later and Balor and Nakamura stand victorious.

Really was a event that needed to be seen. All four are amazing, we won’t be seeing Balor in NXT for much longer, the guy is too good to keep down now. Probably my joint second favourite match of the evening behind the tag team championship match and joined with Dillinger vs Cien. Great way to end the evening though.

After the match Balor gave us a lovely speech about how much work all the guys had put in and how much they’d enjoyed themselves. He loved it, we got a scream from Nakamura and a double drop down on the ropes before they left.

The night was just brilliant, had so much fun. Was really sad as I stayed to hear Finn talk and ended up stuck in a crowd trying to get out so missed meeting Chad Gable out the back, by the time I had got there I was never going to get near the front of the crowd but I can’t let that upset me. Something I never thought would happen and now can’t believe it had happened. Its kind of dream like now, it already feels like I just watched a episode of NXT on the WWE Network.

Really do hope that NXT come back to Plymouth at some point, I think we proved that we are one hell of a rowdy crowd and it would be great if it did come back. Sadly I think a lot of the people that were on the show last night are on their way to the main roster anyway so probably won’t be seeing any of them again unless I find money for RAW or SmackDown but I’m not going to forget tonight.

Honestly people Chad Gable, Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger… Even though all three are highly rated I’m going to be brave and say they are still underrated, they could be huge in the future. So great to see them live.

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